Held in All Saints Church, All Cannings on Thursday 24th July 2015


PRESENT:        Cllr. A. Gray, Cllr. S. Butcher, Cllr. D. Tilley, Cllr. K. Gay,

                          Cllr. R. Daw, Cllr, I. Williams, Cllr. A. McDonald.


APOLOGIES:   Cllr. P. Whitehead, (Wilts. Council)


PUBLIC: One member of the public attended.



Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 24th June having been circulated were confirmed as a true record and signed by the chairman.



Tap in cemetery repaired. Thanks to Charles Butcher.

Street light repaired at Chandlers Lane, lights in Darkeys’ Lane still to be repaired.

Hedges to be cut back in Townsend.



Village Community Store: Nothing to report.

PCC: Churchyard: Collapsed Tomb; Retrospective Faculty approval received with various conditions, await response from the Diocese of Salisbury. Cllr. Tilley has laid a layer of shingle on the tomb as this was a condition for approval of the faculty. Further correspondence now received.

Cemetery: Applications for additional inscriptions on two tombstones.

Village Green: Meeting to discuss proposals for play equipment to be arranged.

Further quotation to be pursued. Some hedging to be planted at the railings near the school.

Briar cutback, thanks to Charles Butcher.

Football team will not be playing there next season.

Pre-School: Closed for summer vacation. Liz Sharpe has stood down as chairman.

Glebe Field: Check situation regarding parking on the field. Contractor to be contacted as the foliage etc. at the roadside needs to be cut back.

All Cannings Primary School: Permission granted for car parking for fete.

No parking allowed without prior permission from the Parish Council, to be inserted in the PCC newsletter. Possibility of a lock on the Glebe Field gate discussed

Village Hall: Work on repairs has now commenced.

Confirmation that the hall will be closed for renovation and repairs during July and August.

Allotments: Nothing to report.



NS&I Investment Account: Resolution appointing signatories carried unanimously at the Parish Council meeting on Wednesday 24th June 2015.

Two applications for the position of Parish Clerk/Financial Officer received. Interviews arrange for early July. Kate Asbury has accepted the position of Clerk and will commence duties in October.

Footpaths: Complaint received regarding the length of the grass from the end of Drewitts Lane to the canal. This matter has been reported to Wilts. Council.

Quotations received to resurface Darkeys’ Lane and the path from Greenhouse Road to Chandlers Lane. Steering Committee to be formed.

Concert at the Kings: Cllr. Butcher gave an excellent appraisal regarding projects in hand and proposed by the Parish Council. This will be forwarded to the promoters in response to a request for information regarding possible funding.



Application Ref: 15/06276/FUL

Application for: Full Planning

Proposal: Single storey extension and minor improvements including other associated works.

At: South Cottage 2 Greenhouse Road All Cannings Devizes SN10 3NS. No objections





Three cheques presented for signature


001025              Salisbury DBF               Glebe Field Rental                    £150.00

001026              Countrywide                  Grass Cutting                             £335.80

001027              BWSLB                          Cemetery Water Rates              £28.16




Street lights at Darkeys’ Lane and Chandlers Lane to be reported as faulty.

Problem with overgrown hedges in Townsend to be published in the local newsletter.

Cllr. Butcher reported on the progress of the application for a grant for new equipment at the Play Area. Preferred application for £20,000. Vote of thanks to Cllr. Butcher for her efforts.

Quotations for renovation or replacement chute received. Cost would be £5000.00 for total replacement or £1000.00 for renovations.

Request for SLOW sign at Rustic Farm to be reinstated.



Meeting closed at 9.03pm.



Chairman                                  Date



Next Meeting: Wednesday 30th September 2015 at 7.30pm.