Held in All Cannings Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 27th September 2017



PRESENT:       Cllr.Butcher (chaired first half), Cllr. Gray (chaired second half), Cllr P Whitehead (Wiltshire Council) Cllr. Tilley, Cllr Gay, Cllr McDonald, RFO K Asbury, Parish Clerk


APOLOGIES: Cllr Williams, Cllr Daw, Cllr Gray (Chair) will arrive late




Declaration of interests: 2


Public welcomed




Meeting opened by Cllr Butcher at 7.30pm


Introduced new [Redacted] and new RFO, Kate Asbury (former Parish Clerk)

Minutes of meeting 26 July 2017 – approved and signed

Minutes of extraordinary meeting 20 August 2017 – approved and signed


Matters arising:

Gates – Cllr McDonald suggested size of gates should be 2ft, painted white – agreed.




Village Community Store: Next meeting is on 27 October.


PCC: Churchyard: Grass cutting contracts due to be renewed.


Cemetery: Community Service have finished fence.  Action Cllr Butcher to look into painting of telephone kiosk next. B Mead suggested work on the Church toilet and metal seats could be included in next tasks.


Village Green: ROSPA report completed – no issues. Recent accident reported and discussed. No action to be taken. Basketball Court needs re-marking. Action Cllr Tilley is looking at costs – to be actioned next Spring, so to be included on February 2018 Agenda.


Village Hall:  Best Kept Village Plaques – meeting to be arranged to decide where to place them – Action Cllr Butcher and Cllr Gray


Pre-School: Cllr Daw by email: Notification of Family Fun Day 14 October and Fireworks 4 November.  Numbers are up and new deputy play leader starts this term.


Glebe Field & Allotments: Cllr Tilley received a letter of thanks from Sue Williams and a request to plant bulbs on part of Glebe Field. Discussed and agreed.


All Cannings Primary School: McMillan Coffee Morning on Friday 29 September. Poster on facebook page. B Mead suggested Village Diary in shop should be updated. K Asbury reported new Chair for PTFA being sought. Gates still open and no issues reported.


Footpaths: Barriers at the bottom of newly refurbished footpath 25. Cllr Butcher brought map to show possible sites. Agreed need to ensure path is usable before doing anything. 2 stiles required to go over Cllr Butcher’s boundary fence. Agreed importance of keeping footpaths open. Action Cllr Gay and Cllr Tilley to walk path with others and report back. Barriers on Chandlers Lane – Action Cllr Butcher to contact Wiltshire Council for confirmation that there are no objections.

Parish Steward Cllr McDonald reported potholes.  Cllr Whitehead clarified Highways would deal with these as and when they are reported to Wiltshire Council. Cllr Tilley asked if signs might be replaced after the village gates are done. Cllr Tilley said signs would only be replaced by Wiltshire Council if they are not serviceable – Action Cllr Tilley to obtain quotes.

Ask Parish Steward to tidy area around pond on village green, tidy edges of basketball court. Car left on The Pound since May has been reported, but is taxed and insured so no further action.


Planning Applications

17/08416/FUL Willowbrae, 1 School Lane Cllr Tilley reported Bat Survey has been done, now needs to go through consultation process. Show of hands – all happy to proceed


2015 – Cllr Gray took Chair with apologies for late arrival. Welcomed new Parish Clerk and thanked K Asbury for handover. K Asbury takes role of RFO.


Manor Farm Application – No change.


Clerk’s Report, Correspondence and Administration

Letter of congratulations received from MP Claire Perry for having won second place in the Laurence Kitching Winner of Winners Award for Best Kept Village.


Letter from insurers received advising of change in premium from June 2018 to reflect additional equipment cover. New category added for General Contents. Advised for future reference risk assessments in writing of work carried out by volunteers is recommended.  Actions – Parish Clerk to liaise with insurers.  Cllr Butcher to check if templates for risk assessments exist.


Letter received from Winchcombes re additional inscription on memorial for PERRY.  Fee received.  No objections. Parish Clerk will authorise work on memorial. Suggested template for future requests to expedite process. Action Parish Clerk for October Agenda.


Cllr Whitehead to be added to email list for agenda.


Parish Assets


Cllr Gray reported new IT equipment bought: 2 laptops and projector. Cllr Tilling suggested possible use of projector for community. Check covered by insurance for this – Agenda point for October meeting. Action Parish Clerk


Cllr Butcher has produced list of assets, discussed and costed. Action Cllr Butcher will circulate to be approved at next meeting.


Financial Regulations

Cllr Williams absent for update. Sub-committee to meet – add agenda item for next meeting. Action Cllr Williams / Cllr Butcher to chase for a meeting


Finance Report from RFO follows:

Balances at 27th September 2017








Treasurers Account




Business Account




N, S & I




















Concert fund




Playing field




Forecasted spending












Reserve balance




















K Asbury




Parish Clerk




HMRC 106.20





Grass Cutting



David Owen




David Owen

Internal Audit




Annual Inspection







Also: Please sign a check for Sue (Williams?) for £50 as already agreed at previous meetings for flowers



Invoices Approved

2100 RFO left meeting.





All Cannings Concert 2018 date to be announced this week. Cllr Butcher advised field has already been requested.

Grass cutting contracts are out to tender and are to be discussed next meeting.

Action Cllr Butcher to look at risk assessments including financial risk assessments for next meeting.

Cllr Whitehead commented on recent TV programmes on Wiltshire Police are not vetted before transmission – concerns for vulnerable adults.

Facebook page – parish posts for news and announcements to be discussed via e-mail and less local at parish meetings before publicising (if required) – e.g. Best Pub Awards.

Meeting closed at: 21:19


Chair                                             Date



Next Meeting: Wednesday 25th October at 7:30pm in All Cannings Village Hall