Held in All Cannings Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 25 October 2017



PRESENT:       Cllr.Butcher (chaired first half), Cllr. Gray (chaired second half),  Cllr. Tilley, Cllr Gay, Cllr McDonald, Cllr Williams, Cllr Daw, RFO K Asbury, Parish Clerk


APOLOGIES: Cllr P Whitehead, Cllr Gray (Chair) will arrive late




Declaration of interests: 0


Public welcomed


Meeting opened by Cllr Butcher at 7.30pm



Minutes of meeting 27 September 2017 – corrected, approved and signed by Cllr Butcher


Matters arising:

Remembrance Sunday – Action: Cllr Mcdonald to organise wreath - £50 agreed by show of hands as donation and Cllr Mcdonald to attend ceremony.

Action: Cllr Tilley to find out prices for village signs.




a) Village Community Store: Meeting held 24 October. Cllr Macdonald reported concerns raised re cost of lease, prices, aircon, drop in sales etc. Suggested various promotions to increase footfall.


b) PCC: Churchyard: Cllr Tilley  - Grass cutting contracts due to be renewed.


c) Cemetery: Cllr Butcher reported issues re grass cutting.  Messages left with Community Service team re painting of phone box, to be left for next year. Cemetery Working Party (Cllr Gray, Cllr Butcher and Parish Clerk) to meet to agree processes (admin and maintenance). Action Parish Clerk.

Action: Cllr Daw to sort out excess soil left on site.


d) Village Green:  Cllr Gay reported  no issues. Basketball Court needs re-marking as reported at September meeting. Action Cllr Tilley is looking at costs – to be actioned next Spring, so to be included on February 2018 Agenda.


e) Village Hall:  Cllr Butcher advised  Best Kept Village - 5 Plaques to be put up above Noticeboard.  Action: Cllr Tilley to look at options of wood for display.

Action: Cllr Butcher to attend Village Hall AGM 13 November.


f) Pre-School: Cllr Daw advised not enough take-up on Family Fun Day 14 October. Fireworks 4 November. 


g) Glebe Field & Allotments: Cllr Macdonald spoke to Simon Collier – nothing to report on  Allotments.  Strimming has been done around orchard, but allotments boundary needs attention. Cllr Butcher suggested revisit this issue next year.

Action: Cllr Butcher to sow grass seed and Cllr McDonald to advise Sue Williams to plant bulbs as agreed.


20.12 Cllr Gray arrived to take Chair and thanked Cllr Butcher.


h) All Cannings Primary School: Cllr Williams had nothing to report.

Cllr Williams  advised crossing was dangerous.  Cllr Butcher reported complaints about gates.

Action: Cllr Butcher to investigate request for dropped kerb.


I) Footpaths: Cllr Tilley advised footpaths had not yet been walked. Footpath 25 to be discussed with Charles Butcher. Cllr Gay  - householders had not yet been consulted re stiles.

Parish Clerk had received complaint re stile in dangerous condition. It was agreed ACPC should not undertake repair.  Cllr Butcher suggested contact Wiltshire Council to repair. Action: Parish Clerk

Parish Clerk had received complaint about muddy areas near kissing gates. Action: Cllr Daw to apply bark chippings.


j) Parish Stewards: No report.  Action: Parish Clerk to ask to do general tidy-up.


k) Hedge & Tree Review: Cllr Butcher asked if there was any work to be done. Cllr Tilley offered to prune lower shoots from the trees on the Green.   Action: Cllr Tilley to sort out. Agenda Point to review for next year: Action Parish Clerk


l) Maintenance Contracts:  Several complaints about grass cutting received. Cllr Gray asked what could be done about arisings.   Cllr Tilley said contractors have been contacted  several times and there are cost implications for collecting and disposing of grass cuttings.  If cut regularly, there would not be such an issue. Contracts should be clear about what is required. - eg Village Green and edges to be cut at the same time and according to terms of contracts. Action: Cllr Tilley to revise contracts and send out for discussion before tenders go out. Action: Parish Clerk to contact Devizes Town Council to see if their Parks & Open Spaces team would consider.


Planning Applications

17/08416/FUL Willowbrae, Approved by Wilts Council 20 October with conditions

17/09389/VAR –  32 The Street -no objections

17/10067/TCA – Rose Cottage - no objections

17/10438/TCA – Richmond House, 2 Grangefield - no objections

17/10315/TCA – 29 The Street - no objections


Clerk’s Report, Correspondence and Administration


Insurers have confirmed Contents insurance for new projector will cover all risks if lent out.


Risk Assessment templates recived from Cllr Butcher.


Card sent as instructed to widow of Dr Risely-Prichard.

Paperwork received from Funeral Director.  RFO has sent invoice.

Memorial for PERRY now completed (Winchcombes). 

Request from Sylvia Stevenson re locating grandparents graves to place memorial (Cllr Butcher suggested an admin cost- tbd).


Cemetery Working Party to start as soon as possible to simplify and clarify maps and processes.


Noticeboards cleaned and tidied.


Complaints acknowledged re grasscutting and stile – Parish Clerk to respond.


2018 Tree Planting to be discussed at next meeting.


8. Parish Assets


Cllr Butcher has produced comprehensive list of assets, discussed and costed. Circulated , discussed and approved. Cllr Macdonald has ordered Village Gates as discussed, thanked by Parish Council.


9. Financial Regulations Update


Cllr Williams arranged for  Sub-committee to meet 1 November. Action: Cllr Williams, Cllr Butcher, Cllr Macdonald Agenda item for next meeting.


10. Finance


Cllr Tilley advised approx cost to replace Village signs £690 and we need permission from Wiltshire Council to do do. If we can specify size, Ringway could do them.  Suggest put gates up first, then decide on signs.


Cllr Gray pas purchased a projector screen – agreed to reimburse.


Balances: RFO Balances overleaf


RFO requires signatories for NS&I account – 4 submitted.


Budget meeting to be arranged November Action: RFO


Website Funding  - Action: Cllr Gray


There being no other business, the meeting closed at 21.55



Chair                                            Date


Next Meeting: Wednesday 29 November at 7:30pm in All Cannings Village Hall

Balances at 25 October 2017








Treasurers Account




Business Account




N, S & I




















Concert fund




Playing field




Forecasted spending












Reserve balance