All Cannings Parish Council Meeting
All Cannings Village Hall
Meeting to start at 7.30pm
Wednesday July 31st

Please note: all meetings are recorded for administration purposes

1. Welcome to the public
2. Declaration of interests
3. Apologies
4. Co-option of councillor.
5. Minutes of the previous meeting to be adopted and signed by the chairman
6. Matters arising: Cllr T Hollister – Flora bank sign. Cllr A Gray – letter to Savills re Glebe field, painting of goal posts, grit bin form. Cllr K Gay – inspection of benches on the green and price for skip. Cllr A McDonald – speak to garden club about pruning fruit trees in community orchard. Cllr T Hollister, Cllr A Gray & RFO – review of asset register.

7. Reports
a) Village Community Store – Cllr. A McDonald
b) PCC: Churchyard – Cllr. D Tilley
c) Cemetery – Cllr. T Hollister
d) Village Green – Cllr. K Gay
e) Village Hall – Cllr. T Hollister
f) Pre-School – Cllr. R Daw
g) Glebe Field and Allotments – Cllr. A McDonald
h) School -Cllr. R Daw
i) Footpaths – Cllr. K Gay
j) Allington – Cllr. R Daw
k) Concert at the Kings – Cllr T Hollister
8. Parish Steward requests – All

9. Cutting back of the hedge around the Glebe field & Yew trees in cemetery.

10. Budget for refurbishment of village benches on the Green, Pound & Pond.

11. Hedge is overgrown at Sheep Pool/Moor footpaths.

12. The Green: persons unknown have removed the harness from the special needs swing seat and a post has broken on the play equipment.

13. Review of Asset Register

14. Review of Risk Assessment

15. Staff training: ILCA (introduction to local council administration (SJ). Finance & Planning (Kate) numerous courses come up regularly on: planning, local government, budget planning etc. Please could councillors let the clerk know if any particular courses they would be interested in and details can be passed on.

16. Planning Applications: 19/05860/FUL – Bridge Farm, extend existing building.
19/06891/FUL – 25 The Glebe, rear extension

17. Correspondence and administration
a) A resident has asked if the “Sam Merrit” bench, formerly located at the cricket, currently located is Sue Webb’s garden, could be relocated to the Community Orchard?
18. Finance
a) Payments to be approved: iDverde £382.72 Village Hall £10.00. Kyanite £61.76. Clerk expenses £22.80 (pub plan). (not inclusive more invoices to follow)
b) Balance of Accounts
19. Any Other Business


Produced by Sarah-Jane Bullock 24th July 2019.