Held in All Cannings School, All Cannings on Wednesday 30th November


PRESENT:        Cllr. Daw, Cllr. McDonald, Cllr Butcher, Cllr. Gray (chair), Cllr. Gay, Cllr P Whitehead (Wiltshire Council) Cllr. Tilley, Cllr. Williams






Disclosure of interests:
Cllr Tilley regarding planning application 16/10446/FUL

Cllr Daw and Cllr Butcher regarding bonfire complaint




Signed off as a true record.





Village Community Store: The new freezer has now been installed.
PCC: Churchyard: New lighting has been installed in the church.

Friends of All Saints have raised £2200, 100 Club £1000. The flood lighting has been popular.
Churchyard will be having a clean-up, and the inside will be cleaned on the 10th December.
They will be sending out a flier with significant dates for December.
Cllr McDonald represented the Parish Council on Remembrance Day.
Cllr Gray is currently maintaining the Parish newsletter.

Cemetery: Topple test to be completed by the January meeting.

Village Green: The replacement safety mats have arrived, to be fitted in the spring. Add to Feb agenda. Action Kate Asbury
A new bin was agreed with a budget of up to £140 – action Cllr Tilley

Village Hall: Chris McDonald has been officially appointed as the new secretary.

Pre-School: The bonfire was a success, although don’t know what was raised yet. Numbers are low at the preschool.

Glebe Field & Allotments: Email received from Sharkykel regarding some hedge cuttings, Cllr Daw to remove them. Action – Cllr Daw

All Cannings Primary School: They are still considering a crossing but haven’t looked into it in more detail yet. Some parents have been parking inconsiderately again. Letter of thanks received for the £2k from the concert.

Footpaths: Cllr Gay strimmed Allington Swingbridge on both sides, the Moor, Long Moor, Thorneycroft and the back of the pub. The councillors all conveyed thanks to him for his hard work.


Graveyard fees: Defer til January

The proposed budget was presented. It was noted that we should bear in mind if we want any Cat G work from the council, we should be prepared to contribute 25%, bearing this in mind an extra £500 was added under projects, making the increase for this year 9.79%


Best Kept Village Plaques

Following the request by the Village hall to move them, it was decided to have the noticeboard and plaques all together at the end of the wall where the noticeboard is currently. Also, need to get the rest of the certificates back from inside the village hall.


Glebe bank:

Quote received from MGS. Cllr Butcher also to chase MGS for a quote on the willow tree adjacent to Mr Miness’ house.
Cllr McDonald will also get a quote from another tree surgeon.


Email traffic:

It was highlighted that there was a lot of email traffic. It was reclarified that any email sent by the clerk only requires a response if it says ‘Respond please’ in the subject title. FYI is for reading and information only. It was also clarified that if any decision was made outside of a meeting via email, it can simply be ratified so it is minuted at the next meeting.


Allington Phone Kiosk:

Letters to be distributed to all Allington residents regarding the letter regarding the telephone kiosk. It’s been proposed that low use telephone kiosks are removed.


SAAA – All voted to opt back into the SAAA at a cost of £250 + VAT.


Grant Application Form

After a couple of minor alterations this was signed off. If people request funding they are to be issued the form to complete.


Bonfire at the Kings Arms:

A concerned parishioner wrote in about the size and proximity of the fire to a thatched cottage. The following was confirmed.

A steward went to check the houses and monitored the fire throughout. Other volunteers are trained and competent, also one is a fire marshall. A risk assessment is also passed by Wiltshire Council. Action – Cllr Gray to respond to email and copy in pre school.

Review Standing orders – deferred til January


Gating the Village: Richard Dobson from Wiltshire Council came and met with Kate and Cllr McDonald. He has no problems with the request and is going to send us some further information regarding gating the village.

Clerk & RFO Roles

A change in office location means that Kate will no longer have enough time to sufficiently do both roles, although ideally she would like to stay on in the capacity of RFO.

It was agreed to advertise the role in the New Year with a closing date of the 20th January, to allow time to consider applications before the next meeting on the 25th January.

Actions: Kate to draft advert, forward to WALC, Philip Whitehead and advertise around the village.


Planning Applications:


16/10887/FUL – Concerns had been passed to one of the councillors with regards to the proximity to the junction. Submit to Wiltshire Council with these comments.

16/10446/FUL – No objection

16/11458/TCA – No objection

Councillor’s roles – defer until January

Councillor Training – Councillor McDonald and Councillor Daw gave a brief update on the training course they attended. Action – Kate to forward full slides for everybody to see.


Clerks report & finances

Online banking banking now up and running, and is our preferred payment method.

The following payments were approved


001114                            Sharkykel                       449.16

001115                            Kevin Gay                       7.70
Online                             SAAA                              300.00

Online                             Village Hall                     15.00

Online                             Grant Thornton  240.00                                       


Email received regarding the trees and hedgerows in the village. It was confirmed that it’s not within our jurisdiction to dictate what people plant on their land.






Meeting closed at: 22:04


Chair                                             Date



Next Meeting: Wednesday 25th January 2017, All Cannings Village Hall