Report from the Chair 2018-19


Going from Strength to Strength


A New Clerk

After a successful year and a bit with Emma we successfully appointed a new clerk in January. A long standing resident within the village and parish it is good to strengthen community buy-in..


Footpaths Finishing Touches

The final Phase of the footpath renewal has been completed– again spearheaded by Cllr Butcher. A new stepped railing has been installed to ensure that nobody zooms into the road in front of a car straight off of the path.

Best Kept Village Celebrations

We Finally won the Laurence Kitching Award, the Best Kept Village super-league! THE Super flower baskets plus a good show by residents generally helped to clinch the best of the best in the bkv awards in 2018. we are in the main competition again striving for success in 2019!


Grass Cutting

The single reputable company has done a good job so far for which we have received some praise. We will of course continue monitoring performance.


ACPC Facebook Page and Website Information

The AC PC facebook page that was set up in 2016 has again proved its worth with road status updates during the winter adverse weather along with notifications for local events. @AllCannings on twitter.


Royal Wedding Celebrations & A Year of Centenaries

The village hall was again decked out in her glad rags for Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

Later on in the year we had the 11/11/2018 WWI centenary celebration and centenary of universal suffrage at the hall and throughout the village.



The many things above sum up the continuing strengths that we have within our community and within the Parish Council. All members of the Parish Council, whether born and bred in the village or relative newcomers like myself work quietly for the good of the village and parish as a whole. 

Thanks also to anyone else who has supported us over the last year and special thanks to Sue Williams of the pot plants and the Concert at the King’s contributions which have enabled our projects to continue. This year is a rest for them.

We will be having at least one change to our successful team of recent years with the departure of Councillor Butcher after 20 years of service to the council. Thanks again to our clerk(s) and RFO, many thanks to my fellow councillors and all volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the Parish what it is today.


Amy Gray, Chair