Held in All Cannings Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 31st March 2016


PRESENT:   Cllr. S. Butcher (Chair for this meeting), Cllr. D. Tilley, Cllr. K. Gay, Cllr. I. Williams, Cllr. A. McDonald, Cllr. P. Whitehead, (Wilts. Council)


APOLOGIES:   Cllr. A. Gray, Cllr. R. Daw


PUBLIC: Two members of the public attended




Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 24th February were signed off as correct with no amendments.

Pursue the woodchippings query with Salisbury Diocese – new contact been given to Kate Asbury. Action – Kate Asbury




Village Community Store: Wine tasting coming up

PCC: Churchyard: Nice thank you letter received for Cllr. Tilley and Cllr. Gay. Tree work planning approved and is being done 2nd April.

Cemetery: Cllr. Butcher cleaned front gates and planted snow drops. Cllr. Daw started rubbish clearing,

Village Green: Swing seats now installed. Adults have been using the special needs seat to climb up and hang from the bars. Cllr. Butcher negotiated all new seats and kept within grant. Slide work to be done in April, and the second grant can be claimed then.
Action – Cllr. Gray Put something in the parish magazine reminding people seat for special use only.
Dog fouling - Cllr. Tilley to put fresh signs up about dog fouling. Suggest moving second bin so they are well spread on the green. Action – Cllr. Tilley Investigate free dog mess bags. Action – Kate Asbury
The pub have commented that they are getting a lot of dog waste bags in their bins – could they have a waste bin nearer? The village have the maximum available to them. New legislation coming in that will be illegal to walk a dog without carrying dog waste bags.
Pre-School: They are full from the new term. Continuing issues with damp in the village hall. Easter egg hunt went well.

Glebe Field: Nothing to report.

All Cannings Primary School: Parking initiatives are starting to go into place, a newsletter has gone out to parents.

Village Hall: Nothing to report.

Allotments: Work happening early May, funds are ready and waiting.

Footpaths:  Cllr Butcher has exposed some of the edges up Darkey’s Lane to improve the footpath, and got a hedge cut back. Cllr. Gay and Cllr. Tilley to do more when the weather is better. The request put in to Wiltshire Council to widen the path by Greystones had been closed as complete, no action taken though. Action – Kate Asbury to chase Wilts Council.

Thorneycroft path very muddy – may need to do some work in future. Brennans have been paid for the new footpath – send a testimonial of thanks. Action – Cllr Butcher

New footpath grants are hopefully becoming available in the next few months; these will be published on the Parish newsletters. ACAN 15 is subject to ploughing so couldn’t put a hard path down there. Discuss in more depth at Parish Meeting. Put photos on the website. Also make clear that newer ventures have all been through grants and not precept. Action – Cllr Butcher to send footpath photos to Cllr Gray/Kate Asbury to publish online.


Clerks report:
SLOW lettering requested in November is being considered at next Cat G meeting on 6th April.
Signatories etc to be sorted – clerk to liaise with Cllr Butcher to resolve final problems. Action – Kate Asbury& Cllr Butcher.

We passed the recent plumbing inspection at the Cemetery

Chased allotment fee’s – Simon aware they are due.

Best Kept Village entry open now and draft in progress.

Queen’s birthday: Committee plans going well and on schedule.
We have consent for the beacon. Location: First Hill. Action – Kate Asbury speak to Cllr Daw to get details for posters.
Clean for Queen – Cllr Butcher and children cleaned the road signs. Cllr Tilley commented on footpath by Greenhouse Road – dirty.

Website – defer to next meeting

Contracts: A vote was taken, and Coles were appointed to do all four grasscutting contracts. Explain to Countrywide and MGS that the decision was purely financial, and particularly thank Countrywide for the very satisfactory work provided over the last few years.


Old telephone kiosk: Needs a paint.  To be covered under volunteers for minor works.


Abandoned van in Townsend: A petition was received regarding the unsightly van in Townsend. Cllr Tilley will speak to the Landlord of the property. Action – Cllr Tilley


Annual Parish Meeting: Encourage more villagers along; Richard from the pub has been invited to speak about the Concert. A good opportunity to let people know what we do with the precept. Cllr Whitehead will say a few words, we can use social media to advertise as well as the boards and website.


Volunteers for Minor Works: Advertise around the village to see if there are any volunteers for things like painting phone box, wood treating seats. Put a notice up, on the boards, newsletter and website


Trees Opposite Lipgate: Keep an eye on them. Also - the Beech trees along Greenhouse Road, and Yew tree overhanging are a concern. Action – Kate Asbury to write to Mr Smith asking him to cut back.

Planning Applications:

16/02934/TCA - no objections
16/02311/LBC – no objections

16/02315//TCA - no objections

16/01639/FUL – no objections, subject to holiday lets only and no permanent caravans on site.




Cllr Butcher attended the area board meeting, and on the 6th April is going to a local involvement meeting.




Meeting closed at 21:42



Chairman                                  Date





Next Meeting: Thursday 28th April 2016 in the school hall, following the Annual Parish Meeting at 7pm.