MINUTES OF All Cannings Parish Council Meeting November 28th 2018


1.Welcome to the public


2. Declaration of Interests – none


Co-option of Trudi Hollister as new council member


3. Apologies – Cllr Daw arrived 8pm


4. Minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising from the minutes – signed by Amy Gray


Matters arising – no records in original installation details regarding the need for the wooden equipment on the Village Green to be re-treated.

Cllr Gray still to put details about readers for School on website

Regarding the information from last meeting about bee keeping. It has gone in to the school magazine that the council will contribute £40 to anyone wishing to start a hive. This was not agreed at the previous meeting.

Cllr McDonald still to contact Savils re the Glebe Field


5. Reports:


a) Village Community Store – nothing to report

b) PCC: Churchyard – 100 club coffee morning will be held on Wednesday 12th December. PCC meeting postponed whilst waiting for information regarding to theft of lead from the church roof

Dec16th carol service Volunteers needed on Thursday 13th at 9.30am to help put up frames for candles. No-one has come forward as new wardens.

c) Cemetery – Cllr Butcher has removed some of the branches (with some help), but still some to go. Neighbouring farmer will remove the soil as previously requested and has agreed we can access his land to remove branches

d) Village Green – Cllr Gay has received the labels for the gym equipment. The bush has been removed. A volunteer has agreed to clear the path opposite Footpath 14

e) Village Hall – works to front of hall will start weekend beginning Dec1st. Councillors will view the strategic aims and pass any comments onto Cllr Butcher before the next meeting in January.. Cllr Butcher has a copy of their maintenance works which include the front pavement, indoor flooring and fencing at back and for the future some audio visual equipment and a screen. Next meeting is Monday 7th January 2019

f) Pre-school – There has been a partial change of committee. They had an AGM and annouced just a £400 deficit after the losses of the year. Bonfire and fireworks went well and raised about £1000

g) Glebe Field and allotments – nothing to report. Planting on the bank will take place very soon

h) School – Cllr Butcher had a meeting to discuss the road crossing. They would like to move this on. Parish Council and school will share the 25% of the total cost. Wiltshire Council has a school run app to help parents car share – some schools have had a 14% drop in traffic. They are looking to do a Wiltshire wide car share app. School will also re-design the dog poo posters. Cllr Butcher has looked at costings for putting onto A5 fomex board. The cost for 1 is £8.  This will be reviewed once the new posters have been designed. The school has agreed to include trimming the bank between the cemetery and the school when they renew their grass contract. Cllr Butcher will speak to the head about parents parking on the Green now that the weather has turned wet.

i) Footpaths – Cllr Butcher suggested that we get quotes to put up staggered barriers at the end of Footpath 14.

j) Parish Steward requests – leaves at bottom of Green to be cleared. Pot hole in Allington just after sharp right hand bend on way into Devizes.

The posts have gone in for the 20 mile an hour signs.

6) Planning Applications – 18/10719/TCA no objections. Suggestion that we put on the website that if a parishioner cuts down a tree they might want to consider donating a tree to the village.


7) Both original applicants for clerk have withdrawn. We are re-advertising in newsletter and school magazine. Cllr Tilley will e-mail other local clerks with the job advert. Cllr Gray to contact WALC. If no-one is appointed then there should be a plan of action to cover.


Can e-mails say – RESPOND PLEASE if it is important to acknowledge.


8) Correspondence – Grangefield – we will wait to hear from the Council

Unanimous decision to raise the donation to LINK to £75


Sprytar – it’s an app that gives details of village/local area. Cllr Butcher wondered whether we could do our own version – local signs, a numbered map with signs ? We have a copywrited map for the best kept village which could be used. The council will seek volunteers to develop this further



We have received thanks from Alison Bull and the all Cannings Village Hall for all our help with the Village Hall work and the Remembrance weekend


9) Finance – The precept has been reviewed and we don’t need to increase the precept this year. We have saved with the contractors. Cllr Gray thanked the councillors for everything they do to reduce the costs and their contributions. We have had a VAT refund of £6147.76. We have a year’s reserve as a result of this. They have built in contingency plans for additional costs and included the contribution to the school crossing. Cllr Whitehead advised that we increase the precept inline with inflation

Cllr McDonald mentioned that there won’t be any funding for the village from Concert at the Kings next year as it is not running and we should increase the precept to cover this.


Cllr Butcher proposed a 2% increase. This was agreed 6 to 1 by Councillors. Precept will be £15,798.


Payments approved


HAGS:                                          £87

Poppy Appeal Cheque:                 £50

Village Hall Invoice 1070:           £15

Village Hall:                                  £150


Cllr Whitehead mentioned that the Devizes Assizes building has been saved

The need for SEND’s are increasing. We have Rowdeford, St Nicholas and Larkrise. The council will invest £20 million to build a new school at Rowdeford which will amalgamate all three schools. There will be full time medical, physiotherapy staff etc. It will be developed to teach children life skills as well as education


AOB: Request from Allington for a defibrillator – council will make some enquiries

Cllr Butcher mentioned that we missed out on the Parish Emergency Aid eg salt/grit reserves. There is a yellow bin by the canal which has fallen over. Clerk to report to the Parish Steward. The council is no longer distributing the yellow bins due to costs.


A member of the public thanked the Council for all the help we did on Remembrance day


Meeting Closed at 21:35                        Next Meeting: January 30th 2019