ON 9th January, 2013 at 7.30pm

Present: Charles Butcher (Chairman), Sylvia Butcher (Acting Secretary), Kevin Gay, Adrian Gray, Doug Tilley and Liz Sharpe.

There were about 32 members of the public present

Apologies: Jim Scott (Clerk) Mr Grundy

Charles Butcher opened the meeting by welcoming everyone. 

Following protocol Charles and Sylvia Butcher abstained and Doug Tilley declared an interest in the first Planning Application.  They remained present but did not participate in the proceedings for this application.

1.     A) Planning Application – Manor Farm, Allington

Councillor Adrian Gray took the chair.  He explained that the proceedings would run in the same manner as a planning application at Wiltshire Council.

The applicant was invited to give a presentation on the application.  Richard Cosker (the applicant’s agent) spoke on behalf of Messrs Orams.  He explained that the existing farm buildings would still be required for farming purposes.  He mentioned that there will be some amended plans in due course regarding environmental health matters. 

Mr Andrew Oram spoke confirming that other options had been considered and discounted.  He said the new unit would be powered by Solar-ray.

The nominated spokesperson for four of the six closest homes to the proposed development, Mrs Philippa Martin gave reasons for their objections – the elevated position in an AONB, fear it could set a precedent, light pollution, visible from all directions, increased traffic on a single track road, 24 hour noise, smell, and flooding concerns.  She did not feel such intensification would benefit the locality or jobs.  Mrs Martin felt the proposal was contrary to local and national policies. 

Mr Andrew Fell spoke in support of the application with concerns over the effect that the loss of the dairy herd could have on the character of Allington should the application be unsuccessful.  He felt that if the bridge was repaired the main flooding problem would be solved.

Louise Tinker, Andrew Potts, Richard Riseley-Pritchard, and John Marston, opponents of the application, all gave their views and concerns.

Robbie Daw, Emma Turner and Daniel Bain spoke in support of the proposal.

Parish Councillor Liz Sharpe asked about management of  sound levels and  clarification that the loop road will go through the farm if development goes ahead altering the character of the village.

Alan Holder gave his views on cows remaining in the building all year round.   The Acting Chair explained this is not a planning issue.

Councillor Gay spoke of his concerns over both the impact of the development and the consequences should the application be scaled back.

Councillor Gray asked for a show of hands to ascertain how many of public present were from Allington – there were 14 and of these there were 6 in favour and 8 against the application.

He summarised the main points before the eligible councillors retired to consider their decision.

After 30 minutes the council were not able to make a decision and agreed to submit the following points should the application be successful:

·         Full screening – with mature trees which are to be maintained

·         Any flooding issues to be resolved

·         Road concerns – would like to see some road improvement – concrete at crossing points and retained in a good state

At 9.00pm Mr Charles Butcher re-took the chair for the remainder of the meeting.

All but one member of the public then retired from the meeting.

1.     B) Planning Application – Tree Felling at Timeless House

Discussion included the effect on the character of the area if these large trees are felled.  The council were in agreement that they only want to see the trees felled if they are deemed dangerous by the tree conservation officer.  It was thought that there may be a TPO on these trees and that considering their age and size a bat survey should be carried out.

2.        Dispensations

The parish councillors agreed to authorise Mr J. Scott the Parish Clerk to issue dispensations to enable precepts to be set.

End of Meeting.