Unadopted MinutesMeeting of All Cannings Parish Council Meeting

Wednesday June 28th at 7.30pm in the Village Hall 

Present: Cllr Butcher, Cllr Gay, Cllr Williams, Cllr Macdonald and Cllr Tilley and Cllr P Whitehead (Wiltshire Council)


There was one member of the public present


1.       Public welcomed


2.       There were no declaration of interests


3.       Apologies received from Cllr Daw and the Clerk/RFO (Kate Asbury)


          Cllr Gray arriving late due to work commitments so Cllr Butcher chairing meeting until her arrival


4.       Minutes of the previous meeting, and Extraordinary Meeting were approved and signed as a true record.  There were no matters arising.


5.       Reports

a)       Village Community Store – Cllr. McDonald

                 There is to be a fundraising BBQ on 21st July.

b)       PCC:  Churchyard – Cllr. Tilley

·        Rowan trees - Parish Council gave approval to works on two Rowan trees subject to Planning Approval.  Cost of works being covered by neighbour

·        Cremated remains area - Parish Council agreed that the fenced area should be halved in size and existing posts reused where possible.  Action Cllr Gay and Cllr Tilley later in year.  Agreed to reimburse Cllr Tilley expenses for recent repairs to posts.


Councillor Gray arrived and took Chair for remainder of meeting


c)        Cemetery – Cllr. Butcher reported that volunteer is now undertaking this work.  Councillors Gay and Butcher have done some work on the railing.  Agreed to purchase another tin of Hammerite paint and some thinners.  Cost of extra materials not expected to exceed £90 taking costs so far slightly over previous agreed budget of £200.

d)       Village Green – Cllr. Gay  reported that he has carried out repairs to Ski Trainer, invoice for materials submitted and agreed.  Concerns over continuing damage to trees caused by strimmers damaging base of trees.  Action Cllr Gray to speak to Contractors.

·        Line marking to the basketball court - Some young residents have requested this.  Agreed that it would be a good idea to line mark as Basketball and Netball Court.  Action Cllr Tilley to enquire about costs.

e)       Village Hall – Cllr. Butcher reported that she attended their meeting on 27/6/2017.  Concerns raised regarding hall not being left as clean as required after some users.  Committee are looking for ideas to take to their September meeting for a fundraiser.  Plans to extend lease is ongoing.  They were unsuccessful with their recent Grant application and therefore ask for the £250  from Concert @the Kings which was previously agreed but held until outcome of grant.  This money is for repairs to car park.  Agreed - payment to be made to the Village Hall.  Works on car park due tomorrow (29/6/2017).

f)        Pre-School - Still hoping to extend opening hours from September.

g)       Glebe Field and Allotments – Cllr. McDonald is to be the point of contact for requests to use Glebe Field.  Parking request has been received and agreed for 12th August for a wedding.  Need to draw up some use of field rules (parking) Action Cllr Macdonald.  The grass round the base of the fruit trees needs trimming - Action Cllr Macdonald.  A request to plant a plum tree in the Orchard for All was approved.  New signs for Conservation Areas now complete Cllr Gay to arrange installation.

h)       School – Cllr. Williams reported that school have agreed the gates on the path leading from school to village green will be unlocked during school holidays.  Parish Council request that gates be unlocked evenings and weekends as path is used at those times.  Cllr Williams to speak to school.  The school have sent out and now received back questionnaires for the Travel Plan.

i)         Footpaths – Cllr. Gay has strimmed several paths around the village.  A concessionary arrangement has been agreed between occupants of a property at South Farm and neighbouring farmer linking footpaths.  Paul Millard from Wiltshire Council is to be contacted regarding Footpath 25 and Moor Path - Action Cllr Gay.  Darkies Lane needs strimming back at one end Cllr Gay volunteered to do this.  The hedge at the top end is due to be cut back by owners shortly.


Cllr Whitehead left the meeting at 8.55pm.


j)         Parish Steward requests

Bank down Rectory Lane (resident request).  Steward has been in village this week filling potholes.


6.       Dropped Kerb in Tumlins - this is on hold until school Travel Plan complete in anticipation of submitting request for kerb and school crossing together.


7.       Churchyard trees on Old School’s boundary - dealt with under repports.


8.       Financial Risk Assessment - Cllr Butcher agreed to do initial works on this prior to Council setting up a working party at a later date.  Agenda item for next month.  Data Protection - Cllr Gray will contact WALC to see if we should be signed up with ICO.


9.       Village Gates - Cllr Macdonald has acquired costings - Parish Council unanimous vote in favour of expenditure not exceeding £500 (+ VAT) Cllr Gay and Cllr Tilley to do a site visit and agreed to undertake installation in the Autumn. 


10.    Staff Review and Appraisal will take place at end of six month probation period.  Existing Clerk/RFO current pay rate to be checked and reviewed.


11.    Councillor’s were reminded to let the Clerk know of any dates they are away.  Dates will not be made public.


12.    Drewitts Lane Tarmac  - it was decided that no action was necessary at this time.


13.    Planning Applications


17/05170/TCA  All Saints Church, The Street, All Cannings T1- Rowan - reduce canopy by 20% - discussed earlier in meeting - no objection from Parish Council these trees are our responsibility

17/05424/TCA Prospect House, The Street, All Cannings T1 - Yew tree – fell.  Parish Council would like application to be referred to Wiltshire Councils Tree  Consultant? for his/her opinion

17/05707/TCA 20 The Street, All Cannings Work to Trees in a Cons Area.  Unable to comment as application incompete.


14.    Clerk Vacancy - Appointment(s)


·        Decision to split the role.  Ratified as agreed at Extraordinary Meeting

·        The Clerks Job description was unanimously agreed.  The RFO job description will be prepared for next meeting - Action Cllr Gray

·        It was unanimously agreed to offer the [Redacted] post to [Redacted] ............on a six month probationary period.  The job will commence in September.



15.    Clerk’s Report - in her absence Cllr Butcher referred to Clerks folder for information


a)       Correspondence & administration

Parking request 8thand 17th June - confirmed as having been agreed out of meeting.  Request for wedding discussed earlier

Planning Training Events letter - no one available to attend training

Pewsey and Devizes Connect2Wiltshire consultation information - Councillors were made aware of this via email.  Questionnaire is for existing users of the services.

Citizen Advice Wiltshire - request for donation - declined

b)       Invoices  approved:

£18.75 All Cannings Village Hall

£12.60 Cllr Tilley expenses for repairs to Cremated remains area

£36.58 Cllr Gay expenses for repairs to adult exercise equipment

£462.99 Shark  (Query why price has increased - add to next Agenda)

£437.64 wages and £109.40 income tax Clerk/RFO

£39.00 David Owen Accountants

Also ratified payment made to Brennan's of Wiltshire following completion of path works.


c)        Balance of Accounts - Due to RFOs absence balances to be confirmed at next meeting.

16.   AOB - For the next Agenda - Discuss Manor Farm application



The meeting closed at 10.10pm.