VE Day 75

This page is dedicated to memories of VE days past!

This link is also interesting as an event that happened in WWII in this area 

VE DAY - Jerry Rider

 Hi Wak!

Although I have lived and worked for many years in the Bishops Cannings and Horton area I was born in 1932 and raised in the Liverpool Area, so I am proud to be a Scouse - “with an accent exceeding rare”!

Early memories of the NAZI bombing of Liverpool remind me of the destructive power of bombers.   I used to collect shrapnel and fins from flying bombs and exchange them for sweets at my local school.   My Grandfather had a flying bomb land in his allotment but it sunk into his “double dug” land, the parachute on the bomb hung over his fence, so, fortunately, it didn’t explode.

My cousin was a Squadron leader in the RAF, flying around 37 raids over the enemy areas in Europe.   He was awarded the DFC and bar.  Rarely for these pilots he survived.

Two of my aunts were in the Women’s Royal Air Force, stationed near Peterborough.   Their task was to plot the enemy planes and report their presence to the RAF.  Most of these NAZI planes were heading for Liverpool, where their family lived and worked, but naturally, my aunts could not warn them.

My father was a pharmacist in Heswall on the Wirral. H was in the ARP.   He would parcel up ‘goods’ for his customers and neighbours to send to their husbands who were Prisoners of War.

He converted our garage into an air-raid shelter.

We had an evacuee, Rodney who found country life very difficult but eventually learnt to accept our strange ways.

The local farms employed Land Girls who soon learnt to adapt to the hard physical work and relished the chance to be independent and contributing to the war effort.

Rationing carried on into the 50’s so most people grew up tending vegetable plots and keeping hens and even a pig if they had the room.   Sweets were a rare treat so we probably grew up to be a much fitter and more frugal generation than those that followed us.

Herewith a page of photos from my mother’s album.  We lived with my grandparents in Woodstock Road, Chiswick at the time. Sarah Padwick

VE Day Chiswick

My aunt’s Wren Officer’s hat.
Westminster Abbey floodlit
 VE Day 50 Celebrations
 VE Day 50 Celebrations