Held in All Cannings School, All Cannings on Wednesday 25th January


PRESENT:       Cllr. McDonald, Cllr Butcher, Cllr. Gray (chair), Cllr. Gay, Cllr P Whitehead (Wiltshire Council) Cllr. Tilley, Cllr. Williams






Disclosure of interests: None


Matters arising from minutes not on the agenda:


Cllr Williams sent an email to the school regarding inconsiderate parking, no reply. Action – Cllr Williams to chase response

New Bin –
This has been purchased, Cllr Tilley to install and dispose of the old one. Action Cllr Tilley

Graveyard fees – Cllr Butcher to work with Cllr Gray on reviewing the fees. Action – Cllr Butcher and Gray




Village Community Store: Thanks received via email for freezer.
PCC: Churchyard:
Topple test was reported to have been actioned in the churchyard and not the cemetery in the Parish Magazine. Bearing this in mind Cllr Tilley and Gay will do a topple test in the churchyard when the weather conditions are right. Action – Cllr Tilley and Gay

Cemetery: Cemetery topple test – one stone has totally come off and is resting against its plinth.

There was a discussion regarding numbering graves again, also removing Christmas decorations and any litter. It was proposed to clear the litter and Christmas paraphernalia at the end of January. Make a list of any graves we need to contact the families of regarding items left on graves. Action – Cllr Tilley and Gay
Print copies of rules of for Cllr Gay – Action Kate Asbury

Village Green: ROSPA report received with several highlighted issues. The climber arch is too big for its location and they suggest it should be moved. Action – write to PlayQuest explaining the reasons for the low score and ask for remedial action so we comply, perhaps make it narrower? Also the slides came (as per page 20) up as having open gaps which they suggest closing up. Also refer back to PlayQuest. Action – Kate Asbury
Slide contact Mick regarding points raised on page 22 – Action Kate/Cllr Daw

Look for details of who provided the gym equipment and request suggested usage instructions, Action – Kate Asbury

Other issues highlighted were vegetation around the play equipment, paint, tarmac, see saw bolt, mat under fireman pole, junior swing safety tiles, long bolts, and mixed swings hanger – Action – Cllr Gay and Tilley to review and action as necessary.

Village Hall:  Lighting outside is being reviewed, and they are looking at sorting out the tarmac.

Pre-School: Nothing to report.

Glebe Field & Allotments: Conservation area signs could do with replacing, Cllr Butcher to make more. Action Cllr Butcher.

Cllr McDonald suggested making more permanent nice wooden conservation area. Andrew Asbury has a router, so if we could source some wood a sign is possible.

All Cannings Primary School: Remind school PTFA to remove their Christmas fair signs. Action Cllr Williams

They spoke to Cllr Butcher about a cherry tree from cemetery overhanging.

They approached Kate Asbury for advice on where to go for a dog waste bin – ARCO good supplier for dog bins. Action – Kate Asbury pass this info back.

Footpaths: The Moor footpath has been cut by Mr Curnick and looks really good. Send a letter of thanks – Action - Kate to write, Cllr Butcher to deliver.


Planning Applications:


16/11851/FUL – no objections



Footpath grant application – when the money is in our account, we can then proceed. All agree once funds received proceed with Brennans at 1.2m wide.


Clerk vacancy – no applications. Readvertise. Redhorn Parish Magazine would be a good place to advertise. Bishops Cannings Parish Magazine. Also speak to surrounding Parish Clerks – deadline 24th March.


Glebe Quote – MGS has bought new equipment and so reduced his quote. He has also quoted for the willow tree in the Glebe. All agree to go with MGS, Cllr McDonald to be the chosen representative. Action – Cllr McDonald

Councillor’s roles – defer til next meeting when all present.


Clerks report & finances

There has been a complaint received about people walking in the dark without lights or hi viz wear. Place a reminder in the Parish magazine, website and noticeboard. Action – Cllr Gray and Kate Asbury

The school thanked the concert for the donation in Golden Worship.


The following payments were approved:


Cheque 001118              Doug Tilley                                  108.00

Online                              Kate Asbury                                 437.64

Online                              All Canings Village Hall                          30.00   

Online                             Sharkykel                                    898.32

Online                             Salisbury DBF                             225.00

Online                             David Owen                                36.60

Online                              Bristol & Wessex water                            12.72




Make Parish Stewards a monthly agenda item – putting the gates up for us as an example.

Annual Meeting dates – Philip unavailable certain dates because of election.

Drain by Cemetery blocking again – Kate report on app.

Review Standing Orders to go on next agenda (separate finance working group to do but agree in meeting) book meeting

Book meeting to count grave vacant graves – action Kate and Cllr Butcher

Gating village on next agenda

Trains – brining in new rolling stock, may change timetables in the future

Slight issue with AC website, can’t turn the caching back on again.


Meeting closed at: 21.06


Chair                                             Date



Next Meeting: Wednesday 22nd February 2017, All Cannings Village Hall