Held in All Cannings Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 28th October 2015




Cllr. A. Gray, Cllr. S. Butcher, Cllr. D. Tilley, Cllr. K. Gay, Cllr. R. Daw, Cllr. A. McDonald.

Cllr. P. Whitehead (Wilts. Council)

Two members of the public attended.




Cllr, I. Williams


Minutes of the Previous Meeting


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 30 September had two amendments made, and were then signed off by the chairman.


Matters Arising


Street lighting was discussed – nobody certain if all were working now, but it was mentioned that anything like this could easily be logged via the Wilts Council app.

Litter pickers have been bought, labelled and handed over to Rosie Lock.

The hedge on the Pound is still a hazard – to be addressed with Wilts Council.


The quality of the grass cutting on the green was raised again. Jim Scott was going to raise this – check with him before pursuing.



Village Community Store: Nothing to report.

PCC: Churchyard: Collapsed Tomb: Faculty complete.

Cemetery: It was questioned what we get for our rates. Cllr. Whitehead gave a brief explanation in the difference between business and domestic rates. Agreed that we would investigate both this, and cost of a bin at the Commercial Waste Rate

Village Green: Cllr’s Tilley, Daw & Gay removed existing equipment. Charles Butcher removed tunnel. New equipment successfully installed. They are due to come back to lay down some more safety matting.
The official opening will be on the 21st November. Claire Perry & Cllr. Whitehead have declined so far. Suggestion made that ACPC Chair do the ‘official opening’.

Cllr. Butcher & Liz Sharpe to make small donation for the towers which they received when they were removed.
Pre-School: Three members of staff will be leaving at Christmas.

Glebe Field: The sign regarding parking continues to work well, no further action required for now.

All Cannings Primary School: Nothing to report.

Village Hall: Cllr. Butcher put herself forward as liaison between ACPC and the village hall.

Direct areas of responsibility for each councillor: These were discussed and the website will be updated, and also the noticeboards.

  • Mr Adrian Gray (Chair)
    • Working Party membership: Websites, Trains and new media.
  • Mrs Sylvia Butcher (Vice Chair)
    • Working Party membership: Playground, Path improvements, Concert, Cemetery, Village Hall, Village Green Liaison.
  • Mr Doug Tilley
    • Working Party membership: PCC Liaison
  • Mr Kevin Gay
    • Working Party membership: Footpaths Liaison
  • Mr. Robert Daw
    • Working Party membership: Shop, Pre-school Liaison.
  • Mr. Ian Williams
    • Working Party membership: School liaison
  • Mr Andrew McDonald
    • Working Party membership: Glebe Field, Allotment Liaison 


Acknowledgement of emails: Gentle reminder made to acknowledge emails requiring a response.
Suggestion made that an informal summary of the emails received put together on a document to pass around for review at each meeting.


Remembrance Sunday: Note made to diarise a memo about British Legion donation next year, and approach it proactively rather than reactively. It was confirmed that as this was a regular donation it was ok to make the decision outside of a meeting, however any new financial decisions can only be made in an official meeting.

Cllr. McDonald volunteered to be the ACPC representative at the Remembrance Day service, requested clarification of the order of events on the day. Kate to confirm details with Elizabeth Currie.

Presentation of minutes at meetings: If members of the public are present, offer to read the minutes out. Put them in the notice boards, and on the noticeboard state that they are also available in the shop to be read. All copies of minutes must be watermarked as draft until they are signed off.





Two quotes received so far for the allotment work. Cllr. McDonald to confirm if a third is coming so ACPC can review at the next meeting.


Planning Applications


Application Ref: 15/10441/TCA

Application for Work to Trees in a Cons Area

Proposal:- T1 - Apple Tree - Reduce by approx 50%

At: 44 The Street All Cannings Devizes Wiltshire SN10 3PA




Latest balances confirmed. 2016 budget to be set by November meeting. Also a budget update to be presented each month.



Five cheques were presented for signature at the meeting


001042                        Playquest                                 VAT for play equipment            £3863.40

001043                        All Cannings Village Hall            Rent                             £13

001044                        Royal British Legion                  Remembrance wreath £50

001045                        Adrian Gray                              Litter pickers                £44.76
001046                        Countrywide                             Grass cutting               £335.80



Any Other Business


It was agreed to set up This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as the ACPC email address.


PIGS update – we are through stage one, and are waiting to hear if we need another quote in order to get through stage two.

Lloyds – all councillors are now signatories. Investigate how we tidy up the old signatories remaining on account.


Kate’s contract to be finalised.


Cllr. Butcher and Kate attending House of Commons on the 16th November.

Unsure as to whether Allington has it’s super fast broadband back – need to check.


Cllr. McDonald expressed thanks for the pre prepared paperwork and financial update.

Date of Next Meeting


The next meeting will take place at the Village Hall, on Novenber 25th, 19:30.


Meeting closed at 21:13

Action Points


















KA to download app.



KA to log.


KA to initiate request.

KA to liaise with Jim Scott







KA/SB to collate cemetary info and investigate.












SB to contact village hall.

AG/KA to document and update.


























KA to summarise each month.


KA to add to September 2016 agenda, and contact Elizabeth to confirm details.




KA to action all.







AM to chase for third quote.












KA to prepare budget and precept.














AG to create.






KA to contact Lloyds.


SB, AG & AM to meet and draft contract.



AG to double check broadband speed in Allington.







Chairman                                          Date