Held at All Cannings School Hall on 24th April 2019


Present: Cllr. A Gray (chair), Cllr P Whitehead, Cllr S Butcher, Cllr K Gay, Cllr T Hollister, Cllr D Tilley, RFO K Asbury, Clerk S-J Bullock.

Public: 5

Meeting was opened by Cllr Gray at 7.50pm

  1. Welcome to the public


  1. Declaration of Interests: None


  1. Apologies: Cllr A McDonald, Cllr R Daw.


  1. Minutes of the previous meet and matters arising from the minutes - signed by Amy Gray


  1. Reports:
  2. Village Community Store- Cllr. A McDonald – (Cllr D Tilley temporarily) - Nothing to report
  3. PPC Churchyard – Cllr D Tilley – Nothing to report
  4. Cemetery – Cllr. S Butcher – The Christmas decorations have been removed. Yews trees have had a gentle trim and will require a more vigorous pruning in October
  5. Village Green – Cllr. K Gay – Goal posts need painting, if community service does the work, they will require supplies of paint and brushes as well as access to a toilet. S Butcher will check if the paint she has is still viable.
  6. Village Hall – Cllr. S Butcher – a resident spoke about the proposed audio-visual equipment for the village hall, an electrically powered screen, ceiling mounted projector and sound system are considered the best option. The approx. cost of this equipment is £3,800, to be raised by various grants. The grant application to the Parish Council will be on the next agenda.
  7. Pre-School – Cllr. R Daw – The Easter Egg Hunt went well at the Kings Arms.
  8. Glebe Field and Allotments – Cllr. A McDonald – (Cllr D Tilley temporarily) – iDverde has cut the field grass at one level, instead of the previous year’s multilevel, councillors agreed that it looks tidier. A resident asked if the fruit trees in the Community Orchard could be professionally pruned? Item for next agenda. Fence near the garages needs repair, item for next agenda.  Paul Oakley is happy to create a sign for the Floral Bank; Cllr K Gay will supply some wood for the sign.  iDverde to cut the Glebe roadside hedge in October
  9. School – Cllr. S Butcher – Nothing to report.
  10. Footpaths – Cllr. K Gay – Cow Parsley growing vigorously along the footpaths, will be strimmed by Cllr K Gay. Hedge alongside footpaths should be trimmed by owners.  A resident mentioned children skate boarding fast down Darkies Lane and being unable to stop before the road.  The possibility of slabs to be fitted either side of the new barrier near Chandlers Lane to aid Mobility scooters was discussed but the footpath and verges are very narrow may not be suitable.  Cllr S Butcher has previously asked the Wiltshire Council footpath warden, Paul Millard for specifications for safety barriers but he was unable to supply any. Clerk to contact Wiltshire Council for advice. It was decided to leave the barriers as they are for now and fit a temporary sign explaining restricted access. ACTION Clerk.
  11. Allington – Cllr T Hollister – Still to discuss the possibility of a defibrillator with the Allington First Responder. There is also the question of siting the defibrillator as the Parish Council does not own the Allington phone box. It was suggested that it may be possible to attach the defibrillator to a farm building.  ACTION deferred.
  12. Parish Steward requests – All – None


  1. Protected buildings – Church, Village Hall, Pub, Glebe field – Community Asset Register. A resident requested more time to learn about the Community Asset Register, to have more information and a better understanding. Clerk to collect residents’ questions and forward to Cllr Philip Whitehead for response.  Cllr S Butcher proposed a deferral until the June meeting, seconded by Cllr D Tilley and voted on by councillors, all agreed - Deferred


  1. Planning Applications: 19/03232/TCA – Tree work – Fell cherry at Rustic Farm – No objection.

                                           19/03580/TCA – Tree work – Fell pear tree at April Cottage – No objection.

  1. Review standing orders – deferred- subcommittee to discuss. ACTION Cllr S Butcher and Cllr A Gray.  


  1. Review financial regulations – deferred -subcommittee to discuss. ACTION Cllr S Butcher, Cllr A Gray and RFO.  


  1. Repair and maintenance of phone box – iDverde quoted 650.00 to strip and repaint the phone box. Council agreed to quote providing that the work can be completed before the 15th of May and must be phone box red.


  1. Maintenance of RFO and Clerks laptops. The ACPC laptops are very slow since recent updates, this could be cured by additional RAM.  The RAM modules cost approx. £90 for both machines to be upgraded. Council approved.


  1. Membership of SLCC for the clerk, under £70, council approved.


  1. Correspondence: Salvation Army Clothing bank, councillors would like more information – ACTION clerk. Wiltshire Search & Rescue looking for funds, council agreed to donate £50. A resident proposed planting a flower bed on the green.  councillors were concerned about the maintenance, would prefer bulbs to be planted around trees.  A letter regarding Merchant Navy Day to forwarded to the school – ACTION clerk.


  1. Finance: payments have been made to iDverde £382.72, Village Hall £10.00. Wessex Print £168.00. Membership of WALC £262.52. Clerks expenses £36.48, Donation to Wiltshire Search & Rescue £50.00. Clerk & RFO’s wages.


  1. AOB: A resident complained about a very large hole at the entrance of a farm in the village being a hazard to pedestrians as it is directly in front of a foot path. Councillor to speak to the farmer ACTION Cllr K Gay



Meeting closed at:  9.45pm


Next Meeting: 29th May 2019.



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