Services & Businesses provided by people who live in All Cannings, Wiltshire
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Picture Framing Electrical & Property Services
Executive coaching

 Holiday Cottages

Glam Rock Band Mountain Boarding
A place to work through physical or emotional discomfort Electric Blues Band
Commercial Photography Building Contractor
Traditional Beef & Lamb Wiltshire Landscape paintings
Private Hire/Taxi Housing Consultancy : Research projects : Policy Review : Interim Management Assignments
Chartered Surveyors & Estate Agents Wedding Photography and Portraits on Location
Any purpose loans available Fine Handmade Wedding Stationery
coaching & training for communication skills Tree Surgeon and Garden services
Qualified Florist Reflexologist
Divine Coffee, Gourmet food... Accredited Childminder
Homoeopathy Building Contractors &
Building Project Managers
Wood & Garden services Business Design Consultancy
Digital Medical Imaging Graphic Design
Piano Lessons