Held in All Cannings Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 22nd February 2017



PRESENT:       Cllr. McDonald, Cllr Butcher, Cllr. Gray (chair), Cllr. Gay, Cllr P Whitehead (Wiltshire Council) Cllr. Tilley, Cllr. Williams






Disclosure of interests:


Cllr Daw – Planning discussion by Andrew Fleming

Cllr Tilley – Planning application 17/01175/TCA  

Date and venue incorrect – corrected and signed off as a true record.

Andrew Fleming came along to discuss plans. Planning will be submitted for four houses in the Paddock opposite Bridge House. Four plots will be for sale with planning permission for four custom built houses. Under five houses means no provision for starter homes

Propose Andrew Fleming come back to the next meeting when the Planning application is in, and it can be formally placed on the agenda.




Village Community Store: Sales have been down on fresh goods, not selling enough bread in the week, and they have a minimum order to meet. Looking for ideas to increase demand in the week so they can keep a midweek bread delivery. Suggested order sharing with Urchfont or Avebury shop.
PCC: Churchyard: Topple test complete – nothing toppled.
Cemetery: Need to do a site survey, map is not accurate as some plots are under trees.  Cllr Butcher has looked through the Grave books, and has spotted some errors, needs help cross checking data. Cllr McDonald and Cllr Gray offered to assist. Cllr Tilley and Gay will check the plots on the map. Cllr Tilley will take a copy of the map so we have spares as well as up to date info. Check terms in the green book.
Gladys Page – came up in the topple test. Suggest stake it for now and get in touch with the owners and see if they want to repair or lay it down. She is in plot 437 [Section 4 NE R17], buried in 1978.

Village Green: All play equipment action points for Cllr Gay following ROSPA in hand. No reply from PlayQuest, Kate to phone and chase. Slide letter to go to Mick Atkinson at Robbie’s address. Action Kate Asbury

Village Hall:  New outside lights being installed.

Pre-School: Successful auction raised over £500. Easter egg hunt 8th April. More numbers, and possibly opening longer hours soon.

Glebe Field & Allotments: Nothing to report. Works on trees opposite Lipgate completed and work on willow tree on entrance to the Glebe completed.

All Cannings Primary School: Signs from Xmas fair have been removed. Cllr Butcher received an email regarding the pathway between the school and playing field, need to establish who the owner is. Cllr Butcher to make inquiries. Action Cllr Butcher

Footpaths: Nothing to report. Thanks to Mr Curnick outstanding. Action Kate Asbury

PIGS – Funds not received yet.
Parish Steward –
Clean up the Footpath at the top of Greenhouse Road



Speed limit:

Request for 20mph – need speeds at 26mph, 85th percentile is the speed at which 85% are driving below. Raise area board issue, put forward to Area Board transport group. They will do metro counts in the village. Must have repeater signs with a 20, which many people don’t like as it will be more signage in the village. If results from metro count come in at 26mph, do we really want the extra signage? 25% contribution required – costs around £5k, so we would need to find £1250. We need to think about appearances, flowers, clean gates, bikes like Lockeridge.

Action – request this ASAP Kate Asbury and reply to P Griffin to let him know work is in progress. Next Cat G meeting 17th May at the Fire Station and add to agenda for Annual Meeting.

Cemetery fees


Fees have been in place since 2006. Cllr Butcher looked around at local prices, Cllr Gray collated them and have new fees. Agreed changes to be made, effective as of now. Inform undertakers as well as place on website. Action Kate Asbury, Cllr Gray


Councillor’s roles

Cllr McDonald has now taken on the Shop.

Cllr Gay has now taken on the Village Green

All rest remain the same.

Gating the village

Philip chasing up Richard from Wilts Council, he said to go ahead in the meantime. Cllr McDonald going to check offer of gates still available, he will proceed with arranging. Action Cllr McDonald.

Review Standing Orders


Cllr Daw, McDonald, Butcher and Kate Asbury to arrange a date to start reviewing.


Planning Applications:


17/00881/TCA – To fell and reduce several trees in the garden of Barn Corner, Grangefield - No Objection

17/01175/TCA – Reduce the height of a leylandii at 1 School Lane - No Objection


Clerk’s Report, Correspondence & Finances

A letter has been received from the PCC with thanks for the donation from the concert money.


Invoices Approved:

1)     MGS – Tree work - £860.00

2)     Sharkykel  - Grass cutting - £449.16

3)     David Owen – Audit - £570.00

4)     All Cannings Village Hall – Rent - £15


Balance of Accounts:


Available funds of £5846.19 once all forecasted spending and allocated money taken into account.



Ask Andrew Fleming to cut his hedge – Action Cllr Gay

Ask Katie Fielding what to do about elections - Action Kate Asbury

From Cllr Philip Whitehead of Witshire Council: Someone imprisoned for 3 months fly tipping in Salisbury. Boeing coming to Wiltshire – circa 2000 jobs should be created locally as a result.


Write to householders of The Glebe regarding the tree work highlighting that the trees are the property of the PC and ask they refrain from working on them. Action Cllr Gray

Townsend – dogs mess bags slung around. Remind people to dispose of appropriately.


Meeting closed at: 21.44


Chair                                         Date


Next Meeting: Wednesday 29th March 2017, All Cannings Village Hall