Minutes of Parish Council Meeting 30-05-18


Meeting opened at 7.30


Present: Cllr Gray (Chair), Cllr Butcher (Vice), Cllr Gay,  Cllr McDonald, Emma Comfort (Clerk), RFO Kate Asbury (arrived 7.35)


1. Election of Chair and Vice Chair.


Cllr Gray proposed that she stays as Chairperson. Cllr McDonald seconded. Unanimously voted in.

Cllr Butcher proposed that she stays as Vice Chairperson. Seconded by Cllr McDonald. Unanimously voted in. Both Cllr Gray and Cllr Butcher accepted the positions.

The Parish Council  accepted Cllr William’s resignation


2. Advertising of Vacancy – contact Wiltshire Council to tell them we have a vacancy to advertise – EC


3. No declaration of interests


4. Apologies: Cllr Whitehead, Cllr Daw, Cllr Tilley


5. Minutes of previous meeting – signed and dated by Cllr Gray


6. Mary Watney Trust: 2 members of the public came to explain the proposal and ask whether in principal the Parish Council will take over two positions on the Trust of the board. 50 years ago the Trust leased the land to the village hall. The village hall then subleased to develop a village shop.  Village Hall lease ends 2021. Shop lease ends May 2020. Shop now needs a longer lease to develop the property. Village Hall has been charging a greater rent to the shop which they have now reduced to a peppercorn rent.

Now looking for a different system that will last for another 50 years, and wanting a responsible body to take over two positions – not named individuals. Cllr Butcher recommended that we check the legalities. The Hall and the shop will cover the cost of the renewal of the leases.


The Parish Council requested time to consider the implications of the proposal and to inform the councillors not present.


7. Laurence Kitching Award application has been submitted


8. GDPR Policy Adoptions: our policy is on the website. Policy adopted, but will review again in January 2019. All e-mails should include the acpc address as well as to councillors. All leaving members must be asked to delete any personally identifiable information they possess physically, on their devices or as an e-mail and confirm that they have done this. We are registered with the ICO (reference number A8341621). Policy unanimously adopted.

Clerk will contact previous council members to ask them to delete all necessary information


9. Planning: 18/03209/FUL- no objections

                     18/04620/FUL – no objections 

                      18/03963/CLPLB – can’t access the plans


10. SLCC membership: Clerk will apply to join. Council have agreed to cover the costs

11. Asset Register Review: to be carried out next meeting


12. Dates of Meetings for 2019.  Annual Parish Meeting in April in School 7pm. All other meetings last Wednesday of month in village hall at 7.30, except in August and December when there will be no meetings


13. Staff Appraisal: no public or press present. Need to review systems for pay increases. Cllr Gray to speak to Paul Clark at David Owen. RFO happy with everything and appreciation acknowledged for the job she does by Cllr Gray.


14. Clerk’s Report – correspondence


A member of the public requested work done on the Glebe Field as it floods and affects their property. Clerk to reply asking for confirmation of the ownership of the land and the property management company involved. They will then ask the relevant bodies for permission.


A request from a member of the public to purchase a grave space and erect a headstone on another plot. Clerk to contact


15. RFO report:


Invoices to be paid £382.72 – Id Verde

                                £15        - Village Hall

                                 £35 (annually) for ICO

                                 £441.85 – Insurance (Inspire via Came and Company)


RFO still following through with the NS&I account as waiting on information from them.


The concert fund has paid £150 towards the Royal Wedding celebrations


15. A.O.B


Send a letter to pub to say well done and thanks for all the organisation and to Cllr Daw for all his marshalling – EC

Gates – we want to get them up soon. Cllr Gay will do it, but needs help.

Cricket Club has folded. The land is privately owned. If anyone is interested in reviving it then please step forward.


Meeting closed: 10:10pm.


SIGNED:                                            Date:


Next Meeting June 28th at 7.30 in the Village Hall