Held in the Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 29th May 2013


PRESENT:       Cllr. C. Butcher, (in the chair),                      

                           Cllr. S. Butcher, Cllr. D. Tilley, Cllr. A. Gray, Cllr. K. Gay,

   Cllr. L. Sharpe, Cllr. Robbie Daw, Cllr. P. Whitehead (WC).




Six members of the public attended.


Cllrs. S. Butcher, D. Tilley, A. Gray, K. Gay, R. Daw signed the Declaration   of Acceptance of Office as a Parish Councillor.

Liz Sharpe was co-opted to the Parish Council and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office as a Parish Councillor.

Cllr. Charles Butcher stepped down from the chair and as an Officer of

the Parish Council.

Cllr. Liz Sharpe was elected to the Office of Chairman and took the chair.

Cllr. Doug Tilley was elected to the Office of Vice-Chairman.



Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 24th April, having been circulated were confirmed as a true record and signed by the chairman.



See reports


Caroline Culley Community First presented facts regarding Devizes Partnership. To be added to website and notices put up in the village.




Village Community Store: Nothing to report.

PCC:  Confirmation that the faculty for the repair of a tombstone has been approved by the Consistory Court of the Diocese of Salisbury.

Clerk to advise James Long to commence repair work on The King Memorial

in the churchyard. Still awaiting quotes regarding repairs to War Memorial.   

Cemetery: Cemetery gates have been cleaned and repainted by Pete Fell.

Repairs to railings to be finalised. Commemorative bench to be investigated.

Village Green: Plaque received, to be installed at the Green. Ian Teasdale has finished litter picking at the land at the top of the green. Signs posted re-litter. To be approached regarding some paintwork at the play area

Village Hall/Pre-School: Proposed draft plans to include a wet room for showers. Toilets altered along with meeting room. Applied for grant with a High Street Bank. Stuart Robinson, Chairman, has resigned.

Glebe Field: Nothing to report.

All Cannings Primary School: Drop off point at school working successfully.

School have offered to contribute £200.00 towards the cost of proposed bench at the cemetery. Receiving environmental award. School fete to be held on 8th June.


Contracts: Grass cutting difficult to arrange nearer wedding dates at the church. David Hobden is satisfied with the grass cutting at the churchyard.  




David Lovibond requested a local point of contact on the Parish Council so that any issue with blocked rights of way could be dealt with informally and quickly. Complaints from him regarding various blocked or ploughed paths in the Parish. Cllr. Gay has volunteered to be PC contact.

Wildlife Trust: Thanks for support of the Sarsen Trail.

CPRE: Best Kept Village entry form completed.




Work to trees in a Conservation Area

Application Ref: /2013/00611/TCA

Proposal: reduce height of a line of conifers by 6-8feet.

At: 42 The Street All Cannings Devizes. No objection


Application for Full Planning

Amended Plans have been Submitted for this Application

Application Ref: E/2012/1444/FUL

Proposal: Erection of a new dairy unit

At: Manor Farm Allington Devizes.


Two members of the council declared an interest.


At a meeting on Wednesday 29th May 2013 All Cannings Parish Council considered the above amended plans and has the following response to make. No firm decision could be reached. As far as we can tell,

as non-experts, there is nothing contentious in the reports as presented.


If the application is passed we would like to see the following:


1. That mature tree screening is in place at all times and in good condition.

2. That the provision to prevent flooding from the increased concrete apron and roofing are more than adequate.

3. That road improvements be made on the crossing points across the loop road from the existing farmyard to the new development site to prevent erosion.

John Martin asked two specific questions through the chair.

The first question was whether there were any other vents, openings or such-like in the roof of the proposed structure. The question was repeated twice to ensure no confusion. The applicants stated that there was nothing other than translucent ridge.

The second question queried the number of robotic milkers to be installed, again repeated. The answer was four.



Three cheques presented for signature


000851           Countrywide                         Grass cutting                        £324.00

000852           Village Hall                           Hall rental                  £12.00

000853           Zurich Municipal                  Annual Insurance   £802.87


Concert at the Kings: Letter of thanks to be sent to John Callis and Richard Baulu co-promoters to congratulate them on the success of the concert.




Website updated. Broadband late 2014, coverage now 91%.

Confirming that scheduled Parish Council meetings will be held on the last Wednesday of each month.

Correspondence regarding train electrification sent.

Wiltshire Council: Paul Snook now in overall charge at Highways.

Balfour Beattie to carry out work involved.       


 Meeting closed at 8.50pm.



Chairman                               Date



Next PC Meeting Wednesday 26th May 2013 at 7.30pm.