Held at All Cannings Village Hall on Wednesday 27th March 2019


Present: Cllr. A Gray (chair), Cllr P Whitehead, Cllr S Butcher, Cllr K Gay, Cllr T Hollister, RFO K Asbury, Clerk S-J Bullock.

Public: 0

Meeting was opened by Cllr Gray at 7.30pm

1.      Welcome to the public


2.      Declaration of Interests: None


3.      Apologies: Cllr Andy McDonald, Cllr Robbie Daw.


4.      Minutes of the previous meet and matters arising from the minutes - signed by Amy Gray


5.      Reports:

a)      Village Community Store- Cllr A McDonald - nothing to report

b)      Church Yard – Cllr D Tilley – the first grass cut looks good.

c)      Cemetery – Cllr S Butcher – has removed Christmas decorations for the graves. Spoil heap needs to be removed from cemetery. The four yew trees are drooping over the path and need to be trimmed carefully, the cuttings are very poisonous. Contractors will require instructions on how to trim yew trees. - ACTION: Cllr. Doug Tilley to speak to contractors.

d)      Village Green – Cllr K Gay – The parking sign back up. Chandlers Lane side verge falling down due to cars driving on it pass parked cars, councillors to have a look at the verge and report back.  Goal posts need painting - ACTION: Cllr A Gray to find out if it could be a community service.

e)      Village Hall – Cllr S Butcher – nothing to report.

f)       Pre-School – Cllr R Daw – Easter Egg hunt on 6th April.

g)      Glebe Field and Allotments – Cllr A McDonald – The planted community garden looks good and councillors discussed the possibility of a sign to be erected prior to Best Kept Village competition – ACTION: Cllr T Hollister to ask a local artist if they would be willing to paint a sign.

A tree has been cut down in the Glebe field by villager without permission from Parish Council or Salisbury Diocese. Another All Cannings resident has complained about the tree destruction. After much discussion it was decided that letters should be written to both the complainant and the person believed to be responsible for the damage - ACTION: Cllr. Amy Gray

h)      School – Cllr S Butcher – nothing to report

i)        Footpaths – Cllr Kevin Gay – nothing to report

j)        Allington – Cllr T Hollister – A defibrillator for Allington. NFU are recommending that farmers have them attached to their barns. All Cannings has one attached to outside of Village Hall. ACTION: Cllr T Hollister to investigate the cost and necessity of defibrillator.

k)      Parish Steward requests – All – The parish steward has put the grit bin back in position, cleaned signs and gullies.  Potholes on Lipgate Road and moss on pavement need to be reported. ACTION: Clerk S-J Bullock

l)        Planning Applications: 19/02536/TCA Tree work @ Oak Tree Cottage – No objection.

                                         19/02758/TCA Tree work @ 8 Mathews Close – No objection.

                                         18/05984/FUL Dirty water lagoon @ Manor Farm – Thoroughly       discussed and debated – No objection.

                                         18/05990/FUL Concrete silage pad @ Manor Farm – Thoroughly discussed - No objection.


6.      Correspondence and administration

a)      Car parking outside the school.  A letter has been received from a resident of Tumlins complaining about dangerous parking by school parents dropping off and collecting children.  The council have previously discussed this issue with the school and continue to liaise with them about the problem. The police have been regularly monitoring the parking and advising the parents.  The school does not have the funds available to spend on extending their parking facilities. A letter to be sent to complainant asking if we can forward her letter to the school. ACTION: Clerk S-J Bullock

b)      Replacement of the damaged information sign at the canal, thought to have been reversed into by a car but no one has admitted to the damage. A quote of £140 + Vat has been received from Wessex printers, accepted by councillors.  ACTION: Cllr S Butcher

c)      Painting of the Telephone kiosk – if possible, a volunteer to strip and repaint it, otherwise a quote will be acquired to do the work professionally. – ACTION: Cllr Doug Tilley to speak to possible volunteer.

d)      Trimming of the Glebe field roadside hedge – ACTION: Cllr Doug Tilley

e)      Cutting on the Glebe field tree – discussed

f)       Mrs Crossman enquired about installing a milk dispensing machine at the village shop. Cllr P Whitehead has advised that more details are required to establish if planning permission is required. – ACTION: Clerk S-J Bullock


7.      Councillor vacancy. Cllr S Butcher will be leaving after twenty years of service to the All Cannings Parish Council and replacement will need to be found. The chest of ACPC documents at Cllr S Butcher must be relocated. Advertising needs to start now. ACTION: Clerk S-J Bullock


8.      Emergency planning committee – In case of fuel and food shortages, to ensure medicines can be delivered, etc, if EU exit goes head - Cllr. D Tilley, Cllr. A Gray and Cllr. T Hollister.


9.      Staff discussion – closed to the public -quote from accountants to change payroll from quarterly to monthly, an additional £100 per year.  Agreed.  Training for parish Clerk £65.00 + vat. Agreed


10.  Finance, payments have been made to iDverde £382.72, Village Hall £10.00


a)      Quote received for staggered safety railings at the end of foot path opposite the green, painting if required will cost extra. £517.00.  Agreed.  Hedge next to footpath, over hanging the path. ACTION: Cllr S Butcher to speak to Aster.

b)      Clerk expenses £15.08.  Kennet Signs (lettering) £31.20.  HMRC £27.40. David Owen (accountants) £42.00. Staff wages.

c)      Payments received from Allotment rent £452.50

d)      Balance of the account £15,383.04 - Approved and signed by Cllr S Butcher and Cllr A Gray.



11.  AOB: white lines on the village roads look faded, need to be reported – ACTION – Clerk S-J Bullock

Cllr A Gray reported that the Centenary video is now online. 

The wall outside Malt House is looking dangerous. – ACTION: Cllr Doug Tilley will talk to the owners.



Meeting closed at 9.45pm






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