Held in All Cannings School, All Cannings on Thursday 29th September


PRESENT:        Cllr. Gray (chair), Cllr. K. Gay, Cllr. Daw, Cllr. McDonald, Cllr Butcher, Cllr. Tilley, Cllr. Williams





Disclosure of interests:




Agreed as correct.



Village Community Store: Nothing to report other than fridge – to discuss under concert.

PCC: Churchyard: Looking for a new secretary. New Vicar post advertised 14th Oct, William Lang has a  leaving party on the 8th Oct. Bat survey under way, three species found so far. Harvest supper 1st Oct. Harvest fest 9th Oct. Pews – they are delaying any decisions until spring. Works on roof – they have a new architect on board.

Cemetery: Fence between school and cemetery – they have a child who likes to get out, and currently can. Action – look, see if we can bend the fence poles back? Action – Cllr Tilley & Gay. If not, suggest school put some kind of netting up.
Cemetery looking good, the watering can placed by Cllr Butcher is still there.

Village Green: Volunteer required to paint the metal barriers opposite Chandlers Farm. Keep an eye on the new slide, maybe a little bit of rust on the steps.
£48+ VAT for new safety mats. Action – Kate contact Fun Starts Here
Cllr Tilley moved the yellow bin to the metal railings opposite Chandlers Farm. Action – Kate to remind Cllr Whitehead of its new location to make sure it gets emptied.
Reminder – the app can be used to report full bins which need emptying.
The ski machine has lost the end cap on one side, Cllr Tilley to investigate if we can seal. Action – Cllr Tilley

Village Hall: New cleaner, now decorated, bookings now via Gilly Boote.

Pre-School: They are getting ready for bonfire night. Possibly opening Tuesday afternoons now.

Glebe Field & Allotments: Complaint about grass cutting arising’s not being collected, and also about the length of the grass making it difficult to find dog mess.
The gate has dropped so going to fit two new hinges. Action – Cllrs Tilley and Gay.

All Cannings Primary School: Looking to source a crossing for the school, they will be in touch with the PC in due course.
Carol Singing to happen around village in Dec.
They will be having an overnight campout, wondered if there was an issue with the public footpath in the field? If the footpath isn’t blocked, there is no issue from the Parish Council.
We would like to thank them for cutting grass in the summer. Would their contractor consider strimming around the footpath between school and Green? Very small job. Action – Cllr Williams
Comment again about the state of the footpath area – Cllr Williams to ask them to tidy it up

Footpaths: Comments made by the presenting committee of the Best Kept Village that they had seen a resident tidying the path up, a good sign of community spirit.

PIGS – Cllr Butcher requesting Darkeys lane and footpath 14 quotes. Quotes so far – Brennans £11,349 (+ vat) £14,945 PB services. Maximum grant from PIGS would be £5000, Concert would contribute and we could also look at lottery funding (4 months lead time).

It was also discussed that we consider a barrier at the end of Darkey’s lane to prevent children coming out on road. Action – go ahead with PIGS application

Concert at the Kings:

£2000 to school to be spent on something, if they could let us know.
£250 to get Babble and Chat up and running – ask Isabel Lane and Sue Hunt if they have an account we can pay into or would they like us to foot expenses? Action Cllr Butcher

The Concert team declined the fridge application from the shop – Action Cllr Daw to inform them.

Fields in Trust Publicity

Some publicity is required for the recent grants provided. Action – Cllr Butcher


Planning Applications:

16/01999/FUL Approved no objections

16/02283/LBC Approved no objections

16/02344/FUL (Etchilhampton)

16/02349/FUL (Etchilhampton)



Manor Farm All Cannings placed this application, although not submitted to the Parish Council some residents wished to discuss it. The application is for a concrete pass and slurry pit in Etchilhampton. 6225 cubic metre slurry pool and 8000 cubic metres silage patch. It was raised that this would be near several rivers inc the Avon,with a  potential for flooding. 90% of vehicles would access via Manor Farm All Cannings. The hose would be crossing the River Avon within All Cannings Parish. A local resident questioned do we have any liability in the case of a spillage. The thought is that no liability would rest with the PC.

Concerns – extra traffic, potential leak and the fact we weren’t informed.

Our comments to go on email to the development team:


Lots of parents use the road through Etchilhampton to commute to and from school. The road is already dangerous with blind corners, and we are concerned about the extra volume of large traffic and potential for more accidents.We are also concerned that the environmental safeguards may not be adequate as well. Action - send at end of meeting – ALL.

The Wiltshire Council Farming Consultant will also taking a look – Cllr Whitehead updated us.


Clerks report & finances

Cat G request for SLOW lettering declined, as they took it as a new request. If it’s replacing old, it’s not a Cat G request, so it could be added to road improvements. Remind Philip in March time about this. Action – Kate Asbury

Cllr McDonald questioned a report he’d made via the app, Cllr Whitehead clarified this would be picked up and seen through as it had a reference number.

Gating village – Someone to meet Malcolm to discuss what and how we would like to gate the village. Action – Kate to email Philip to arrange a meeting with Malcolm and Cllr McDonald.
Cllr Whitehead mentioned Lockeridge as a good example for keeping speed down, nicely maintained flower pots, the bikes etc etc… there are other ways around to calm traffic and speeds

Bus shelter:

A resident has suggested a bus shelter. This was decided as impractical, and Wiltshire Council doesn’t fund them.

Groundwater flood


Put a poster in each noticeboard


Comment from public on height of trees between Glebe and Lipgate


Get a price for crown reduction and consider with future funding. And also Mr Miness tree. Action – Kate Asbury

Parish Stewards

Pothole near the park to be added to the list

Clerks Report/Finances

Forms ready to sign for online banking and carifying signatories on the N, S & I account.


The following cheques were signed:

001097 K Asbury                      £482.21

001098              VOID

001099              Village HALL                 £15.00

001100              Sharkykel                      £449.16

001101              david Owen                   £36.60

001102 HMRC                           £109.40

001103              British Legion                £50.00

001104              All Cannings School      £2,000.00

001105 S. Butcher                     £8.32



Query 20’s plenty stickers – quite expensive. Put image on website and Facebook for people to download and use if they wish. Action – Kate Asbury/Cllr Gray

Discuss at next meeting how to spend the Best Kept Village prize money.



Meeting closed at: 21:20


Chair                                         Date



Next Meeting: 27th October, 10:30, All Cannings Village Hall