MINUTES OF All Cannings Parish Council Meeting October 31st 2018


Meeting opened 7.30pm


1.Welcome to the public


2. Declaration of Interests - none


3. Apologies - none


4. Minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising from the minutes- Cllr Gray will not lay the wreath. Cllr McDonald will lay it instead. Cllr Butcher has placed crosses for all members of the fallen. She has checked the names and altered any where appropriate. Still waiting for a reply about the memorial stones.


Cllr Gray flagged up the issues about play equipment with id Verde.


The Pound sign has been cleaned and reinstated


We still have no date yet for the 20 mile an hour installation


Cllr McDonald not yet replied to Savills. Clerk will re forward the e-mail for him to reply


Minutes signed off by Amy Gray


5. Reports:


a) Village Community Store – nothing to report

b) PCC: Churchyard – Lead been stolen from the church roof. Fund raising as insurance payout may not be enough. Water has damaged the internal roof. Font has been moved and parishioners must use the other door for the time being. Gaigers will put netting up next week to catch any falling plaster.


c) Cemetery – a laurel at front of cemetery needs cutting back. Cllr Butcher will do so. Unanimously agreed. Cllr Butcher has put two planters up by cemetery for winter months

Tap will need replacing very soon – Cllr Gay to do


d) Village Green – nothing to report except for payments to be approved. Does the wooden equipment need to be treated? Cllr Gay to check.

e) Village Hall – unanimous vote for the Head Lease /sublease between hall and school. They are considering putting in a permanent screen and projector and replacing the floor at a later date.


They have had further quotations for replacing the paving slabs – they now need approximately £1800. They are asking the Council for £900. The Concert at the Kings have agreed to donate £750 towards the cost. Unanimous vote to donate £150 of council funds in addition.


Unanimous agreement also for the Council to nominate an arbitrator between Mary Whatney Trust and Village Hall if/when necessary.


There is discussion with the village shop regarding the new yellow post by the drive to the shop to stop lorries parking on the pavement.


 They are also looking at strategic aims of the hall

f) Pre-school – Bonfire night will be their biggest fundraiser. Going well and hoping to have a full day on a Friday soon

g) Glebe Field and allotments – taken out the high grass as it has seeded on Glebe Field. Re allotments will terminate contracts for plots that haven’t been used. The parishioner who maintains the plants in the village has suggested that villagers can donate shrubs to be planted on banks. Council to decide what will be planted. Cllr Daw to donate some straw to break down the clay soil.


h) School – Cllr Butcher will raise the improvement to the road scheme again as we have heard nothing recently. She will also mention the slippery path to the school

I) Footpaths – nothing to report

j) Parish Steward requests – clerk to contact re the tree roots on new paths. Path between school and Green gets slippery when wet.


Planning – no objections


7. Volunteers for school readers – Cllr Gray will put an advert on the website. They are also looking for volunteers to help with school drop off – also will put on website


8. Boundary changes – every council in country will be a reasonable size. Our boundaries are being checked. We are currently slightly over. Cllr Whitehead will no longer be our councillor so we will join the Pewsey and Downs from 2021. This is simply an electoral division. We can object until November 4th 2018. This won’t effect any school, catchment etc


9. Staff vacancies – had 2 applications for clerk already. Application deadline is November 5th 2018.

Cllrs Gray and McDonald to interview.

Vacancy for Councillor – there have been 2 shows of interest.


10. Finance:


We have received £200 for the Best Kept Village Award

 Concert at the Kings have requested that monies from the account should be spent as indicated - £750 towards the Village Hall, £500 to the Primary School and £250 towards WW1 remembrance celebration


We should spend the money from the Best Kept Village on improving the village. Will come up with suggestions for beginning of next year.


We normally donate £50 to the poppy appeal. Kate Asbury to contact relevant person to pass it on.


All invoices approved.


We should start thinking about the precept. A date will be organised outside the meeting to start discussions. Cllrs Gray, Butcher, McDonald and RFO Kate Asbury have agreed to form a working party to discuss and report back


11. AOB – plants could the next village planting be more bee friendly.


Cllr Gray mentioned that we may need to upgrade our VAT software at sometime in the future.


Meeting closed at 9.15pm

Next meeting: November 28th 2018