Held at All Canning Village Hall on 25th September 2019


Present: Cllr. A Gray (chair), Cllr P Whitehead, Cllr K Gay, Cllr D Tilley, Cllr A McDonald, RFO K Asbury, Clerk S-J Bullock.


Public: 1

Meeting was opened by Cllr Gray at 7.30pm


  1. Welcome to the public – Cllr A Gray welcomed the public.


  1. Declaration of Interests:


  1. Apologies: Cllr T Hollister, Cllr M Crossman, Cllr R Daw.


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising from the minutes - signed by Amy Gray


  1. Matters arising: Cllr A McDonald has spoken to the Gardening Club and they have agreed to prune the fruit trees in the Community Orchard. Cllr A Mc Donald also has some quotes to replace Glebe field but due to inconsistences in fence length, the quotes will be returned for revision. Cllr A Gray has not been able to contact Community Services for help to repaint goal posts.  Cllr R Daw to ask Allington residents if they are willing to support/contribute towards a defibrillator installation.  Cllr D Tilley has reminded the contractors to trim back the Glebe field hedge and cemetery Yew trees.  Clerk to investigate the cost of whole council training.



  1. Reports:
  2. Village Community Store- Cllr. A McDonald – The wooden shelter for the milk dispensing machine has been erected at the village shop.
  3. PPC Churchyard – Cllr D Tilley – The church roof is to be made water proof for winter.
  4. Cemetery – Cllr. T Hollister – Local farmer has agreed to remove spoil heap once the maize has been harvested.
  5. Village Green – Cllr. K Gay – The playground has had its annual RoSPA inspection and we await the report.
  6. Village Hall – Cllr. T Hollister – The village hall committee requires potential users of new audio-visual equipment to be trained in its use.
  7. Pre-School – Cllr. R Daw – Nothing to report.
  8. Glebe Field and Allotments – Cllr. A McDonald – Fresh quotes to replace fence required as current quotes too vague, no mention of fencing to left of gate.
  9. School – Cllr. M Crossman – Parents have complained about dog poo around play equipment on the Green, they were informed about the new signs created by the school children asking people to clean up after their dogs.

Dog poo is a persistent problem due to inconsiderate dog owners; Wiltshire council will prosecute if evidence is provided.

  1. Footpaths – Cllr. K Gay – the hedge alongside Sheep pool path needs trimming.
  2. Allington – Cllr R Daw – Nothing to report
  3. Concert at the Kings – Cllr T Hollister – Nothing to report


  1. Parish Steward requests – All – Some white lines have been repainted but incomplete due to wet weather. No requests.


  1. Planning applications: 19/08812/FUL 24 The Street, AC, two storey side extension – Councillors RESOLVED - no objection.


  1. Fly tipping in the Glebe field, persons unknown has dumped large amounts of soil waste around the edge of Glebe field. A resident observed someone with a wheel barrow transporting soil so it is probably a local fly tipper. Cllr P Whitehead mentioned that the Wiltshire Council has recently prosecuted several fly tippers and that they will be putting more resources into resolving this growing problem.  Councillors RESOLVED to mailshot Tumlins and Chandlers Close explaining that all fly tippers will be prosecuted.


  1. Asset register review - Work has been done to update the asset register. Councillors RESOLVED to approve the review.


  1. Risk assessment review – Reviewed to ensure all risks are minimised. Cllr A McDonald to be the nominated councillor to check Parish Council bank statements and payments. Another set of noticeboard keys to be cut for Chair to hold. Councillors RESOLVED to approve the review.


  1. Safety barrier relocation – Council will require permission from the affected resident to relocate the barrier – ACTION Cllr D Tilley and Cllr K Gay to speak to the resident.


  1. Staff appraisal and review – Councillors expressed satisfaction with the work of the Parish Clerk and RFO – ACTION: RFO to look into pension for officers.


  1. Correspondence:
  2. A resident has complained about high water pressure in the village. Councillors discussed this issue and concluded that the water pressure varied through out the village and that it was up to the individual residents to make the necessary adjustments.


  1. The future of domain names: allcannings.org and allcannings.com.  Currently paid for by Cllr A Gray.  Councillors RESOLVED that Cllr A Gray would transfer the domain names to ACPC.


  1. Payment for extra hours if more research is required to establish original costs of registered assets – Councillors RESOLVED that sufficient work has already been done to update the asset register.


  1. Finance: payments have been made to iDverde £382.72, Village Hall £10.00 Clerk expenses (ink) £37.98, RoSPA £136.80, David Owen £72.00, HMRC £27.40, Clerk and RFO salary. RFO requires a single drawer lockable filing cabinet for ACPC finance documents.


  1. AOB: Put out a request for volunteers to repaint goal posts and benches on Facebook.          



Meeting closed at:  9.25pm


Next Meeting: Wednesday 30th October 2019 . . . . . . . . ..   Date . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..