Held in the Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 27th March 2013



PRESENT:       Cllr. C. Butcher, (in the chair),                      

                           Cllr. S. Butcher, Cllr. A. Gray, Cllr. K. Gay,

   Cllr. L. Sharpe, Cllr. L. Grundy (WC).


APOLOGIES: Cllr. D.Tilley, Cllr. Robbie Daw.


One member of the public attended.




Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 27th February, having been circulated were confirmed as a true record and signed by the chairman.




Glebe Field: Police to monitor activities following damage to field.

Cemetery railings require further repairs.




Village Community Store: Nothing to report.

PCC:  Confirmation that the faculty for the repair of a tombstone has been applied for by Peter Griffin, PCC. This will take 28 days for approval. Cllr. Tilley has produced a sign as an interim measure regarding repairs to the War Memorial.

Cemetery: Plastic surround placed on surrounds of a grave. Policy regarding graves to be investigated.

Village Green: Registration as a QE11 Field confirmed. Plaque received, to be installed at the Green.

Village Hall/Pre-School: Joint meeting held to discuss plans for various changes. Outline of plans presented to the PC. Various improvements proposed. There are no plans to keep the showers. If this is carried out the football club will have no facilities to shower or change which could lead to a loss of revenue to the PC. Funding required for proposed plans. Not sufficient toilet facilities.

Glebe Field: See matters arising.

All Cannings Primary School: Drop off point at school working successfully.

Contracts: Maintenance contracts for the churchyard and cemetery confirmed by Countrywide. Contacts for village green, glebe field and family orchard, glebe land, pound and pond confirmed by F. A. Coles.











Wiltshire Council: Unitary and Parish Elections to be held on Thursday

2 May 2013. Potential candidates should visit the WC Election website.

Parish Councillors were given information regarding documentation required for nomination papers and timetable of proceedings.


British Heart Foundation: Request to place a clothing bank in the village.

To be advised that there is already a clothing bank in existence in the village.



Robotic Dairy Farm at Allington: No further correspondence received regarding planning meeting at Wiltshire Council.


Eight cheques presented for signature:

000860         Wiltshire Council                     Cemetery Rates                 £53.13

000861           HMRC                                                  Income Tax                         £84.20

000862           J R Scott                                  Clerk’s Salary                     £336.80

000863           F A Coles                                Salary                                   £510.56

000864           J R Scott                                  Clerk’s Expenses               £31.97

000865           AC Village Hall                       Hall Rental                          £12.00

000866           Cannings Cross Farms        Salary                                   £665.38

000867           J R Scott                                  Clerk’s Expenses               £7.80


New Payroll System (in Real Time) to be introduced for 2013/2014 as required by HMRC.

Grant Thornton appointed on behalf of the Audit Commission.

Cindy Luffman to be thanked for maintaining the book exchange in the telephone box.

Recycling bins at canal car park removed owing to facility being misused and introduction of kerbside collection. Site has been offered to Waterways Trust.

Thank you letter sent to Wiltshire Waste. 



AOB:  Website update.

            Trains petition on electrification has taken place.

            Footpath sign from Lipgate to Manor Farm to be investigated.

Heritage Lottery Fund: Details regarding War Memorial to be forwarded       to PC.

Hedge at pound needs to be cut back.

Litter picking equipment to be requested from Wiltshire Council.        


Meeting closed at 8.35pm.


Chairman                               Date


Next PC Meeting Wednesday 24th April at 7.30pm.