Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 31.01.18

                        Held in All Cannings Village Hall. All Cannings


Present: Cllr Gray (Chair), Cllr Butcher, Cllr Gay, Cllr Williams, Cllr McDonald, Parish Clerk E Comfort.


Apologies: Doug Tilley, Robbie Daw (arrived 20.00 hrs), Kate Asbury


No Declarations of interests


1.  Cllr McDonald re minutes of November 29th 2017 – report G.  Sue will plant the bulbs that are coming up now and replant them appropriately.

RFO report – adoption of  stepping down and passwords– pending

not had conversation re grass cuttings – agreed to leave for time being


At that meeting we agreed payments, but they were not minuted. Added  manually by chair on 31.01.18– will be amended later


Minutes signed off 31.01.18 by Cllr Gray


Closed minutes read by Councillors – signed off by Cllr Gray


2. Reports – welcome to vice chair Liz Sharpe from pre-school.

13.12.17 Ofsted inspection – given inadequate. Being disputed, as inspector was being assessed, and children and staff were all on edge. They were given until 31.01.18 to make immediate changes which have been done.  Ofsted have up to 6 months to come back. Earliest date is 13th March, latest Sept. Financial implication is serious. Wiltshire Council don’t support inadequate places. School will lose all funding for 3 year olds. Funding goes in periods – this may mean May or September. If they come back before Easter then it will be fine – if they don’t come back until June then pre-school will have to close. They only have one fee paying child. They are fund raising to keep going in worst case scenario. Still need £5000 to go through until September. Would a letter from Parish Council add weight to the request for Ofsted to come back quickly?


Cllr McDonald asked about plans for improvements and then plans to move forward, and funding plans


Cllr Gray suggested that they send fund raising events to newsletter and for website to publicise.


We can send a letter – need Ofsted registration number and address to send a letter from Liz Sharpe


Also lost play leader – unrelated reason.


Village Community Store – Cllr McDonald missed meeting last week. They are extending hours, Tamsin will cover all weekend. Lower sales, but better profit. Accounts are Ok but not much contingency. Next meeting March 13th. Cllr Gray suggested they publicise more on website.


PCC Churchyard – Cllr Tilley not present


Defering topple testing to next month when weather will be better


Cemetery – Cllr Butcher did a topple test – but ground very wet so will do again before actioning anything. Charles Butcher has fixed gates. We are still hoping to get soil moved.  Cllr McDonald mentioned an electronics burial grounds database. Also a beautiful burials grounds where rare lichens etc are found. Funded by Heritage Lottery Fund. Can we tap into it


Village Green – nothing to report. Cllr Gay ticking off sheets weekly.  Need to remind Sharkyel that they are responsible for tree maintenance


Village Hall – could Cllr Gray speak to Alison Bull re website update. They are doing a resuscitation reminder session for de-fib.

Royal Wedding – no formal plans yet , but hopefully to involve whole village. Need to check licensing as to whether we can screen it. We will help to supported


Village Plaques – Cllr Gay. Been moved. On good piece of European Oak. Plank can take another 2 plaques. Cllr McDonald thanked Cllr Gay for doing the work.


Glebe and allotments – Cllr McDonald received a request from an allotment holder to move a plum tree into the orchard for all. This has been done. Allotment going to buy a mower to do their own grass. All spaces are full and preparing for rent payments – so will know by end of Feb what they will bring in. 


School - Cllr Williams – nothing to report. They want us to push on with application for road crossing. Cllr Williams has received a response from council. Will respond – and put onto next agenda.


Footpaths – in bad state as very wet. Some roots pushing through on Phase 1 new path and top of darkies lane. Barbed wire been removed from darkies lane.


Parish Steward requests – none, send to clerk as we think of them.


Planning Applications: application 12333 went through with no objection, but there were three objections from PC.


Clerks Report


A letter from Tumlins residence re grass cuttings, asking for a tender to remove the grass cuttings. Clerk will respond saying that we are looking at it.


E-mail requested that concrete left on edge of Darkies Lane be removed – Action Cllr Butcher


Re Planning appeal 17/01459/FUL – we have received a letter against it. Clerk will reply that we are aware and will be looking at it later in the year


Clerk’s induction to be organised ASAP




Metro Point: Cllr Whitehead sent through results on 20 mile speed limit. Average speed 24-25 mph.  They are happy to put it through as being 20 mile an hour. Cllr Williams to send through plan of where they will be. Total cost £6000, PC to provide 26-27% so they can put it through this year. Need to be confirmed in March. Plan to be approved by us. PUT ON AGENDA FOR FEB


Cllr Whitehead left at 21.19hrs


10 – let Doug know that topple test postponed until next month


11. Local gov Funding – Cllr Gray to investigate


12. Grass cutting tender: 4 quotes received. We will offer the contract to Id Verde. We must ensure that the existing contractors finish their work – ie hedge cutting before offering new contract.



RFO Report – we will hold back payment to Sharkykel until they have finished the work.


Invoices to be paid to Emma Comfort DBS £25, Village Hall, £15, Water £22.44, Salisbury Diocese  £225,

We have received £50 from Poppy Appeal


Lloyds bank statement – we have £14,823.98



Monies out – wages as agreed in extraordinary meeting




Cllr Williams is stepping down as from end of April due to work pressures


Meeting closed at 10.30pm.


Next Meeting February 28th 2018 7.30pm.