Held in All Cannings Village Hall, All Cannings on Thursday 27th October


PRESENT:        Cllr. Daw, Cllr. McDonald, Cllr Butcher, Cllr. Gray (chair), Cllr. Gay, Cllr P Whitehead (Wiltshire Council)


APOLOGIES:  Cllr. Tilley, Cllr. Williams




Disclosure of interests: None



One typographic error spotted and corrected in the word clarified, then signed off by the chair.





Village Community Store: They have had a chiller donated from Avebury store, and their new freezer has been ordered. They are very grateful for the £600 grant from the Parish Council.
Cllr Gray spoke to them in response to an email about unsuccessful application for Concert funds

PCC: Churchyard: There is an ad in the Church Times and other media for a new Vicar. Good praise from Best Kept Village for the Church and Churchyard.

Cemetery: Cllr Gay has repaired the railings.

Village Green: Barriers at the end of the footpath will be painted soon, ski machine repairs in hand.
Cllr Gay met with Dawn Coles from Sharkykel to discuss complaints about their work. It has been left that we will be placing extra close attention to work from now on. Comment received from the public that they don’t wear protective clothing. Replacement safety mats have now been ordered.
Yellow bin is full. Action - Kate report via app.
Cllr Tilley has price for a new bin. Action – Cllr Tilley to bring price to November meeting

Village Hall: Cllr Butcher attended their AGM. Eric & Judith Gay have stepped down. New chair is John Mead, who is also treasurer for now, however they are looking for a new treasurer. Chris McDonald has been invited to be the new secretary. It was clarified that no commercial hiring permitted. There was a minor accident out the front, the hump is being repainted and a slow sign being erected.
They have requested that we move our Best Kept Village plaques from the front of the hall. It was suggested we move them near the noticeboard – proposal to be put to the committee before their meeting in January. Action – make final decision in November - ALL

Pre-School: Struggling for funding. Curry night raised £150. Bonfire night on the 5th November. Feedback from those present was that their advertising and publicity is quite weak. Action – Cllr Daw to pass on feedback
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is the email address for magazine adverts for any parish events and notices – they could use this.


Glebe Field & Allotments: Thanks passed on from Cllr McDonald for the hinges and sign.

All Cannings Primary School: Noting to report.

Footpaths: Cllr Gay will do one more trim before Christmas. The path around the Moor is virtually impassable. Needs a flail topper and brushy cutter, the path completely overgrown towards swing bridge also. Would Mr Curnick ask Jimmy to give it a ‘once over’. Action – Cllr Gay to request this.

PIGS – Darkeys lane (Pathway 13) and remainder of Pathway 14 quotes are in. Cheapest quote £11,699. The concert have said they would back our scheme for £5500, with a further £1000 sourced from a local, leaving a shortfall of around £199. Now wait to see if we have

been successful. If unsuccessful consider a lottery application.
Tesco bag scheme also have a grant scheme – similar to the Waitrose disc scheme. If we can do this, we could consider putting a request in for Drewitts Lane to the pub (Pathway AC3) – the quote was circa £600, but their minimum request value is £2k – £5k. Nearest Tesco is Calne.

Suggest a subcommittee, and maybe look at requesting a grant for Priests Lane. Action – Cllr Gay, Cllr Butcher and Cllr McDonald form subcommittee.


Website: It came up in the Best Kept Village report that they were unable to get on the website. Cllr Gray changed the settings and checked logs, didn’t spot anything too substantial.
If looking on a smartphone, it is hard to navigate. Cllr Gray going to amend what order the adverts show up so local news and articles show first. Cllr Gray has added caching – existing content is now quicker to load.
It was noted that Parish organisations are not forthcoming in adding content. We welcome any requests for news or adverts – please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Graveyard fees:
Not changed since 2007, although they have been reviewed. Look at Potterne as a comparison to ours, and diarise again for January agenda. Action - Kate and Cllr Butcher to assess how much space remaining


Councillor’s roles: Councillors to think about their roles and discuss when we have a full team. Action - ALL

Councillor Training: Cllr Daw and Cllr McDonald to attend


Flood plans: Not required for this area for now.

Concert at the Kings:

They have requested that we pass on the following donations -

£500 cricket club
£250 All Saints Church

Babble and chat don’t have an account, so they will pass on any invoices with regards to their recent donation. First session was successful.


Phone box: Abby Gray has been helping. Keep a good eye on it as it’s the season for damp coming home. Painting probably won’t happen til next year now. Action – Keep an eye on the phone box when out and about - ALL


Planning Applications:


All approved – no objections.






Question from a member of the public – with all the extending are we as a village outpricing younger people being able to afford to move to smaller houses here, if the smaller houses are being extended? Another view was was no, as young people buy the houses, stay in them and grow them into larger family homes.

Clerks report & finances

RSVP from Claire Perry apologising for being unable to attend the Best Kept Village presentation. It was mentioned that some felt there was not enough publicity for this event. It was posted on the noticeboard, website and Facebook. Going forward we will use the shop as well though as more people read notices there.
There is a calendar in the shop as well for events that can be used.
WALC AGM no members present can attend, highlight to Cllr Tilley and Cllr Williams on their return from holiday if they want to go though.
A Parish Steward has been round and had a tidy up of the village. More requests to be emailed in.

Best Kept Village money – it was suggested that the money go towards keeping the planters and village flowers nice and up to date.

Letter received about pension scheme for the Parish Clerk – ask WALC for advise as we are unsure how to proceed. Action – Kate to email Katie Fielding

Ratify shop donation for freezer - £600. This was confirmed and decided in the July meeting, but in case this isn’t completely clear in the minutes this is to be reconfirmed in these October minutes.

Look at the grant application form suggested by Cllr Gray before next meeting and make a final decision next month. Action – ALL

Next years budget – to be decided at the next meeting. All councillors to review the breakdown of budget account categories and see if it needs amending for the next financial year. Action - ALL


The following cheques were signed:

1108                   Playsafety Ltd                 138.60 (hold back til report received)

1109                  Village Hall                      15.00

1110                   Sharkykel                        449.16

1111                   WALC                             216

1112                   Church                            250

1113                  Cricket Club                    500




Remembrance wreath – Cllr McDonald is happy to be our representative again.
Who is our local PCSO? Cllr Whitehead will email Kate the details.



Meeting closed at: 21:33


Chair                                             Date



Next Meeting: Wednesday 30th November, 19:30, All Cannings School