Held in the Church, All Cannings on Thursday 27th July 2016


PRESENT:        Cllr. Tilley (chair), Cllr. K. Gay, Cllr. Daw, Cllr. McDonald,


APOLOGIES:   Cllr Butcher, Cllr. Gray, Cllr. Williams



Disclosure of interests:




Typographic error spotted by the cheques, everything else was ok. Signed off as a true record.



Village Community Store: A grant application has been submitted for support towards a new fridge  The current one has exposed wiring, and is leaking at the moment although it is working.
Proposal would be a maximum of £600 support from the Parish Council if funding of £1,000 - £,1500 was available from the concert fund if it meets their criteria. Action – Cllr Butcher to speak with the Concert.

The shop had their AGM – they ended the year with around a £1500 surplus, their yearly turnover was circa £160,000, with a net profit of about 1%. Ros Taylor in Allington is the new chair, Patrick Filby the treasurer and Sally Osborne the secretary

Dog mess: A query was made from a member of the public, are people aware of Parvovirus? They asked should we put bags out? It’s been discussed in the past and decided that it’s down to the dog owner and not the availability of bags that causes the problem. Cllr. McDonald suggested an article in the magazine spreading awareness of disease.
It was clarified we have seven litter and dog mess bins throughout the village for people to use.
Kate Asbury purchased five signs. Action - Cllr McDonald to put up signs.
Investigate getting sticky signs as well – Action Kate Asbury

PCC: Churchyard: We have accurate information on website regarding the churchyard, people to be directed to website via Belinda Mead and the Parish magazine.

Ask contractors to strim the path to the Compost area – really high nettles around there and it’s getting messy. Action – Kate Asbury

Cemetery: Cllr Daw has some branches to finish tidying. Action – Cllr Daw.

Village Green: Dead tree previously discussed has been removed - there is a small stump remaining - not sure what we can do about it - the Contractors have been warned. Note of thanks to Charles Butcher – Action Kate Asbury

The plates on the steps of the slide need sanding down, too sharp, otherwise all finished. It was noted that the grass around the slide is a bit long.
Cllr Daw to do a final check, return barriers and pay him. Action – Cllr Daw

Trees – there is damage from the ride on mower, some care is needed or the trees may die. There was also a comment from a member of the public about the speed the contractors go on the mower. Some trees are oozing sap and bleeding.

There was a question from a member of the public about tree trunk protection, but a good strimmer or mower shouldn’t need the trees to require protection.

It was decided to feedback our concern about the damage to the trees on the green – somebody needs to meet Sharkykel and discuss.

Action – arrange a meeting with the contractors, Cllrs McDonald & Gay have offered to meet with them. Kate Asbury to give them Cllr Gays telephone number to arrange this. Any branches below 1.9m on the Glebe bank should be trimmed, this is in the contract – also request this in the letter to them.

The previously damaged stump has been completed with a new sign, and the yellow bin will be moved to the far corner of the green. Action – Cllr Tilley

Pre-School: Nothing to report

Glebe Field & Allotments: There is still a problem with littering of garden waste – Cllr McDonald to drop letters around to local residents. Suggest laminated sign reminding people not to dump their waste if no improvement.
Scatter some meadow seeds in the longer areas.
Chase Salisbury diocese about laying woodchippings – Action Cllr McDonald
All Cannings Primary School: Parking seems ok at present. Comment from a member of the public – by the bushes as you walk through from the playground, the plastic membrane is showing and looks really bad. Could they clear it up? Pass info to Cllr Williams

Village Hall: There are decorating works being carried out over summer

Footpaths: Cllr Gay undertook a repeat strim as per last year. Priest Lane is very overgrown. The question of who cuts it was raised. Footpath from Woodway arch to Allington has been reinstated across Mr Oarhams land.
Overhanging bushes Darkeys lane on left hand side – Cllr Mcdonald
Big Lottery Fund – possible grants arising– to be discussed at the next meeting
Overgrown hedges – Allington There was a report from a parishioner in Allington. When you leave by the phone box – looking towards Devizes, there are some hedges causing obstruction. Cllr Gay to call by and ask the owners to trim. Action – Cllr Gay

Planning Applications:

Two members of the public enquired about some planning Mr T Daw will be submitting, it was confirmed nothing has been submitted yet.

16/06806/TCA Object: unable to decipher which tree is being requested, so unable to comment.

Clerks report & finances


Email received from Sharkykel regarding the hedge at the glebe field. The hedge is covered in brambles and many are in fruit. Do these get picked? The rest of the hedge is conifers and will create a lot of rubbish and we need to know where this is to be disposed of.

Action – Kate Asbury to ask them cut the conifer and to leave it in a pile by the south side of the allotments for us to decide and deal with. Leave the hedge cutting until autumn to allow for nesting birds to finish and fruit to be picked. This could be discussed at the September meeting.

Cheques were signed:


001088              Cemetery rates                          £55.66

001089              Glebe rent                                 £150

001090              Sharkykel                                  £449.16

001091              Sharkykel                                  £449.16

001091 Expenses for volunteers                        £66.04

001093              Mickbit – slide                           £999

Get a price for 20’s plenty wheelie bin stickers – Action Kate Asbury
We received a complaint about a residents overgrown garden, unfortunately this is not something the Parish Council can assist with.
It was noted (in absentia) by Cllr Butcher that people were becoming slow at removing signs they put up around the village.


Meeting closed at 21:30


Chairman                                  Date



Next Meeting: Thursday September 29th, All Cannings Church at 19:30.