Held in All Cannings Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 29th March 2017



PRESENT:       Cllr. McDonald, Cllr Butcher (chaired first half), Cllr. Gray (chaired second half), Cllr P Whitehead (Wiltshire Council) Cllr. Tilley, Cllr. Williams, Cllr Daw






Declaration of interests:


Cllr Daw - 17/01459/FUL

Cllr Butcher - 17/01459/FUL


February minutes were signed off as correct and a true record.




Village Community Store: Next committee meeting is 11th April. Future lease arrangements to be discussed.
PCC: Churchyard:
Tile by tiles scheme - the repairs will start very soon, providing the Parish Council approve the scaffolding at the next meeting in April. The Bishop of Ramsbury has appointed Rev Richard Curtis, he will be licensed on 8th June in Urchfont. Include the scaffolding  on next month’s agenda. Action – Kate Asbury

Cllr Gray & Cllr Butcher did a site visit and computerised the available plots, there is definitely a whole row still available. Re. plot 437 – Page; it’s unlikely we will locate the owners, for time being the headstone remains laid down.
There is a two page list of queries that Cllr Butcher is working through. Send a letter of thanks to local schoolgirl Grace Whitmarsh through the school to say thanks for her cross checking of data. Action – Kate Asbury
At present there are no written procedures to follow – working party to be formed. Action - Cllr Williams, Cllr Butcher, Cllr McDonald and Kate Asbury to get together.

Quite a few broken vessels have been removed – it was decided that the rules could be mounted on a board. Action – Cllr Tilley

Village Green: Cllrs Tilley and Gay addressed the issues on the ROSPA report, only the laying of safety mat remains  outstanding.
Modifications being started 24th April by PlayQuest, Mick Atkinson looking at slide to rectify comments made on that.

Village Hall:  Next meeting on the 11th April.

Pre-School: Easter egg hunt on 8th April, they looking for friends and family to do a stall. Wooden rabbits dotted around the village, keep an eye on them if you see any go astray.

Glebe Field & Allotments: Rents collected.  All allotments taken.
Re. complaint about branches left, Cllr Daw will remove. Action Cllr Daw.

All Cannings Primary School: They have requested a meeting about their travel plan and the school crossing.
Still don’t know who owns the path between school and playing field – action Cllr Butcher


PIGS.Work is due to start next weekneed to inform Michael Crook at Wilts Council once the work starts so they will release the funds. Action Cllr Butcher.

Thanks passed to Cllr Butcher by all for her work put in, and to the concert for the funds.

Parish Steward – Byway 28 - the ditch needs digging out so water can get away when it rains.  The location is where the byway meets the road, opposite the canal car park entrance.

Clean up school crossing.

Election – May 4th. If there will be an election, we will be informed via letter.

Annual Parish Council Meeting – Thursday 18th May with an 8.30pm start subject to hall availability. Action – Kate Asbury to check

Flowers and Planters –
It was suggested that we offer Best Kept Village prize money for flowers. Cllr McDonald proposed some money be used for flowers by gates, and Cllr Butcher proposed that we use £50 for flowers and planters. It was agreed unanimously to use £50 for flowers and planters and £150 for planters by gates. Action – Cllr Butcher inform Sue.

Laurence Kitching –
application in, add to next agenda, deadline is 31st May.

Babble and Chat –
Unfortunately this has not been successful, and will be stopping. Any money in hand will be passed back to Kate Asbury to put back in concert fund.

Plant donations.
One of our residents Sue, who maintains some planters in the village, may be able to acquire some free bulbs for next spring. Could we write a letter endorsing her request? Action – Cllr Butcher to confirm to her we agree, and if we need a letter to advise Kate Asbury

Dog mess –
after a hedge was cut back in the village, a group of ladies in the cleaned up vast amounts of dog waste bags. (Mary, Sue and Shirley) Action – write letter of thanks. Write thanks to Oliver Gray as well (Cannings Cross) Action - Kate Asbury write letter, Cllr Daw deliver.

There was a comment about parents walking dogs after dropping children at school, and dumping dog waste bags – it was advised that a note went in the school newsletter asking parents to take any dog waste home with them. Action Cllr Williams

Standing Orders: These have been rewritten and passed around for people to take home and read. It was proposed that we review and sign these off at the Annual Parish Council Meeting (to be reviewed and renamed Annual Meeting of the Council)


Gating the village:  Cllr McDonald explained what we had been doing so far for the benefit of the audience.  He has met with a local supplier who is happy to supply at a discounted rate (potentially the gate and flower bed could all be one single unit)

Colour or plain wood discussed – white stands out more.

Cllr McDonald requests that all councillors take note of other village gates to get an idea of designs that we could have.


Parish Council Clerk:  No applicants. Suggest advertising wider and removing application deadline. Inquire about posting on the internal job board at Wilts Council and add an advertising budget of £200.


Planning Applications:

17/01459/FUL - Land to the South West of Bridge House Cottage All Cannings Devizes Wiltshire SN10 3NR- Erection of 4 dwellings with garaging and access.

Object with comments

We are against the Plan as submitted. Vehicular Access an issue, and strength of feeling from the parish.

Cllr P Whitehead confirms he will be calling the application in.

17/01083/FUL – Thorneycroft, The Street. Erection of single storey extension

Approved – no comment



Clerk’s Report, Correspondence & Finances

Email received informing us of the Devizes Half Marathon on the 9th April

Invoices Approved:

Kate Asbury                                 Salary                              £437.74

All Cannings Village Hall             Rent                                 £11.25

Sharkykel                                     Grass Cutting                           £449.16
David Owen                                 Payroll Services                          £36.60
Wiltshire Council                          Cemetery rates                          £59.61
HMRC                                          PAYE                               £109.40





Reminder to get nominations in for the Parish Council elections. Each nominee needs a  proposer, seconder and approver.

Annual Parish meeting – get view on a proposed 20mph speed limit in the village at the Annual Parish Meeting. Invite school to talk about their travel plan. Ask if we can have it at the school.

Next agenda – add on overhanging trees at cemetery

Meeting closed at: 21:56


Chair                                             Date


Next Meeting: 26th April 7.30pm at All Cannings School