12th DECEMBER 2018

Held at All Saints’ Church, All Cannings on Wednesday 12th December 2018


Meeting opened by Cllr Gray at 19:30.


PRESENT: Cllr Gray (Chair), Cllr Butcher, Cllr McDonald, Cllr Daw, Cllr Gay, Cllr Tilley, Cllr Hollister, RFO K Asbury.


  1. Welcome to Public: 0


  1. Declaration of Interests: 0


  1. Apologies: 0


  1. Planning Application(s)


18/10690/FUL- Erection of 3 Bedroom House at land adjacent to 5, Tumlins

No Objections.

Comments made over provision of parking due to loss of at least 1 parking space, also type of roofing to match neighbours should be concrete tiles not slates.


  1. Coverage of Clerk tasks during impending departure of Parish Clerk

It was agreed that each Councilor would cover their own portfolio until a new Clerk is appointed, and that e-mails would be sent round-robin automatically to each Councillor from the main acpc mailbox.


  1. Financial

Payments Approved:-

idVerde £382.72


There being no other business the meeting closed at 20:10


Chair:                                            Date:


Next meeting Wednesday January 30th 7.30pm in All Cannings Village Hall.