Held at All Canning Village Hall on 31th July 2019


Present: Cllr. A Gray (chair), Cllr P Whitehead, Cllr K Gay, Cllr T Hollister, Cllr D Tilley, Cllr R Daw, Cllr A McDonald, RFO K Asbury, Clerk S-J Bullock.


Public: 1

Meeting was opened by Cllr Gray at 7.30pm

  1. Welcome to the public – Cllr A Gray welcomed the public.


  1. Declaration of Interests: Cllr R Daw – planning application.


  1. Apologies: 0


  1. Co-option of councillor - Mathew Crossman was co-opted as a new councillor to fill the vacancy left by Cllr S Butcher’s retirement.


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising from the minutes - signed by Amy Gray


  1. Matters arising: Cllr T Hollister – is awaiting a sign for the floral bank. Cllr A Gray wrote to Savills regarding the fence between the Glebe field and Chandlers Close, but Savills refuse to accept responsibility for the fence on behalf of the Salisbury Diocese. The housing association also declined to accept responsibility for the fence.   Cllr K Gay has inspected the benches on the Green, they require pressure washing before staining. Price for a skip has proved to be prohibitive and community skip proposal unworkable due to potential dumping of hazardous waste and overfilling of the skip. Cllr A McDonald to speak to Gardening Club about pruning the fruits in the Community Orchard.


  1. Reports:
  2. Village Community Store- Cllr. A McDonald – The Village Shop has won a grant towards the drainage work from the Calor Gas Community Fund.
  3. PPC Churchyard – Cllr D Tilley – the garden of remembrance has a broken fence post due to escaped cattle. The farmer has agreed to make good.
  4. Cemetery – Cllr. T Hollister – Cllr K Gay has made some robust graveyard markers to be installed shortly.
  5. Village Green – Cllr. K Gay – Cllr K Gay has repaired a broken post on the play equipment. Due to vandalism and the loss of the harness for the special needs swing chair, the harness will need to be replaced at the cost of £62.50 plus £10.00 delivery.
  6. Village Hall – Cllr. T Hollister – The new AV equipment installed in the village will be ready to use within weeks.
  7. Pre-School – Cllr. R Daw – The preschool held a successful BBQ.
  8. Glebe Field and Allotments – Cllr. A McDonald – A resident has reported that a car is regularly parking in the Glebe field, not an allotment holder.
  9. School – Cllr. R Daw – Dog poo signed created by the school children will be printed at a cost of £60.00. Cllr M Crossman will take on responsibility for the school liaison.
  10. Footpaths – Cllr. K Gay - Cllr K Gay has done a lot of strimming along the footpath verges and will request that the owner trim the hedge alongside Sheep pool path. Cllr K Gay & Cllr A Gray raised concern that the safety barriers installed on the footpath near to Chandlers Lane are not fit for purpose and need to be relocated.
  11. Allington – Cllr R Daw – The Oram family is happy to host a defibrillator on the wall of one of their outbuildings. ACTION: Cllr R Daw to ask if Allington would like a defibrillator and if any of the residents would like to make a contribution towards the cost?
  12. Concert of the Kings – Cllr T Hollister – The Concert of the Kings has made a donation towards flowers and planters.


  1. Parish Steward requests – All – none.


  1. Cutting back of the hedge around the Glebe Field & Yew trees at the cemetery ACTION: Cllr D Tilley to remind iDverde.


  1. Budget for the refurbishment of benches on the Green, Pound and Pond. Volunteers will be needed. RESOLVED: to allocate £50.00 for stain and brushes.


  1. Review of the Asset Register – ACTION: Cllr T Hollister


  1. Review of the Risk Assessment – ACTION: Cllr A McDonald & RFO


  1. Staff training: ILCA (Introduction to Local Council Administration) Clerk. VAT Training (RFO) Chairman Training (Chair) New Councillor Training (Cllr T Hollister & Cllr M Crossman). Councillors RESOLVED to allocate a budget of £300.00.


  1. Planning Applications:


19/05860/FUL – Bridge Farm, extend existing building – NO OBJECTION

19/06891/FUL – 25 The Glebe, rear extension – NO OBJECTION                             


  1. Correspondence
  2. A resident has asked if the “Sam Merrit” bench could be moved from Sue Webb’s garden to the Community Orchard. Councillors RESOLVED to give permission.


  1. Finance: payments have been made to iDverde £382.72, iDverde £394.20, iDverde £294.20, Village Hall £10.00 Clerk expenses £22.80 (pub plan for Community Asset nomination), Clerk and RFO salary. EQUA MAT (AC School) £10.00, Water2Business £23.51, Salisbury Diocese £150.00, Cllr K Gay cemetery expenses £24.60, Cllr K Gay petrol for strimming £12.02,


  1. AOB: Budget for Allington defibrillator on next agenda.

           Budget for the relocation of safety barriers on the next agenda.

           Budget for replacement of Glebe field fence on the next agenda.

           Volunteers required for the repainting of goal post and benches.




Meeting closed at 9.16pm


Next Meeting: Wednesday 25th September 2019




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