Held at All Cannings Village Hall on 26th June 2019

Present: Cllr. A Gray (chair), Cllr P Whitehead, Cllr K Gay, Cllr T Hollister, Cllr D Tilley, Cllr A McDonald, Clerk S-J Bullock.
Public: 3
Meeting was opened by Cllr Gray at 7.30pm
1. Cllr A Gray welcomed the public

2. Declaration of Interests: Cllr D Tilley

3. Apologies: RFO K Asbury, Cllr R Daw

4. Minutes of the previous meet and matters arising from the minutes - signed by Amy Gray

5. Reports:

a) Village Community Store- Cllr. A McDonald – The village shop committee are looking for grants to connect the village shop the main sewerage system.
b) PPC Churchyard – Cllr D Tilley – The village barn dance to raise money to replace the church roof lead was well supported and raised about £1000.00.
c) Cemetery – Cllr. T Hollister – there is a slightly wobbly headstone but it is deemed safe for now.
d) Village Green – Cllr. K Gay – a resident said that the benches on the green look a little tired and need of refurbishment and that a tree on the green appears to have died. ACTION: Cllr K Gay to inspect.
e) Village Hall – Cllr. T Hollister – nothing to report
f) Pre-School – Cllr. R Daw – a resident (secretary to preschool) said that the preschool is doing very well.
g) Glebe Field and Allotments – Cllr. A McDonald – Has communicated with Simon Ferris at the Salisbury Diocese. They require a plan of the Glebe field to decide who is responsible for the broken-down fence. ACTION clerk to send plan.
Cllr A McDonald has approached two builders for quotes to replace the fence, now awaiting quotes.
h) School – Cllr. R Daw – nothing to report.
i) Footpaths – Cllr. K Gay – a resident with a property backing on to footpath 14 has claimed ownership of the land next the footpath behind their house and fenced it. Cllr P Whitehead said it will be hard to challenge if the land is in their name at the land registry. The council should check the distance between path and fence to see if it is legal.
j) Allington – Cllr R Daw – nothing to report.
k) Concert of the Kings – Cllr T Hollister – has emailed the directors for confirmation of donation towards the village flowers, awaiting response.
l) Parish Steward requests – All – ACTION: clerk to report damaged road sign via app.

6. Planning Applications:

19/05020/CLE log cabin at Manor Farm Cottage, Allington – No objection
19/05854/FUL garage at 2 School Lane, All Cannings – No objection

7. Election of vice chairman – no nominations, so no election.

8. Register of interests – discussed at length to clarify. RESOLVED that the clerk would be the monitoring officer.

9. Register of assets – War memorial needs to be added and insured - deferred for sub-committee to complete.

10. Community Asset Register – Council discussed possible nomination of the Village Hall and the Church and the pub as community assets. It was felt that both the church and village hall were already protected. Cllr P Whitehead pointed out that they could be nominated later if it was felt to be necessary. Council RESOLVED to apply for the village pub to be registered as a community asset.

11. Training: officers and councillors – deferred. ACTION: clerk to assemble list of available courses.

12. Correspondence and administration

a) A resident has asked if the village could have a community skip to help residents unable to get to the recycling centre? Cllr P Whitehead says that Urchfont village successfully offer a skip for a few hours on a weekend. ACTION: Cllr K Gay to get prices.
b) A resident has suggested getting sponsors for planters around the village and would like a letter from the council supporting her requests for sponsorship. Cllr D Tilley suggested that the resident apply for a grant for plants and pots. Councillors RESOLVED to discuss the matter at the next meeting.

13. Purchase of clerk reference material – Local Council Administration by Arnold Baker, approx. cost £115.00. Councillors RESOLVED to purchase the book.

14. Finance:

a) Cllr A McDonald with the RFO K Asbury completed an internal audit of the Parish Councils accounts and concluded that the accounting systems are completely satisfactory.
b) Payments to be approved: iDverde £394.20. Village hall £10.00. Clerk Sim card £10.00. David Owen £72.00. David Owen £708.00. David Owen £27.20 - APPROVED
c) Balance of account – APPROVED
d) Review and approval of AGAR 2018/19 - APPROVED

15. AOB for the next agenda.

a) Matters arising to added to future agenda
b) Budget to be agreed for work to restore the benches on the green.
c) Cllr T Hollister to follow up on the sign for flora bank
d) Asset register review and update. War memorial to be added and insured.
e) Subject to no election being requested a resident is willing to be co-opted as a councillor.
f) Awaiting the result of Cllr R Daw’s consultation with the Oram family in Allington regarding potentially siting a defibrillator on one of the farm buildings.

Meeting closed at: 9.20pm

Next Meeting: Wednesday 31st July 2019.


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