Minutes for All Cannings Parish Meeting March 28th 2018


1. Present: Amy Gray (Chair), Sylvia Butcher (Vice Chair), Cllr Gay, Cllr McDonald, Cllr Williams, Emma Comfort


2. Apologies : Robbie Daw


3. Meeting opened at 19.32


4. Welcome to the public


5. Cllr McDonald declaration of interest – April Cottage

    Cllr Butcher declaration of interest – Rendells farm


6. Matters arising from previous meeting. Cllr Gray has walked around the village with new contractors.

All Councillors should be furnished with a hard copy of new Code of Conduct - EC

Minutes signed by Cllr Gray


7. Reports:


a) Village Community Shop – Cllr McDonald – lease is due for renewal in June 2018 and there are ongoing discussions with Village Hall and Mary Watney. Peter asking for a longer lease (current lease is always for 5 years), and they are looking at renewing plumbing/drainage and will qualify for grants with a longer lease.

They are converting the legal status to Community Benefit Society so they are directly required to only carry out busy for local community and profits go back into community.

Holding and Auction of Promises to raise money

b) Cemetery – nothing to report

c) Village Green – Cllr Butcher reported a dip in the safety surface around the cone. Cllr Gay to see what can be done

d) Village Hall – Cllr Butcher meeting with committee on April 16th

19.46 – Kate Asbury arrives

Curbs mark the boundary of Village Hall property, and John Mead asked who has the responsibilty for curbs as the old village drain is sinking due to heavy traffic passing over it. Village Hall have replaced it twice, but it should be a Village issue. Put on agenda for April.

Village  Map on front of hall – the frame needs replacing. Is it village Hall or village property? Cllr Butcher suggested that it is Village Hall responsibility to maintain it. This was agreed.

Money was rasing for a Boules pitch at back of Village Hall which is never used. They will have it levelled off for safety reasons.

Users of Hall need to sign a revised application form for Village Hall as it covers safety features. Clerk will sign it.

e) Pre-School – Cllr Butcher – they've been working hard to get ready for next insepction – any time in next three months. Easter Egg hunt raised £400. Held in pub at short notice – with thanks to them. Asked Cllr Butcher to visit and support to give suggestions. 

Cllr Whitehead arrives 19.56

They have done curry night and rasied £1500.

Still looking for a play leader

Ongoing support from village

f) Allotments – have paid £457 to council. Two plots still available and they've offered a large plot to school for free – wating to hear if they want it. Cllr Williams will chase. An additional £45 due in late payments. Footpath between Orchard to side of allotments is owned by diocese – they need to maintain it. Parish Council has no legal responsibilty to maintain it -any work done needs landowners permission. Cllr Gay and McDonald to liaise and look at costs.

g) School – Cllr Williams – nothing to report. Cllr Butcher has an appt on Apr 26th regarding travel plan


Cllr Tilley arrives 20.11

h) Footpaths – Cllr Gay – still waiting for better weather. Cllr Butcher – complaints about footpaths at Sheeppool. Landowner won't let us do anything about it. Landowner wants to put a surface on path crossing the triangleof grass leading to it. There is vehicular access so this may be difficult (Cllr Butcher declared an interest in this). Cllr Gay will discuss this with pub landlord

i) Church Yard – doing a lot of work. Sorting out loo and drainage at back of church – putting in a French Drain which may be an issue with the mowing. Cllr Tilley to find out more. Cllr Gray not completely sure of boundaries so will confirm them with Cllr Tilley and Cllr Butcher.

j) Parish Stewards are still doing potholes – nothing new until April


Cllr Tilley has left message with Michael regarding tree, but will chase.


8) Concert at the Kings – tickets are selling well – doubled amount from last year. BBC advertising it as one of the Fringe weekends. Radio Wiltshire will cover it. Sarsen Walk on Sunday after. Will have to manage signage and clean up procedures.


9) Royal Wedding Celebrations – Alison is booking manager for Hall – proposals are a day with crafts for childen, village seniors and heroes to be invited. A poetry competition – (wanting some sponsorship for book token etc).  Cllr Butcher will ask Concert for funds to support (£150 – 200). Wants to do some charity fundraising at same time.


10) Planning applications:


17/10482/FUL – no objections

18/01617/FUL- no objections

18/02091/VAR – no objections


11) Data Protection: Cllr Butcher is concerned that we haven't yet signed up to ICO. This will cost £35 Cllr Butcher and RFO Kate Asbury will organise.  Clerk needs training re Data Processor.


Cllr Gray will be Data Protection Officer if permissable. Cllr Whitehead said that Wiltshire Council are setting up an event to train Parish Councils. WALC also have an event on April 18th. Kate Asbury and or Cllr Gray will try to attend.


12) Correspondence – following a request we will update Georgina Brown from Police headquarters regarding events in the village that can go in her newsletter.


We have received a letter regarding the floodiong that occurs outside "Grangefield". Cllr Butcher showed photographs. We will contact Richard Dobson to look at it next time it floods to see if it is the responsibility of Highways or the landowner.


There is now a search facility online to find names on War memorials around the country. The link will be put on the village website – Cllr Gray


Cllr Whitehead acknowledged a debt of thanks to all those who helped in the snow – especially those with tractors who cleared the roads, and put updates on the website.


The Concert at the Kings have requested that we pay £750 to the Village School, from concert funds.


The Council has agreed to allow a portion of Cyril Mullett's ashes to be put into his wife's grave and for his daughter to remove the headstone for cleaning and to have Mr Mullett's name added. We will inform them of the cost, but no other objections.


13) Standing Orders Review – postponed to March 2019


14) The employment claim being brought against the Parish Council has been withdrawn


15) RFO report -


Invoices signed off


Sharkeykel -  £462.99

All Cannings Village hall - £15

David Owen - £39

Wiltshire Council - £66.01

Staff wages


Current balance stands at £20,815.86


Less future payments-

Concert Fund - £5456.15

Playing field - £4483.44

Forecast spending remaining - £4638.28


Reserve balance - £6237.99


16) AOB


The gates have to be moved before painting. Cllr McDonald is to ask James if they can go to his yard and Cllr Butcher will ask if the organisation has a venue.



Meeting closed at 21.44.