Held in All Cannings Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 26th July 2017



PRESENT:       Cllr. McDonald (chaired first half), Cllr. Gray (chaired second half), Cllr P Whitehead (Wiltshire Council) Cllr. Tilley, Cllr. Williams, Cllr Daw, Cllr Gay


APOLOGIES: Cllr Butcher




Declaration of interests: 0


Public welcomed



Darkies Lane was strimmed by a member of the public
Rowan Trees complete but not paid for yet.
Basketball Court line marking - trying to find somebody who could do this. Action – Cllr McDonald to ask Smiths who is doing their tennis court.
Village Gates – James unhappy with 4’ gates, he wants them kept away from the ditch, as he’s worried about access. Action Cllr Gay, Tilley and McDonald to speak with James together.




Village Community Store: Cllr McDonald has been invited to join the Village Store Committee. The donated chiller isn’t working very well. Takings this year are down. BBQ has been postponed to Friday 28th July. An idea was mentioned by one of the councillors about taking on pupils for work experience over the holidays. Lease expires in 2020

PCC: Churchyard: Nothing to report

Cemetery: Sidegates have been reported as faulty – they must be shut at all times to keep them stable Action – Cllr Gay to look at making more secure.

Village Green: ROSPA report in September. Cllr Tilley  will tidy the bottoms of the trees later in the year.

Village Hall:  Starting to review their lease renewal.

Pre-School: Hours increase in September. Appreciation and congratulations to Jo Warman for passing her degree.

Glebe Field & Allotments: A resident stopped another resident dumping rubbish. Noted – no further action for now.

All Cannings Primary School: The gate has been left unlocked for the summer holidays.

Footpaths: Barriers at the bottom of newly refurbished footpath – all agree this is a good idea. Cllr Butcher spole To Wilts Council and we just need to write to the council requesting them – Action Cllr Butcher.
Cllr Gay spoke to Paul Millard about Footpath 25 – the footpath was changed in 1999 and right of way is via the back of houses 7 and 5 and the Butcher’s field. If a footpath needs opening up, we need to report the issue to the Rights of Way dept. It’s not signposted either. Action – Cllr Gay bring map to next meeting and discuss.

Parish Steward no requests


Financial Regulations – Working Party – Cllr Butcher, Cllr Williams and Cllr McDonald. Action – Cllr Williams to coordinate meetings and report back in September.


Land at Lipgate Overgrown area behind houses that needs clearing. Action – Cllr Williams to look and let Cllr Daw know what needs cleaning up.


Manor Farm Application

Still no application in yet. Put on Agenda for September  - Action Kate.

IT equipment

Suggest buying storage space online and two laptops? IT budget of £1,000 proposed, to include a dropbox account. Also investigate projectors. Action – Cllr Gray.


Relocation of Parish Chest

Suggested Cllr Butcher’s House


Planning Applications:

17/04851/FUL Demolition of toilet block - approved

17/05906/TCA T1 Crown Beech Tree - approved

Clerk’s Report, Correspondence & Finances

Complaint about over hanging plants outside Cross Keys. Write a letter asking them to tie the lavender back, or cut it back. Action Kate Asbury

Complaint received about path across Sheep pool – action Cllr Gay

Complaints about Moor Path being impassable without walking through crop – landowner not responsible for mowing the grass. Complaint noted.

Request for Parishioners to tidy behind their houses – noted.


Training – approve Kate Asbury to attend Transparency course


N, S & I letter – no response. Send letter again recorded this time. Also find out the reason behind the account, as access is difficult.  Action – Kate


Invoices Approved:

Cap Park Grant – request the grant form be filled in before releasing funds – action Kate
Village Hall                              Rent                                          £15

Salisbury Diocese                  Rent                                          £150

Sharkykel                                 Grass Cutting July                  £462.99

Sharkykel                                 Grass Cutting August                 £462.99 (pay at the end of August)

F S Butcher                              Hammerite Paint                  £78.79
WALC                                        Training                                    £48




Newsletter – being taken over by Laura Willis

If the pub was to close, the Parish can claim it as an asset. Put it on the next agenda. Action - Kate

Allington resident complained about overhanging trees on the Highway – has got quite serious. Action – Cllr Gay call round to people’s houses

Meeting closed at: 21:37


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