Held in the Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 29th January 2014


PRESENT:        Cllr. L. Sharpe, (in the chair),                                     

                        Cllr. S. Butcher, Cllr. A. Gray, Cllr. K. Gay, Cllr. R. Daw,

                        Cllr. P. Whitehead. (WC).


APOLOGIES:   Cllr. D. Tilley.


Two members of the public attended.



Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 8th January, having been circulated were confirmed as a true record and signed by the chairman.



See reports




Village Community Store: Nothing to report.

PCC: Churchyard: Confirmation received from the Diocese of Salisbury that the Parish Council is responsible for the safety of trees, tombs, monuments, war memorials and boundaries in a closed churchyard. The immediate concern regarding some of the trees will be addressed by commissioning a tree survey to be carried out by a suitably qualified tree surgeon.  Replacement warning signs being installed. Insurance checked for public liability.

Any problems or repairs to be logged.

Cemetery: Charles Butcher doing some repairs as required and also putting the bin out for waste collection. Cemetery regulations required.

Village Green:  Notices to be put up and article published in the Church Newsletter regarding dog fouling. Poop Scoop bags delivered.

Village Hall/Pre-School: Damp situation due to use of non-breathable paint. Professional advice being sought. Decision to remove showers being considered owing to potential health problems.

Glebe Field: Dog fouling an ongoing problem, situation reported to Wiltshire Council.

Councillor Whitehead to investigate waste bin situation. Sarah Hanks has been appointed County Coordinator for the parish.

All Cannings Primary School: Nothing to report.




Covered in reports.




Application Ref: 13/07097/FUL

Application for Full Planning

Proposal: Alterations and extension to cottage and the provision of a new bathroom window

(renewal of permissions K/57860/F)

At: Thorneycroft The Street All Cannings Devizes. No objection


Application Ref: 13/06291/TCA

Application for: Work to Trees in a Conservation Area

Proposal: Removal of two trees at front of property.  

At: 25 The Street All Cannings Devizes. No objection.








One cheque presented for signature


000915 BWSLB             Cemetery Water Rates               £20.35


Precept: It was proposed and agreed that the precept should be increased by 10% which would amount to an increase of 30p per month on a band D property. The grant for the precept has been reduced considerably by Wiltshire Council. Precept information forwarded to Wiltshire Council.


NSB: Forms to be completed for signatories


Litter Bins: Quotations to be investigated. The dog fouling has worsened in the village.

Extra notices have been put up.

Parish Notice Boards: Both notice boards in the parish need to be replaced. Quotations to be investigated.




Flooding on roads around the village to be logged with Highways Department, but has very low priority owing to pressure in other areas.



 Meeting closed at 9.02pm.



Chairman                                  Date



Next PC Meeting Wednesday 26th February 2014 at 7.30pm.