Held in All Cannings Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 30th January, 2019


PRESENT: Cllr Gray (Chair), Cllr P Whitehead, Cllr Butcher, Cllr Tilley, Cllr McDonald, Cllr Daw, Cllr Gay, Cllr Hollister, RFO K Asbury.




Meeting opened by Cllr Gray at 7.33pm


1.       Public were welcomed

2.       Declaration of Interests: Cllr Tilley declared an interest regarding Village Hall (item 5(e))   Cllr McDonald declared an interest in respect of planning application: 19/00828/TCA


3.       Apologies - none


4.       Minutes of the previous meeting, and matters arising from the minutes: The minutes of both the EGM held on Wednesday 12th December, 2018  and the Parish Council meeting of 28th November, 2018 were approved and signed with no amendments.


5.       Reports

a)       Village Community Store – Cllr. McDonald - nothing to report

b)       PCC:  Churchyard – Cllr. Tilley - the lights are being kept on at present.  The 100 club are looking for new members

c)       Cemetery – Cllr. Butcher - a reminder needs to be publicised that Christmas floral tributes should now be removed from graves.  Cllr Gay has some lagging for the stand pipe.

d)       Village Green – Cllr. Gay - nothing to report

e)       Village Hall – Cllr. Butcher -

                                 i.            A grant application is being sought for works on the flooring - Parish Council have been asked to write giving their support for the application - Action: Cllr Gray.

                                ii.             Cllr Tilley has been elected as a Village Hall Trustee. 

                              iii.            Parking protocol and guidance is being reviewed.  

                              iv.            The Strategic Plans have been approved subject to minor rewording. 

                                v.            A range of Community Events are being explored.  Action: Cllr Butcher will liaise with Village Hall regarding events.

                              vi.             Following the Remembrance events last year donations have been made to British Legion; Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen's Families Association (SSAFA the armed forces charity) and towards the Church Roof.  Action: Cllr Butcher to speak to organisers of Concert at the Kings regarding the proposal for the remaining £100 from their contribution. 

                             vii.            Cllr Gray is investigating the possibility of putting footage from the Remembrance Event on our website subject to copyright

f)        Pre-School - Cllr. Daw - their numbers are good.  They have an online Auction of Promises planned for 8th February, 2019.  There are also plans for a jumble sale and Easter Egg Hunt

g)       Glebe Field and Allotments – Cllr. McDonald

                                 i.            The rents for the allotments are being collected by allotment Co-ordinator

                                ii.             Councillors questioned whether permission had been obtained from the diocese of Salisbury for the cutting of two trees.  Action: Cllr McDonald and RFO Kate Asbury to investigate and report  back

h)       School – Cllr. Butcher  

                        i.         The school is signed up to the Home Run app though it has not yet been implemented 

                       ii.         The dog poo posters will be designed during this term. 

                     iii.         The headmaster has agreed that the school will put grit down at the edge of the pedestrian road crossing. 

                     iv.         The school have received funding for the Area Board towards the radio station - this will be an internet station.  Interest is being sought from the community who may wish to contribute to radio articles/reports.  the school will now move this project on to the next stage. 

i)         Footpaths – Cllr. Gay - Nothing to report except that we have still not heard back from Salisbury Diocese regarding proposed works to the footpath which crosses the Glebe field to The Glebe.  (See also  April, 2018  minutes item 8 (g)

j)         Allington – Cllr. Hollister has had an initial meeting with a parishioner from Allington who is enthusiastic about forming closer links with the Parish Council.  At this time it was agreed that it would be better to defer any proposals regarding Best Kept Village for Allington until links more established

k)       Parish Steward requests - Moss on the path at top of Greenhouse Road needs clearing and request again that the roots pushing through path near Community Orchard be tended to


6.       Planning Applications:

18/11861/LBC - The Homestead, The Street, All Cannings, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 3PA - no objection

18/11625/FUL - 8 The Glebe, All Cannings, Wilts, SN10 3NW - no objection

19/00182/FUL - 2 Chandlers Lane, All Cannings, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 3PG - no objection

19/00828/TCA - Vale Cottage - no objection


Cllr Whitehead will investigate why a planning application has been decided despite the Parish Council requesting an extension of time to discuss.  Action: RFO to forward email giving permission to Cllr Whitehead


7.       Clerk vacancy/Appointment of new Clerk - following her interview by Councillors Gray and McDonald it was agreed to appoint Sarah-Jane Bullock subject to normal clearances.  The start date will be 27th February, 2019



a)       20 MPH Signs in Village - Cllr Butcher to contact Cllr Whitehead regarding query over signage at Townsend.

b)       Discussion took place about the condition of the white lines in and around the village.  Cllr Whitehead explained that there is a rolling schedule for this work and asked that we speak to him about it again in March


9.       Protected Buildings – Church, Hall, Pub - The parish Council can apply to make properties such as shops, village halls and pubs Community Assets - if they should then be put up for sale the Council would then have six months to take action (to  secure).  Action: Item to be included on the next Agenda


10.    Correspondence & administration

a) ‘please’ on Drive Carefully signs/on gates  Voted unanimously to approve up to £30    towards this.  Action: Cllr Butcher to speak to local firm.


11.    Finance

a)       Payments approved:
       IDverde - £382.72

              Hire of Village Hall - £10

              Water rates - £22.80

              Wiltshire Council in respect of 20 mph signage - £2,000

              David Owen



b)       Balance of Accounts - £12,652.32

c)       The RFO has updated the Emergency Information to be held by Cllr McDonald

d)       A Lloyd account is being opened for the Concert at the Kings monies - 2 Councillors signed the forms

12.    AOB -

a)       Wiltshire Council tax increase 2.9%         

b)       Cllr Tilley reminded Council of the need to keep Declarations of Interest up-to-date on Wiltshire Council website.  A previous Councillors details need to be removed and the new Councillors added. - Action: All Councillors

c)       No quotes have yet been received regarding proposed installation of barriers on footpath 14 though a company has been approached.  Action: Cllr McDonald.  Further quotes welcome - Cllr Tilley proposed asking the builders who did work at front  of village hall recently.

d)       The school have been approached about the Radio Station as a topic for the Annual Parish Meeting in April  - Councillors agreed this would be a good idea.  Action Cllr Butcher report back to school

e)       Councillor Butcher announced she is contemplating resigning as a Parish Councillor at the May, 2019 meeting.

f)        Cllr Hollister gives her apologies for the February,  2019 meeting


Meeting closed at 9.20pm