Held in All Cannings School All Cannings on Thursday 28th April 2016


PRESENT:  Cllr. A. Gray, Cllr. S. Butcher, Cllr. D. Tilley, Cllr. K. Gay, Cllr. A. McDonald, Cllr. P. Whitehead, (Wilts. Council)


APOLOGIES:   Cllr. I. Williams


PUBLIC: 2 members of the public attended




Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 31st March were signed off as correct with no amendments.

It was noted that pre-school isn’t full as stated in the previous meeting.
A thank you letter was sent to Brennans, and Wiltshire Council also thanked them for the great work done on the pathway.
The abandoned van has now moved.
Overhanging trees – a letter was sent to Mr Smith.




Village Community Store: Nothing to report.

PCC: Churchyard:

·         Tree work now done, cheque to be signed off to pay for it. Thanks to Rosie Lock for organising.

·         PCC – They have applied for grant of circa £77k as work is needed on the roof.

·         The idea of replacing pews with chairs or benches has been raised, it would be good for concerts/meetings etc

·         William Lang retiring 21st August, when he leaves we will have no incumbent.

·         Flower festival in June

Cemetery: Cllr R Daw to clear remainder of rubbish. Action - Cllr R Daw

Village Green:

·         We are waiting for the slide to be done, weather has delayed this. Cllr D Tilley repaired swing. The paint is ready, we need a volunteer. The D Links have been replaced.

·         Bins – new ones between £25 - £150. Can we spend £75 on a new one? Yes. Cllr D Tilley to source a bin. Action - Cllr D Tilley.

·         Charles Butcher assisted cutting back some bushes.

·         Cllr D Tilley has been cutting the grass verge on School Lane, we don’t know who’s this is? Cllr D Tilley to investigate it. Action – Cllr D Tilley.

·         Dog mess bags – make a decision at next meeting, they aren’t free. Kate to get prices. Action – Kate Asbury

Pre-School: The chair has resigned and the only officer at the moment is the treasurer.

Glebe Field & Allotments: There are two big piles of mess – Cllr R Daw to clear, ready for the fence work starting on the 5th May. Action - Cllr R Daw

All Cannings Primary School: Quiz & curry night on the 13th.

Village Hall:

·         A new side gate is being installed.

·         Conditions of hiring have been updated, the Parish Council have not received these yet.

·         New cleaner appointed.

·         The damp previously mentioned is probably coming in from outside, it is being monitored and they are considering some work on the floor and redecorating the store room.

·         It has been confirmed there will be no charge for the Queens’s birthday celebration.

Footpaths:  Cllr K Gay spoke to Keith about Barron’s path, and the hedge by the Pond, he said that he wouldn’t cut the overgrowth. Cllr K Gay trimmed and swept some away. There have been lots of problems such as discarded dog waste bags. It was suggested to use some wood chipping or bark chipping for pathway (it’s ploughable so can’t be tarmacked) as people have raised it as a problem, however we may just need accept we live in the countryside and wear our wellies. Generally, Cllr K Gay strims and keeps on top of the pathways.

Cllr P Whitehead to chase Paul Millard about access on Darkies lane.


Clerks report & finances

The insurance renewal has come in at £886. Renewal date is 01 June, it was decided to get a few quotes.


We have had the first half of the precept in, and so taking away money put aside from the concert, and our reserve account we have £11,589.26.

The annual return, internal and external audit to completed in the next month or two.


The case of signatories with Lloyds Bank was opened three months ago, and so is now closed. Charles Butcher and Liz Sharpe were requested to be removed. Cllr A McDonald, Cllr I Williams and Cllr R Dawneed to be added, Cllr R Daw and Cllr I Williams need to supply address details. Kate to get new prefilled forms from Lloyds to sign and return ASAP.


Queen’s birthday – The committee would like to buy a walnut tree, and suggest putting it in the orchard.  This was agreed to purchase by all.

Graveyard holiday cover – defer to next month, people to consider who best to cover.


Website ownership and management - defer


Planning Applications - none


Report from Transport Involvement evening – parish stewardship – covered by Philip.


Publicity regarding refurbishment of play equipment – Publicity in liaison with fields and trusts – defer to next meeting.


Willow tree on greenhouse road – Defer it til July when the season to do the work approaches.




Cricket club recruiting – can we advertise?

Website could perhaps be used for group communications to save email traffic.



Meeting closed at 21.32



Chairman                                  Date





Next Meeting: Thursday 26th May 2016