Minutes of Parish Council Meeting Feb28th 2018


PRESENT: Cllr Gray (chair), Cllr McDonald, Cllr Gay, Cllr Tilley, Cllr Williams, Kate Asbury (arrived at 19.40) (RFO) Emma Comfort (clerk)


APOLOGIES: Cllrs Whitehead, Cllr Butcher, Cllr Daw.


Declaration of interests: none


Minutes of previous meeting were signed off by Cllr Gray



a) Village Community Store - will be meeting with a representative re the payment of rent.

b) PCC: Churchyard -  Cllr Gay did topple test – nothing hazardous except for a tree at a 40deg angle. Should go on the tree works list, but may cost £1000. Cllr Tilley will speak to Mike Game-Scott.

c)  Cemetery - Cllr Butcher not present

d) Village Green - Cllr Gay – nothing to report

e) Village Hall  - Cllr McDonald reported that they have replaced two curbstones. Cllr Butcher and McDonald have been approached about a grant (after work has been done).

f) Pre-School - Cllr Gray said we hadn’t had any further correspondence from them after last meeting. They have done some of the works to fences at the back. They are having a fund raising curry night at The New Inn at Coate on Sat Mar 3rd.

g) Glebe Field and Allotments - Cllr McDonald – haven’t received the subs from the allotment committee. He will speak to Simon. Work to one of the houses in Tumlins has churned up a lot of the land behind their house on the Glebe field. What is the councils position? Cllr McDonald will speak to tenants re the work and found out who did it? Cllrs Gray and Butcher will walk around with Ian Spanswick to show him the work. Emma Comfort to make initial contacts. Sharkekel still haven’t fulfilled their contract. Cllr Gray will call.  They need to do the work immediately, or we won’t pay their last invoice.

h) School - nothing  to report. Cllr Butcherwill take over from Cllr Williams re travel plan etc

I) Footpaths - Cllr Gay got a map from Wiltshire council to clarify position of Footpath 25. Cllr Gay will approach landowner. Will also talk to the Mclennans following on from their letter.

j) Parish Steward Request - potholes opposite Cllr Tilley. Kate Asbury will report them on the relevant app


6) Planning Applications


18/01034/FUL – no objections

18/00442/FUL – no objections


7) no correspondence or administration


8) 20 mile ph speed limit. We would pay £2000 towards it if we wanted to adopt it and we have the money if we want to go down this route. Unanimous vote in favour. Emma Comfort to let Cllr Whitehead know


The white lines around the village are very faded. Emma Comfort to find out who to report them too (probably Wiltshire Highways)


9) Code of Conduct – The copy we have is the standard version from the  NALC website. We will date a copy as readopted today.


10) Best Kept Village -  we will enter again. If we can get the gates and speed limit up that will be in our favour.

Cllr Gray will approach John Martin to see if they want to apply on behalf of Allington.


11) Financial Regulations update-  nothing to update. All been signed off.


12) We were scammed for £700 by someone accessing our e-mail. We have the money back, but we need to be aware. Should we set up an out of meeting protocol?


Sharkeykel – witholding payment of invoice until work is done - signed subject to satisfaction

Invoice to Village Hall - £15 paid

Wiltshire Council have paid us £2800 which was meant for another council. Cllr Gray and RFO to sort out.


Balance of Accounts



Cllr McDonald will start to audit accounts as soon as RFO is ready


We have approved payment of £2000 for 20 mile speed limit


AOB: we need to paint the gates and posts. They are at Cllr Butcher’s at moment. Ask her to get the community service volunteers to paint them.

Cllr Williams will attend to sign at end of new footpath


Royal Wedding – Cllr Gray will liaise with village hall committee re events to celebrate this


Meeting closed at 21.30


Next meeting March 28th 2018