All Cannings Parish Council Meeting

                     Village Hall Garden or Zoom meeting

                             Meeting to start at 7.30pm

                             Wednesday 29th July 2020



Please note meetings are recorded for administration purposes


  1. Welcome to the public (please note: public questions to be answered at end of meeting)
  2. Declaration of interests
  3. Apologies
  4. Minutes of the previous meeting to be adopted and signed by the chairman.
  5. Co-option of new Councillor.
  6. Matters arising: Cllr R Daw - defibrillator case to be installed at Oram barn, Allington.  Cllr D. Tilley to ask tree surgeon to survey trees on Glebe Bank.
  7. Reports
  8. Village Community Store –
  9. PCC: Churchyard – Cllr. D Tilley
  10. Cemetery –
  11. Village Green – Cllr. K Gay
  12. Village Hall –
  13. Pre-School – Cllr. R Daw
  14. Glebe Field and Allotments –
  15. School -Cllr. M Crossman
  16. Footpaths – Cllr. K Gay
  17. Allington – Cllr. R Daw
  18. Concert at the Kings –
  19. Parish Steward requests – All
  20. Planning Applications: 20/05434/TCA tree work at 81 Townsend.  20/04765/FUL Rustic Farm-carport.
  21. Meeting dates to be approved.
  22. Glebe field fence, additional rail required?
  23. Cemetery, records require updating.
  24. Paint for inside of phone box.
  25. Review of risk assessment.
  26. Asset register review.
  27. Backups-cloud storage and/or external hard drive.
  28. Correspondence and administration: Resident-cemetery fence & gate sign. Google maps-mis-direction.
  29. Finance
  30. Payments to be approved: IDverde £402.86   Clerks expenses: RFO expenses: Zoom Pro £14.39 (not inclusive more invoices to follow) Staff wages
  31. Balance of Accounts
  32. Any Other Business.

     Digitally signed by Sarah-Jane Bullock

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