Held in the Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 29 June 2011




PRESENT: Mr. T. Daw, (in the chair),


Mrs. S.Butcher, Mr. C. Butcher.




APOLOGIES: Mrs. P. O’Neill, Mrs. L. Miedzianowski-Sinclair,


Mr. A. Simpson, Mr. D. Tilley, Cllr. L. Grundy, (WC).




Mr. Andy Simpson has resigned from his position on the Parish Council, due to business commitments.






Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 25 May, having been circulated were confirmed as a true record and signed by the chairman.






Village School: See reports from committees.








Village Community Store: Nothing to report.


PCC: Churchyard: Nothing to report.


Cemetery: Nothing to report.


Village Green: Application confirmed regarding status of a QE11 Field.


Village Hall: Fortieth anniversary to be celebrated.


Glebe Field/Allotments: Still await decision on registering the field as a Village Green. Proposal to plant trees on the triangle approved.


Kennet and Avon: Nothing to report.


All Cannings Primary School: Request to use the Glebe Field for overflow car park discussed. Members of the public from Chantry Close voiced objections, owing to the increase in traffic along the street as access to the Glebe Field. The council decided that this proposal was not practical. Tim Daw to contact Richard Borman, Headteacher to advise him of the various complications arising from the proposal.








Best Kept Village 2011: Posters displayed to advertise the judging, which will take place during early summer.




HM Revenue & Customs: PAYE system now in operation regarding Clerk’s salary.




Insurance Renewal for 2011/2012: The parish council agreed to renew the insurance with Zurich Municipal at a cost of £776.87, with a three year agreement.




Skate Board Ramps: Proposal for the installation of skate board ramps to being explored. Sylvia Butcher to contact Edward McQuaid. Possibility of utilising the mobile equipment from Wiltshire Council.




Community First: Council agreed to purchase the new edition of ‘Standing Orders for Local Councils’.










Nothing to report








Nine cheques presented for signature:




000742 J. R.Scott Clerk’s expenses £67.03


000743 Zurich Municipal Annual Insurance £776.87


000744 Cannings Cross Farms Ltd Salary – April-June £642.88


000745 Cannings Cross Farms Ltd Cemetery tap repairs £30.00


000746 F Coles & Son Salary April-June £514.43


000747 AC Village Hall Hall Rental £11.50


000748 J R Scott Salary April-June £240.00


000749 HMRC Income Tax on Clerk’s Salary £60.00


000750 Devizes & District Link Donation £50.00




Annual Return 2010/2011: The Annual Return having been approved by the Internal Auditor, David Owen & Co. was approved by the Parish Council. They will be forwarded to Mazars, External Auditors, for their approval.


The Annual Receipts and Payments Accounts for 2010/2011, having been approved by the Internal Auditor, were approved by the Parish Council.




Lloyds Bank: Clerk now receiving monthly statements from Lloyds Bank.




Proposal approved to reduce the number of Parish Council meetings held. There will not be a meeting held during October 2011.




Meeting Closed at 8.38pm.






Chairman Date






Next Meeting: Wednesday September 28 2011 at 7.30pm.