Minutes for Parish Council Meeting June 27th 2018

All Cannings Village Hall  7.30pm


1. Welcome to the public


2. Declaration of Interests - none


3. Apologies: Cllr Whitehead, Cllr Daw, Kate Asbury, Cllr Gay


Chaired by Cllr Butcher


4. Minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising from the minutes – signed by Cllr Butcher


The notice went up to advertise the position for councillor. No objections or applications currently received.


The Concert at the Kings received a letter from the council thanking them for all their hard work


The Clerk has applied to join SLCC but heard nothing yet


5. Checking of Asset Register – unanimously agreed to keep them as they are and review again next year


6. Reports:


a) Village Community Store – nothing to report

b) Churchyard – Cllr Tilley will make the cremated area smaller. Some of the posts are rotten, and by making it smaller then we can avoid buying new posts. Also at current rates it will take some time to fill the space. A parishioner asked whether the space would still be consecrated and it was ascertained that it would be.

c) Cemetery – had a request to find an unmarked grave. Cllr Butcher has located it and passed on the information


Cllr Whitehead arrived 19.45

d) Village Green – Cllr Butcher asked whether Cllr Gay has been doing the weekly check lists. Offered to keep the lists in the Parish Chest if needs be. Cllr Tilley will remove the dead tree at some point. Otherwise the Green has been kept clean. A parishioner suggested that we look at the bank in the Autumn.

e)Village Hall -  Bowls pitch has been flattened as previously discussed.

Defibrillator is covered on Village Hall insurance. It may also be covered on the Council’s insurance, so needs to be checked.

Good progress has been made between Shop and Hall regarding the new leases etc.

Shop will take responsibility for whole of their end of site. The area will be clarified legally. 

A parishioner asked whether  the Parish Council had been approached to be arbitrators in the need of problems between the Shop and Hall? We have not been. They then asked if we would be prepared to appoint one. We have been approached to take the place of the MW trustees. This will be discussed later along with the request to appoint an arbitrator.


Layby – sunken kerbs – now 18 broken kerb stones. Village Hall getting quotes to replace them, but should it be the responsibility of Village Hall to pay. Cllr Whitehead will check that Wiltshire Council has it down as Highways and contact the Clerk with results. They are a safety hazard – the tubs by the hall will be put by the kerbs to prevent people walking on them

f) Pre-School has been regraded by Ofsted as Good so they now get their funding again. They have an afternoon  fund raising date booked for July 11th in Etchilhampton, and some further occasional events. Can they leave out some storage equipment at far end of hall during PC meeting? Yes it was unanimously agreed

g) Glebe Field and Allotments - nothing to report. A member of the public stated that no-one from the school used the Glebe Field to park on sports day. Also parents still park on the corners of the road which is illegal parking and makes it a blind turning. Cllr Whitehead suggested that we ask the local police to turn up occasionally and monitor the situation. Cllr Tilley mentioned that it has worsened in terms of safety especially regarding the junction at Lipgate. A member of the public suggested that the hedge between Greenhouse Road and Chandlers lane is replaced to make it match throughout both sides, and tidied. Possibly funded by Concert at the Kings. Cllr McDonald will double check the contract and speak to Id Verde regarding keeping it tidy.

h) School - Cllr Butcher attended a meeting regarding the proposed travel plan. Mr Boreman didn’t feel that any of the suggestions received from parents were practical. He suggested that we put calming measures eg bikes around the village to slow traffic. Cllr Butcher suggested that the children decorate the school fence to make it clear that it is a school. Cllr Whitehead suggested putting a map up at the school to show where everyone drives from. This can name or shame! It has been done at a workplace and reduced the number of people driving to work. Cllr Tilley suggested that they extend their carpark and make the tarmac playing area a carpark during drop off and pick up times. Cllr Whitehead will ask whether there are examples of dual use tarmac areas in other school eg carpark / netball pitch

Cllr Gray arrived 20:18

i) Footpaths – some of the areas are getting overgrown and need to be cut back

j) some deep potholes along Lipgate – Highways to be informed -EC


Cllr Gray took over the meeting


A parishioner has requested that we inform her when we are entering in the Lawrence Kitching award so they can make the village even better than usual.


7) Financial Risk Assessment and GDPR to be added to agenda for next month. Cllr Gray has drafted a letter to previous members requesting that they remove all relevant info.


8) Mary Whatney Trust – Cllr Gray asked Cllr Whitehead whether we can legally take over trustee. CW suggested we contact Ian Gibbons at Wiltshire Council who will know the answer.


9) Village Gates still at Cllr Butcher’s.  They are now painted, but need to be hung when possible. Cllr  Tilley will probably do them in July. They will go approximately 10 feet behind the All Canning sign. Highways are happy with the place where they are going.


10) Councillors to inform clerk of holiday dates ASAP


11) Planning Applications


18/05123/CLE – 1-4 Cannings Cross Cottages – no objections

18/04620/FUL – All Cannings Shop – no objections


12) Clerk’s report.


She has responded to the request from 7, Chandlers Close.

She has applied to join SLCC but not heard back from them


13) Finances


Invoices approved.


Village hall          £15

id Verde GM758692 £382.

Staff Wages


Councillors haven’t seen the accounts before they went to David Owen. Cllr Gray read them out, and approved by all present. Signed by Cllr Gray and Clerk. Authorised signatories for the NS&I accounts were signed.


11) AOB


Cllr Gray has drafted a letter regarding hedge trimming for the residents. Some changes were suggested. Cllr Gray to make amendments.


Cllr Gray has updated the poster showing council members.


Meeting closed at 21.38


SIGNED:                                                                         DATED:



Date of next meeting: July 25th 2018