Benefits of Membership of the All Cannings Garden and Countryside Club

1.  Club members are given booking priority for places on all Club visits, and, where provided, enjoy subsidised transport costs.
2.  Club members enjoy subsidised entry prices for Club visits.
3.  Club members receive directly delivered annual Club Calendars and annual Show Programmes.
4.  Club members may bring guests to Club social events, for example the Garden Walk Round and BBQ, all of which are subsidised.
5.  Club members can vote on proposals from the Committee and vote for Committee members.
6.  Club members enjoy an annual 40% discount on purchases of RHS seeds.
7.  Club members may purchase subsidised seedlings and plants, for example the famous Club Fuchsia.
8.  Club members pay half price entry at all Club meetings

Where and when do meetings take place?

All meetings take place on the second Wednesday of each month and will be held in the All Cannings Village Hall unless otherwise stated and will start at 8pm.

Is there a cost and what is it for?

There is a cost of £1 for each meeting to cover refreshments and entry to the raffle.