Held in the Village Hall, All Cannings on Tuesday 24th February 2015


PRESENT:        Cllr. L. Sharpe, Cllr. D. Tilley, Cllr. K. Gay, Cllr. I. Williams.


Apologies:       Cllr. S. Butcher, Cllr. A. Gray, Cllr. R. Daw, Cllr. P. Whitehead (Wilts. Council)




Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 28th January, having been circulated were confirmed as a true record and signed by the chairman.




See reports




Village Community Store: Nothing to report.

PCC: Churchyard: Mike Burns commencing work on trees in the Churchyard 2nd March.

Collapsed Tomb: Faculty application completed and forwarded to the Diocese of Salisbury.

Await their decision on a retrospective faculty. Jason Wilcox, Stonemason, to be contacted.

Cemetery Topple tests carried out on several gravestones. Repairs to be carried out.

Laurel bushes and Conifer have been cut back, thanks to Cllr. Gay.

Village Green: Updating of play equipment being pursued by Cllr. Butcher.

Three quotations received.

Pre-School: On-line fundraising auction arranged.

Glebe Field: Nothing to report.

All Cannings Primary School: Nothing to report.

Village Hall: Work on repairs has now commenced. Painting and insulation ongoing.

Allotments: Nothing to report.




Neighbourhood Planning Forum Wednesday 04 February: The meeting was attended by Cllrs. Sharpe, Tilley and Gay. A summary was given by the chairman regarding the meeting which was held to discuss the possibility of the PC adopting a Neighbourhood Plan. Various proposals were put forward. Following the discussion it was decided to refer the matter to the next meeting of the Parish Council. See attachment.

Litter: Letter from Caroline Webb regarding the level of litter beside the road from Patney

all the way to the canal bridge. It makes the approach to the village look dreadful.








Four cheques presented for signature

000994 (28.01)    AC Village Hall                  Hall Rental                            £12.00

000995                David Owen & Co              Payment on Fee                  £2.20

000996                Countrywide                     Grass Cutting                       £332.10           

000997                J R Scott                            Clerk’s Expenses                  £19.00





Cllr. Sharpe, Chairman, announced her intention to leave the Parish Council at the Annual Parish Meeting in April.

Jim Scott then gave his resignation from his role of Clerk. It is his intention is to stay until the annual accounts are approved in June.

Cllr. Tilley announced that he will be standing down from his role as Vice-Chairman.

Community speed watch recommended following Metro Count.


Meeting closed at 8.36pm.


Chairman                                  Date


Next Meeting Wednesday 25th March 2015 at 7.30pm.