Held in the Church, All Cannings on Thursday 30th June 2016


PRESENT:        Cllr. S. Butcher, Cllr. D. Tilley, Cllr. A. Gray, Cllr. K. Gay,

                          Cllr. Daw, Cllr. I. Williams, Cllr A McDonald,


APOLOGIES:   Cllr. P. Whitehead (Wilts. Council)



Disclosure of interests:
Cllr. Daw on planning apps





Minutes from the previous meeting were signed off as correct and a true record.



Village Community Store: Paul Oakley has resigned.

PCC: Churchyard: The PCC have reported that the Churchyard is getting a little tatty with old flowerpots and ornaments, making work difficult for the grasscutters. They have asked for us to draft a notice summarising rules. We need to clarify rules – ACTION Kate Asbury to  investigate rules for graveyard and cemetery. Have a look in the Parish Chest for any old signs, if not Cllr Tilley can make some new ones.

Cemetery: Cllr Butcher placed a metal watering can in place, marked ‘property of ACPC’, to discourage people leaving water bottles behind for watering.

Village Green: Dead tree that was reported – a five day notice has been received, it must be replaced with a similar tree in the next planting season. Reason for the tree dying is that it’s been ringed – bear in mind that contractors need to take care when strimming around younger trees. Charles Butcher to remove the tree. There was also a comment from a member of the public that the walnut tree at The Pound has been ringed.
A local dog warden has apparently informed a disabled resident that disabled people don’t need to clear up after their dogs.
Works on the green – weather has delayed the work on slide. Cllr Daw to chase painters. Action – Cllr Daw
Cllr Butcher is away at the end of July – Cllr Daw to do Playground inspection in her absence.

Pre-School: Nothing to report

Glebe Field & Allotments:
The fence work has now been completed to a satisfactory level.
A complaint was received from a resident that the grass is too long, they were unable to find their dog’s mess. Action – Cllr Tilley to check contracts for agreed lengths.

All Cannings Primary School: Cllr Williams has informed them of the Best Kept Village results and the second judging dates.

It was questioned should we ask them to cut the grass in the holidays? Action – Cllr Williams to speak to the school.

One of the volunteers has cut back the strip opposite Chandlers Close.
School use Glebe for fete parking – Agreed
School goalposts need repainting – Action - Cllr Williams to speak to school.

Village Hall: Colour choice – likely to be green. Meeting beginning July SB will attend.

Footpaths:  Cllr Gay strimmed  Longmoor, Cross Keys, the swingbridge path from Allington. Cllr Butcher arranged for a village volunteer to cut back part of Darkey’s Lane. It has been confirmed the pathway down there is fully owned by Wiltshire Council. Cllr Butcher has also checked with Wiltshire Council who their approved contractors are, in case more PIGS grants become available. It was also noted that it would be good to shore the bank up to stop it subsiding.
Drury’s have an elderflower bush overhanging; they have said they will cut it back. 
We now have a team of five volunteers – Cllr Butcher drafted a list of jobs, and circulated among the Councillors to review

Queen’s birthday Remember to thank the committee, small note of thanks to be drafted for them. Action – Kate Asbury/Cllr Gray
Planning Applications

16/04817/FUL – approved, no objections.

Tim Daw came to discuss a planning application they will be making to build 4 detached houses.

Hump back bridge sign – as you’re leaving the village worn away, request to renovate or replace. Action – Kate Asbury

Publicity regarding refurbishment of play equipment – defer again til Sept

Complaints about contractors – Cllr Gray has liaised with Sharkykel over various complaints received. It’s also been noted that the contractors work without safety gear (PPE, goggles etc). Suggest putting it in writing to Sharkykel when we respond regarding complaints, Two safety mats were chewed up by lawn mowers on village green – Sharkykel have agreed to pay for any damages.
Action – Cllr Butcher to get a price for new mats, Cllr Gray to reply to Sharkykel when we have prices for mats.
Bins – Cllr Tilley is going to paint the scruffy looking yellow bin, so that we have an extra bin on the Green. Action – Cllr Tilley.
SLOW sign The request was declined saying they aren’t taking on new requests unless there have been accidents in that area – Kate Asbury to go back and say that there used to be one there, so we would simply like it replacing, so as such, it’s not a new request. It’s a blind exit from a well used new pathway, pedestrians at risk and it would be beneficial to get it reinstated.

Gates to village Action - Kate Asbury to forward email from Area Board to Philip to ask idea of costs, how to proceed.
Trees at Lipgate -
Lorries are now brushing against the trees and they need a trim. Actions Cllr Gay and Cllr Tilley
Community messaging service – This is afree messaging service to let you know of any anti social behaviour/crime occurring. Post on board and online. Action Kate Asbury and Cllr Gray

Neighbourhood watch scheme: If anybody is interested Cllr Butcher has some information on how to set up a scheme. It doesn’t need to be a Parish Councillor that runs it. Advertise online and posters to see if anybody in the village is interested. Action – Kate Asbury and Cllr Gray.

Clerks report & finances

Cheques were signed:


Belinda Mead               £61.90              Queen’s birthday expenses

Sharkykel                     £449.16 Grass Cutting

WALC                           £12.00              Audit briefing training

David Owen                  £36.60              Payroll

HMRC                           £109.40 Clerks salary

Kate Asbury                 £437.64 Quarterly salary

Cllr Gray                      £235                 Queen’s birthday expenses


Meeting closed at 21:08


Chairman                                  Date



Next Meeting: Wednesday 27th July, All Cannings Village Hall at 19:30.