Held in All Cannings School, All Cannings on Wednesday 26th April 2017


PRESENT:       Cllr. McDonald, Cllr Butcher, Cllr. Gray (chair), Cllr P Whitehead (Wiltshire Council) Cllr. Tilley, Cllr Daw, Cllr Gay


APOLOGIES: Cllr Williams




Declaration of interests: None



Jenny and Mary are the correct names for the letters about dog mess, not as originally quoted.
Next meeting date added in by pen as omitted in error.
The minutes were then signed off by the Chair.




Village Community Store: Nothing to report.

PCC Churchyard: Scaffolding is up. Posts around the cremation area have been damaged by contractor’s strimming.


Notices completed highlighting rules. Action – Cllr Tilley to put these up.

Still need to book meeting in with working party agreed at last meeting. Action- Kate/Ian/Sylvia/Andy

Railings need painting – Working party formed with Cllrs Daw & McDonald. Hammerite is £43.50 in B and Q, we need 10 litres. Budget agreed of £200 for paint and brushes. Action – Cllr Butcher to buy paint
Mr Curnick has agreed once the harvest is off we can access his field to clear excess soil built up at the side.

Village Green:

Ongoing problem with ski machine. Action – Cllr Gay to fix bearings.

Grass cutting quality has been poor again. Comment made that some oil has been spilled all over the grass. Remedial work has been completed on the slide, and Playquest are coming at the end of the month. One of the black mats by the green slides has been cut up, keep an eye on.
Safety barriers painted at the end by Cllr Butcher
Village Hall:  
Leases: they will apply to extend the lease which expires in 2021, once this is done they can look at extending the lease for the shop.
Agreed in principle to extend pre-school hours to all day, every day. Pre-school will discuss and report back.

It was confirmed that both the hall and the land are held in trust for the parishioners.

Potholes in the carpark require attention; responsibility is shared 50/50 with the shop.
It was agreed to install two pedestrian lights at the side of the hall.

Some investigations have been done regarding boundaries – it shows that one neighbour’s fence is on hall land – no further action was discussed at the meeting.

Rats have been found on the premises and remedial action since taken.

PAT testing – as this is not compulsory no testing is being done at present.
Next meeting is on the 27th June.

Pre-School: Raised £350 at the Easter Egg hunt.

Glebe Field & Allotments: Pile of branches removed – thanks to Cllr Daw. Outside the back garden of one of Tumlins is a lot of exposed soil after a clear up. Action - Cllr Daw to give Cllr McDonald some grass seed.
Cllr Gay currently in process of getting some wooden signs made up for the Conservation Area.

All Cannings Primary School: Cllr Butcher has found out school are responsible for pathway between the school and green, she will convey this information. Action – Cllr Butcher.

Footpaths: Liz Sharpe asked Cllr Gay about getting a fingerpost sign on the footpath by her farm. Maybe speak to footpath warden about the path – get the footpath number. Action – Cllr Daw to pass info to Cllr Gay.
Hopefully tarmacking will start on the refurbed footpaths in the next few days.
Look at possibility of barriers at the end of the new path that comes out on Chandlers Lane. Charles Butcher happy to pay if required. Cllr Whitehead to speak to his contacts to find out how we could go about getting the barriers. Action – KA follow up.
The contractors are working on a mysterious bump that rose up on the old refurbished path.


Parish Steward Requests

* Clean up the pavement by the Glebe, by the entrance to the village
* Strim opposite the cemetery

Churchyard Scaffolding This has now gone up. A ladder was left behind with access – Cllr Tilley spoke to Alison Leese who got the ladder removed within the hour.


Noticeboard and plaques – it is now uncertain if we actually need to move the plaques to by the noticeboard. For now pop the Best Kept Village plaque in the Noticeboard. Action – Cllr Gray chase up donation of wood to mount.
Noticeboard keys – get a copy cut. Action Cllr Butcher and Kate Asbury


Concert at The Kings
Letter will be going round to village shortly, everything else in hand and running smoothly.
Concert have agreed £250 towards parking at the Village Hall, hold fire until they get the results of their larger grant application.


Asset register
Working party required to review this – Cllrs Butcher, Gray and McDonald. Action – Cllr Gray to diarise.


Agenda Calendar

To ensure things aren’t missed at meetings. Action – Kate Asbury to cross check list left by previous Clerk.


Village Gates

Cllr McDonald to proceed with ordering them. Look at planters once they are up. Action – Cllr McDonald


Village Speed limit
Positive response from the parish. Raise as an area board issue to get initiated. Action – Kate

Cllr Whitehead to send Cllr Gray info about DFT.


Request for planter at top of Greenhouse Road


If we put a planter at the top of Greenhouse Road, a parishioner would supply flowers and another has offered to water it. Action - Cllr Butcher buy planter.


Laurence Kitching Award

Deadline 31st May Action - All to have a think about their areas of responsibility, and email Kate with any highlights of the last year.


Dropped Kerb – Tumlins

There is no dropped kerb, which causes problems with wheelchairs and buggies. This would cost £300 – £500 and we would need to contribute 25%
Suggest the dropped kerb goes up by number 22.
Cllr Whitehead suggests the request goes in with the school’s request and then  they won’t cause any delays against each other, as they will be grouped together in a disabled access to the school request.
Add to next agenda – Action Kate Asbury


Standing Orders


Confirmed the wording of the Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Meeting of the Council’s official titles

Remove date from the  of code of conduct
Adopt at the next Meeting


Planning Applications:

17/03615/TCA Planning Consultation - works to trees in CA

17/01803/LBC replacement window

Both approved with no objection.


Clerk’s Report, Correspondence & Finances

Email from a parishioner with the following points:

·         Could we request a road sweeper? Road sweeping is undertaken annually, and so any objections need to be directed to Wiltshire Council directly.

·         Two examples of residents hedges obstructing footpaths were given. Cllr Gay is going to take a look. We will also add a note in the Parish Magazine, website and Facebook – Action Cllrs Gay and Gray.

·         Footpath around Sheeppool is muddy, too narrow and needs reinstating. This is on private land and so we cannot touch it.

·         Andrew Gray has been welding, could he weld some kind of decoration for the gates? This can’t be done as there can’t be anything to obstruct the gates in case there is an accident.


Invoices Approved:


Sharkykel                               Inv 278                  Grass cutting                         £463.02

All Cannings Village Hall      Inv 934                  Rent                                       £22.50
All Cannings Village Hall      Inv 937                  Rent                                       £18.75

All Cannings Village Hall      Inv 943                 Rent                                       £22.50


Remind organisations to remove their posters. Action – Cllrs to speak to their relevant reports if any crop up.

Meeting closed at: 21:34


Chair                                                        Date


Next Meeting: May 18th, 8.30pm in the Village Hall