Held in All Cannings School All Cannings on Thursday 26th April 2018


1. Present: Amy Gray (chair), Cllr Whitehead, Cllr Butcher, Cllr Gay, Cllr McDonald, Cllr Daw, Kate Asbury (RFO) Emma Comfort (Clerk)


2. Apologies: Cllr Butcher (notes given to Kate Asbury for inclusion), Cllr Williams


Meeting opened at 7:45


3.  Welcome to the public


4. Village Hall. Should there be a white line at end of car park as it is very difficult to pull out from there.


5. Cllr Whitehead gave an update on Salisbury. They are doing a major clean up but will take at least 6 months


6. Cllr Gray thanked the council for putting on the talk on GDPR as it was a useful day.


Cllr Whitehead left at 8pm.


No declaration of interests.


7. Matters arising from previous meeting. We won't issue a hard copy of Code of Conduct as a new one will be issued in line with GDPR shortly.

From now on no names should be mentioned in minutes other than councillors, RFO and Clerk.

Signed off by Cllr Gray


8) Reports

a) Village Community Store – Cllr McDonald. There is a meeting on Tuesday so nothing to report. Cllr Butcher – The AGM is on June 25th followed by an EGM to consider a proposal to adopt new model rules and conversion to a Community Benefit Society.

b) Churchyard – Cllr Tilley - drainage works still ongoing. No bells at moment due to insurance not covering ringers until they are CRB checked. Grass is getting plenty of compliments. IdVerde is doing a good job

c) Cemetery - All church books are with clerk and Cllr Butcher has developed a flow chart for procedures

d) Village Green – Cllr Gay has examined rubber mat around "Witches Hat". Is OK at the moment

e) Village Hall – Cllr Butcher attended the meeting on April 16th.  It was proposed to offer the Village Shop a peppercorn rent. Either the hall can continue to hold the lease and sub-lease to the shop, or they can have individual leases direct from the Mary Watney Trust. The trust will have the final decision, but the idea is to save the shop £600 in rent.

The shop lease expires in 2020and the hall lease in 2021. Both will be seeking 50 year leases.

It is estimated that the legal fees will cost around £3,000 and the shop is hoping to apply for a grant.

f) Pre- School – Cllr Daw - Done lots of fund raising and feeling confident about next inspection. Council will write a letter of support when we are contacted with details. A new child has joined. They thanked the Village Hall for all their help. Cllr Butcher mentioned that the pre-school is recognized as a valuable asset to the village and the village hall will discuss financial considerations if need be.

g) Glebe field and allotments - Cllr Gay Nothing to Report. Cllr Gay has contacted Diocese of *****************Salisbury regarding the footpath. Still waiting for a reply.


h) School - Cllr Butcher will report at next meeting re travel plan. No fair this year as no pta. A resident mentioned that School gate locks if someone shuts it. Need to find a way to ensure it stays open during holidays. It is on school property so they are responsible.


i) Footpaths – Cllr Gay there is a lockable gate on Footpath 18 which should never be locked as it is a public footpath. Cllr Gay will strim footpaths this month. Will invoice council for petrol.

j) Parish Stewards - can they check the moss on pavement by entrance to The Glebe


9) PAT testing – doesn't need a PAT testing for three years if new. Cllr Butcher to liaise with Village Hall to include ours


10) Royal Wedding – The Pub has given £150 to royal wedding fund


11) Cllr Butcher asked for money for brushes, masking tape and paint so community service can spruce up Telephone kiosk. Council agreed on maximum of £50


12) We are signed up to ICO, but we haven't received an invoice from them. RFO has e-mailed to chase. Cllr Gray attended GDPR meeting. Privacy notice on all council tax bills which we can copy.

Cllr Gray to be Data Officer. Unanimously voted in. She will draw up some codes to be adopted including retention schedule. We don't need to be compliant immediately, but must be seen to be moving forward. All councillors should forward contact through the clerk so they don't have to be individually registered. Kate Asbury to be DPRO. Unanimously voted in.

Clerk will need to contact previous councillors and clerks to ensure that they no longer have any information that belongs to council


13) Finance:


Invoices paid: Village Hall Rent                                     £15

                        Cllr Gay Expenses                                            £32.65

                        RFO postage                                                    £1.68

                        Concert donation to Royal Wedding Fund         £150


A.O.B We need to apply for Best Kept Village by end of May EC

A parishioner asked whether council would offer a grant to someone who would like to start keeping bees in the village. We would consider it if someone approached us – we will spread the word

Can we add "please" to the signs that say "Drive Carefully" - it was agreed that we would when we replace the signs

Cllr Butcher noted that she would need advanced notice when the gates were to be collected for painting due to the safeguarding policy regarding her business.


Meeting closed at 21:50


Chair                                        Date


Next meeting to be held on May 30th 2018 at 7:30 in the Village Hall