SEPTEMBER 26th 2018



Meeting opened at 7.30pm


1. Welcome to the public


2. Declaration of Interests - none


3. Apologies - none


4. Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising – signed by Cllr Amy Gray


5. WW1 anniversary Celebrations – A parishioner shared plans for celebrating “A Year of Anniversaries” on November 10th looking for funding possibly from Government Equalities Fund or Concert at the Kings


There will be a church service at 10.45am on Sunday 11th to celebrate Armistice Day and the bells will be rung half muffled.

Cllr Daw volunteered to do a Beacon. The council will donate £50 towards a wreath (unanimously voted in).  Cllr Gray will lay the wreath.


Cllr Whitehead mentioned that it was universal suffrage for women AND 40,000 men who were not landowners and that this should be included.


6) A parishioner raised the issue of the broken paving slabs in the general use layby outside the village hall. The insurance has covered £623 for the recent damage. £3900 will cover the repairs and the erection of 4 yellow posts to prevent further damage. Received 2 quotes awaiting a third.

Along with further works required there is a total bill of approx £7,000. They have a balance of approx £9,000. They are putting in an application to Parish Council for £2,500 funding.

Pre-school are paying full rent again now.


The council will need time to discuss as it is about a third of the council’s precept.


Asking for volunteers to help with the works has been discussed, but discounted due to health and safety. Cllr Butcher will contact Concert at the Kings regarding funding. Cllr Whitehead agreed that the Area Board might also be worth contacting (Council to do this)


5. Reports


a) Village Community Store – Cllr McDonald – Nothing to report

b) PCC Churchyard  - Cllr Tilley – Cllr Tilley and Gay have dealt with the roots – there may be some more work needed on the path. Cllr Tilley filled  in the sunken grave. The area for cremation remains is still to be reduced. Cllr Tilley mentioned to idVerde to be careful around the gravestones

c) Cemetery – Cllr Butcher – nothing to report

d) Village Green – Cllr Gay – Rospa report has been done. Nothing major, but a few minor issues. Stickers missing and the see-saw needs a minor adjustment. But we have a clean bill of health. A bit of strimmer damage on new play equipment. Cllr Gray to flag up to id Verde. Cllr Butcher to check information to see if we need treat the equipment. The elm to be removed when possible – Cllrs Tilley and Gay

e) Village Hall – Cllr Butcher – Cllr Butcher will represent the Council at a Village Hall committee meeting on Monday Oct 1st to vote on a Head Lease/sub lease. She is representative of the Parish Council and can only vote on the Council’s preference. Cllrs Butcher, Tilley, McDonald, Daw and Gay  voted for Head Lease/Sub Lease Cllr Gray abstained. The results of the vote will be passed on the The Mary Whatney Trust. The shop will support either a Head lease/sub lease OR a direct lease, but they want an unencumbered lease for 35 years, with a peppercorn rent and no provision for a rent increase. The shop would also like more ground.  This has been discussed legally with a trustee of the lease who is also a lawyer.


f) Pre-School – Cllr Daw There are having a Bonfire Night on November 3rd. The numbers for pre-schoolare usually low at this time of year, but they are good at the moment, so they are hoping for a busy time ahead.


g) Glebe Field and Allotment – Cllr McDonald. There has been mention that cars are parking on the Glebe Field. Clerk will contact the school to ask them to remind parents there is no offical parking.


Regarding the correspondence from Savils. Cllr McDonald will reply via e-mail.


h) School – Cllr Butcher – confirmation regarding the dates for the road closures are set for during half term.


I) Cllr Gay has strimmed most of the footpaths. There are some hedge clippings by the pub that need to be removed


j) Parish Steward requests – ask about the root systems on new footpath by orchard for Allotment




8) Correspondence. Regarding the e-mail from Etchilhampton about the planning 18/05990/FUL and 18/05984/FUL Cllr Whitehead mentioned that the planning probably won’t go to planning Commitee until November. The main question will be regarding size and whether it’s appropriate. Clerk to reply to Etchilhampton clerk with information previously supplied by Cllr Tilley.


10) WW1 anniversary celebrations – Cllr Gray will contact Alison Bull re the silhouettes for WW1


11) Risk assessment on The Village Green has been done September 2018.


12) Mary Whatney Trust are approaching the Villagers to ask for Trustees. This is not a mantle that the Council should take on. We are still considering whether we would be prepared to be arbitrators.


13) Staff Vacancies  - do we need a budget to advertise?  Cllr Gray will find previous e-mail. A budget of £100 will be set aside for advertising


13) Finances:


Payments approved


David Owen - £42

Staff wages

Kyanite - £60.25

Clerk costs £11.68

Playsafety £ 134.40


We have received the second part of precept:




The sign “The Pound” needs repairing. Cllr Butcher will organise it




Cllr Whitehead will chase the 20 mile speed limit. Clerk to remind Cllr W.


Meeting closed at 21.30.


Next meeting October 31st 2028.