Held in All Cannings Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 24th February 2016


PRESENT:   Cllr. A. Gray, Cllr. S. Butcher, Cllr. D. Tilley, Cllr. K. Gay, Cllr. I. Williams, Cllr. A. McDonald, Cllr. R. Daw, Cllr. P. Whitehead, (Wilts. Council)




PUBLIC: Four members of the public attended.




Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 27th January were signed off as correct with no amendments.




The hedge cutting required at the hedge by the Pound has all been completed. Cllr. D. Tilley and Cllr. K. Gay tidied up the road edge afterwards.

Churchyard gate was rehung, posts repainted by Cllr. D. Tilley and Cllr. K. Gay. Planning permission request was submitted for the tree work.

Mr George Miness attended to discuss the issues raised regarding the willow tree by his house, bringing photos to further show his concerns. The councillors reiterated how the decision was reached and confirmed we will reassess in new financial year with a view to doing work end of summer.



Village Community Store: Nothing to report.

PCC: Churchyard: Cage was put on the oil tank pipe by Cllr. D. Tilley. Tree work discussed previously to be done – all agreed £100 acceptable. Action - Cllr. D. Tilley

Cemetery: One grave purchase signed for. Hedging donated and planted in the corner by school. Lots of rubbish, including brambles. Cllr. Daw can remove. Action - Cllr. Daw.

Village Green: QEII grant application accepted for seats and slide. The work is to be actioned within six months from the date of the acceptance letter. We have £500 from the concert fund to make up any deficit. All happy to proceed. (about £1650 in total) Action Cllr. S. Butcher

It was noted that we should check the D shackles. Action Cllr. K. Gay

Pre-School: Nothing to report

Glebe Field: Need to chase up ACAN15 request made following last meeting with Salisbury Diocese as no response yet. Action - Kate Asbury   Chase up grass cutters as boundaries are their responsibility. Cllr Williams has had complaints about a hedge which isn’t his, it actually falls under the grass cutters responsibility. Action - Kate Asbury

All Cannings Primary School: Cllr. Williams recounted the events regarding the No Parking sign being erected in The Tumlins by Aster & subsequently being removed. Two residents meetings have since taken place.
Mr Borman attended. In the short term, they are investigating soft ways of reducing the problem, such as promoting car share, republicise local car parks and parents to approach residents they know about using their drives. Another solution is create more parking, which would involve significant expenditure.
The Wiltshire travel plan was mentioned again, apparently it was last used for the bike shed. Cllr. Williams suggested there nothing to lose by approaching the team again for advice.
Cllr. P. Whitehead did say however that travel plans are to reduce car travel, not promote car use by providing more parking. Looking at other local schools was brought up, Bishop Cannings are a good example of using walking buses. Encourage villagers that drive not to drive. Cllr. D. Tilley suggested the adapting netball court to be used before and after school for parking, although long term a community car park could benefit the whole community.

It was also noted that the crossing gets very muddy. Zebra crossing is circa £28k, wooden post crossings are a few thousand pounds. The current crossing gets very blocked by large cars, causing a hazard.

Cllr. P. Whitehead said he is happy to come along and look at the situation one afternoon.

Devizes school bus drops off on main road by graveyard, as it can’t get in village, an after effect of the parking situation.
Cllr. P. Whitehead advised that the travel plan may mention flashing 20mph signs.
The Finlay Foundation offer free hi viz vests for any children walking or cycling to school.

Mr Borman expressed his appreciation of having Cllr. Williams as a contact.

Village Hall: Nothing

Allotments: Cllr. A. McDonald attended the allotment society meeting. It was mentioned that it would be nice to get the fence work done before best kept village. Need to chase up allotment money – Cllr. Williams commented he hadn’t been asked for his fee yet. Action - Kate Asbury

Footpaths: ACAN14 – Brennans should start in the next couple of weeks. Cllr. S Butcher will advise school. Action Cllr. S. Butcher

Darkies lane – Greystones side is falling down on it. When the surface is clean, it’s not a problem. The boundary has been moved and so some of the footpath has shrunk. Report this to the rights of way office (ACAN13) ask them to inspect, if it’s encroachment or not, and how to pursue. Action - Kate Asbury

Queen’s Birthday: There is a full report on the village website following the first committee meeting. Event 11th/12th June. Beacon lighting in April was also suggested – Subcommittee Cllr. R. Daw & Cllr. A. McDonald

Contracts: Cllr. P. Whitehead  advised that our standing orders would say what would need to be put out for tender. Publish a request for quotation on the website and noticeboard. Deadline for applications to be 23rd March. Action – Kate Asbury, Cllr. A. Gray

Clerk training: 23rd March, agreed for Kate Asbury to attend.




Best kept village entries now open - Cllr. S Butcher to help Kate Asbury with application.
Smaller Authorities’ Audit Appointments – WALC had questioned if we definitely want to opt out, the decision to opt out was unanimously confirmed.

Invitation to attend Local Highway Involvement evening - Cllr. S Butcher to attend.


Planning Applications


16/01245/TCA Parish Council application, unable to comment.

16/01124/TCA approved

16/00277/LBC approved

16/01530/FUL approved





Cllr. A. McDonald is still not a signatory on the bank account, despite forms being submitted. Cllr. A. McDonald & Kate Asbury to get together to try and resolve the issue over the phone.

Action – Kate Asbury & Cllr. A. McDonald




Four cheques were signed.


001058              D Tilley               24.86                 Expenses          

001059              K Asbury            6.48                   Expenses                       

001060              Countrywide      335.80               Grass cutting                 

001061              W.A.L.C.            54                      Clerk Training   







Early morning and late night walkers – a gentle reminder to go in the newsletter about visibility to drivers. Action - Cllr. A. Gray

Gating the village. Advice from Cllr. P. Whitehead is to go via area board, and that it’s easier for Wiltshire Council to do it rather than the Parish Council to try and do. Need to put the request through CAT G.  Action – Kate Asbury


Confirm Annual Parish Meeting date. Action – Kate Asbury


Bit of rubbish by canal, including a car bumper.


Website ownership – it’s currently a community portal. The garden club and village hall also use it. Advertising rates and ownership of website to be added to the March agenda. Action- Kate Asbury


Cllr. P. Whitehead advised there was an increase on the highways budget.


From 1st April the Parish Stewards will be returning since their departure in 2013, they will be visiting clerks in the next couple of months following their start date.





Meeting closed at 21:41



Chairman                                      Date





Next Meeting: Thursday 31st March 2016 at 7.30pm