Held in the Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 31st October 2012


PRESENT:       Cllr. C. Butcher, (in the chair),                      

                            Cllr. S. Butcher, Cllr. A. Gray, Cllr.  K. Gay,


APOLOGIES:  Cllr. D. Tilley, Cllr. L. Grundy (WC).


Two members of the public attended.


Liz Sharpe was co-opted to the Office of Parish Councillor.




Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 26th September, having been circulated were confirmed as a true record and signed by the chairman.




ROSPA report on the Play Area inspection stated that some maintenance is required but nothing of a serious nature. See reports.




Woodland Project: Updated report on the planting programme was presented by John Mead.  Discussions followed on various matters to be agreed prior to completion of negotiations. Grant application accepted in principal from North Wessex Downs.

Village Community Store: Christmas fare to be held early December. Clerk to approach Hilary Anthrobus regarding any developments at the shop.

PCC: The application for the Faculty to reinstate the monuments has been granted in principal, however before it is issued the DAC has requested further information regarding the re-erection of one of the monuments at the rear of the church. Councillor Charles Butcher is liaising with the masons to obtain information on what is required. Councillor Tilley has done an excellent job in liaison with the PCC to formulate a new draft maintenance contract for the Churchyard. This matter will be discussed at the next meeting.

Cemetery: Cllr. Butcher and Geoff Butcher have cut back overgrown bushes at the cemetery. PC approval of £300.00 to cover the cost of a cemetery gate to provide access from Chandlers Lane. Fred Coles has submitted a quote of £245.00 to cut back bushes and trees at the cemetery which was approved by the PC.

Village Green: See matters arising.

Village Hall: Improvements to the hall completed. Letter of thanks from the Pre-school chairman in appreciation of the donation of £250.00 from funds raised at the “Concert at the Kings” to be forwarded to the promoters.

Glebe Field: Residents with property backing on to the allotments will be asked to refrain from dumping their garden waste there.

Kennet and Avon:  Nothing to report.

All Cannings Primary School: Half term, nothing to report.

Contracts: Maintenance contracts for the churchyard, cemetery, glebe land, pound and pond to be approved. Also contracts for the maintenance of the village green and glebe field. Contractors to be advised that the contracts will be renewed from April 1st 2013 and quotations will be required.  




Letter from Derek Cook advising of his retirement from paper deliveries in the area.Clerk to write a letter in appreciaton of his past services.




Work to Trees in a Conservation Area

Application Ref: E2012/1282/TCA

At: 25 The Street All Cannings Devizes

Proposal: 4/5 No Silver Birch trees – Crown reduce approx. 4.5m from ground level. No objection

Application Ref: E/2012/1290/TCA

At: Sycamore Close The Street All Cannings Devizes

Proposal: Fell 2 No Sycamore trees. No objection

Application for FullPlanning

Application Ref: E/2012/1300/FUL

At: Rendells Farm The Street All Cannings Devizes

Proposal:  Proposed static caravan No objection

Application Ref: E/2012/1212/FUL

At:South farm All Cannings Devizes

Two storey side extension to create annexe for accommodation. Two storey rear extension . Single storey side extension. Loft conversion.

Replacement garage. No objection

Application Ref: E/2012/1297/FUL

At: 2 The Glebe All Cannings Devizes

Proposal: Removal of existing conservatory and erection of replacement single storey oak framed garden room. No objection


Six cheques presented for signature:

000824      AC Village Hall             Hall Rental                            £12.00

000825      F S Butcher & Sons     Repairs to Play Area           £62.98                              000826      Playsafety                 ROSPA Report                     £118.80

000827      David Owen & Co       PAYE Fee                           £31.20

000828      HMRC                         Income Tax-Clerk’s Salary  £84.20

000829      J R Scott                     Clerk’s Expenses                 £8.00    






Councillor Adrian Gray gave an update on the subject of the proposed closures that could end through trains from Pewsey and Westbury to London. Councillor Gray has received copies of the replies from the Ministry of Transport and Claire Perry MP, following his correspondence regarding the matter. Councillor Gray also gave an update on the progress regarding the  possible improvement to broadband in the area



Meeting Closed at 9.42pm.



                                          Chairman                                                Date



Next Meeting:   Wednesday 28 November 2012 at 7.30pm.