Held at All Cannings Village Hall on 29th May 2019                             


Present: Cllr A Gray, Cllr P Whitehead, Cllr S Butcher, Cllr T Hollister, Cllr D Tilley, Cllr K Gay, Cllr A McDonald, Cllr R Daw.


Public: 5


Meeting was opened by Cllr A Gray at 7.30pm


  1. Election of the chair. Cllr D Tilley nominated and councillors voted to elect Cllr A Gray as chair. There were no nominations or volunteers for the position of vice chair. Councillors RESOLVED to defer the election of a vice chair.
  2. Assignment of councillor’s responsibilities: Due to a councillor’s resignation; Cllr T Hollister has assumed responsibility for the Village Hall, cemetery and Concert of the Kings. Cllr R Daw has assumed responsibility for Allington and All Cannings Primary School.
  3. Book all meeting dates for the year. The future meeting dates were ADOPTED.
  4. Cllr Gray welcomed public.
  5. Declaration of interests: Cllr D Tilley
  6. Apologies 0
  7. Minutes of the previous meeting to be approved and adopted. Signed by the chair.
  8. Reports
  9. Village Community Store – Cllr. A McDonald – The shop is asking for people to vote their request from Calor Gas Community Fund for a grant for drainage, the grant could be worth £5,000. The shop has already secured £10,000 from the lottery fund and will be applying to the Wiltshire Community Foundation.
  10. PCC: Churchyard – Cllr. D Tilley – nothing to report
  11. Cemetery – Cllr. S Butcher – Has put fresh plants in planters. There has been a complaint about condition of cemetery, contractors may have been late cutting the grass. There is a need for markers in the cemetery to show rows and grid.  ACTION: Cllr A Gray.
  12. Village Green – Cllr. K Gay - nothing to report
  13. Village Hall – Cllr. S Butcher – The Kings Arms have offered a projector for use in the Village Hall. ACTION: Cllr D Tilley to inform village hall committee of the offer.
  14. Pre-School – Cllr. R Daw – nothing to report
  15. Glebe Field and Allotments – Cllr. A McDonald – The fence between Glebe field and Chandlers Close is in a very bad condition. ACTION: Cllr A McDonald: to get quotes for replacement and ask the diocese if they would accept a hedge being planted along a new fence. Other hedges around the field boundaries need trimming, need to wait for nesting birds to fledge. Should be cut in August. ACTION: Deferred to July meeting for hedge trimming. Cllr T Hollister has arranged for sign to be made for the flora bank on a piece of timber supplied by Cllr K Gay.
  16. School -Cllr. S Butcher – The AC Primary School children have made artwork for dog poo signs to be placed about the village. ACTION. Cllr R Daw to get quotes for to have signs made up.
  17. Footpaths – Cllr. K Gay – Has been strimming footpath verges.
  18. Allington – Cllr. T Hollister – Cllr T Hollister has a quote for a defibrillator for Allington of £1758. Case £560 + £660 + grant application. Councillors decided that until a location can be decided on for the defibrillator no further action can be taken. ACTION: Cllr R Daw to ask the Oram family if a defibrillator could be sited on one of their barns.
  19. Concert at the Kings – Cllr T Hollister – Nothing to report.
  20. Steward requests – All - 0


  1. Planning Applications: 19/03362/FUL – Two story rear extension – 45 The Street – No objection.

                                        19/04268/FUL – Milk vending structure - Village Shop – No objection.

                                        19/04644/FUL - Single storey extension – Little Beeches – No objection.

  1. Review of Standing Orders – the revised standing order were ADOPTED
  2. Review of Financial Regulations – the revised Financial Regulations were ADOPTED
  3. Review of Asset register and adding the war memorial. – review deferred to next meeting. ACTION Cllr D Tilley to investigate the value of the war memorial. ACTION: Cllr A Gray, RFO and Cllr T Hollister to review asset values.
  4. Grant application from the Village Hall for £750.00 towards the new audio-visual system. Councillors RESOLVED to offer £500.00 as a grant toward AV equipment for the village hall. ACTION: Cllr D Tilley to inform the Village Hall Committee.
  5. A resident has asked if the fruit trees in the Community Orchard can be pruned professionally ACTION: Cllr A McDonald to ask if gardening club if they can help.
  6. The fence between the Glebe field and Chandlers Close is in a poor state of repair. ACTION: Cllr A McDonald to get quote for replacement fence.
  7. Paint and brushes required for the goal posts and bench on the green. Cllr S Butcher has paint brushes. Councillors RESOLVED to spend £60.00 on paint, brushes & wire brushes
  8. Repair and restoration of phone box, a resident has made suggestions about fixing up the phone box – inside ceiling is flaking and paint is falling on the books. A broken pane is letting in rain in and damaging books. The Concert of the Kings has donated £100 toward phone box maintenance. ACTION: Cllr A Gray.
  9. Audit of grit bins – winter preparation. – ACTION: Cllr A Gray to request grit.
  10. Correspondence and administration
  11. The school has been given permission to use the Glebe Field for parking for: Summer Fayre on 7th June & sports day 18th or 20th June, subject to the weather and field being dry. ACTION: Clerk to request that the school encourages parents to use the field (when made available) and not to use the roads and pavements for parking.
  12. Sim only plan for Clerk phone. Councillors RESOLVED to acquire Tesco phone contract at £7.50 per month.
  13. Application for a double grave plot from former resident. Councillors RESOLVED to charge residents fee.
  14. A resident informed the council that the current issue of CPRE magazine has an article on All Cannings
  15. Councillor S Butcher announced her retirement after twenty years of service to the All Cannings Parish Council and a long history of the Butcher family’s service to the District and Parish Council. Cllr A Gray thanked Cllr S Butcher on behalf of the council for her many years of service, advice and knowledge.
  16. Finance
  17. Payments to be approved: iDverde £382.72   Village Hall £10.00.  £91.00 RAM for laptops. Clerk training £78.00. Clerk books £20.48. Clerk expenses (ink) £21.51. RFO & Clerk wages.

Flowers and planters £223.00 + £75.00 donated by Concert of Kings towards plants.

  1. Balance of Accounts
  2. Insurance renewal £450.52
  3. Council finances need an independent review. ACTION: RFO & Cllr A McDonald.
  4. Any Other Business/items for next agenda:
  5. Add to agenda header, all meetings are recorded for administration purposes.
  6. A resident has asked about the possibility of a community skip.
  7. Result of the parking wardens visit to view safety barriers.
  8. Election of vice chair.
  9. Declarations of interest.
  10. Signs for the cemetery to mark rows.


Meeting closed at: 9.45pm

Next meeting on 26th June 2019.



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