Held in All Cannings Village Hall, All Cannings on Wednesday 27th January 2016


PRESENT:       Cllr. S. Butcher, Cllr. D. Tilley, Cllr. K. Gay, Cllr. I. Williams, Cllr. A. McDonald, Cllr. R. Daw, Cllr. P. Whitehead, (Wilts. Council)


APOLOGIES:   Cllr. A. Gray, Belinda Mead


PUBLIC: Three members of the public attended.




Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 25th were signed off as correct with no amendments.



The Hedge at The Pound – a letter will be written to Mr Smith asking him to take action by the 21st February or the matter would be passed to Wiltshire Council. Action - Kate Asbury




Village Community Store: Nothing to report

PCC: Churchyard: David Hobden has written in to report the condition of the church gate, and also ask if a Plane tree and Polonius tree could be reduced. The PCC had a price from a surgeon of £70 to do the tree work.  Cllr’s Tilley and Gay to assess the gate to see if it could be welded and painted, and to look at the tree. Providing Cllr. Tilley happy with the suggestion for the tree work, the council agreed to the £70 fee quoted. We need the date of the work once agreed to let the insurers know it is taking place. Action – CLLR. D. TILLEY

Cemetery: The tap has been repaired following the compliance test results. Charles Butcher had also put up some temporary lagging for when it was cold.
Cllr. Tilley has erected a sign asking people to take their rubbish home with them, and this has been fairly effective so far. Cllr. Butcher is hoping to get hold of some hedging that could go in the corner, which is bare at the moment. Action - CLLR. S. BUTCHER

Village Green: Some funding has become available for QEII fields, and so it was agreed to put in a grant application for a special needs swing, and new cradle swing. The special needs swing costs £630 + VAT. A new cradle swing is £110 + VAT. We need to check with ROSPA they would be happy to have two different seats on one frame. Action - CLLR. S. BUTCHER & Kate Asbury
The question of repairs to the slide on the village green also arose.
Cllr. P. Whitehead to check if funding available via the area board, there is also £500 available from the Concert fund for this. Action: Cllr. P. Whitehead
Cllr. Gay noted tyre marks had been left by some bad driving on the field, but this should self heal over time.

Pre-School: Nothing to report.

Glebe Field: The sign on the gate has worked well, no need for a key.

All Cannings Primary School:

Cllr. I. Williams has introduced himself as the school liaison.

There had been a Resident Only Parking sign erected by Aster in Tumlins, which was subsequently removed.

A residents committee has formed with the school, Chandlers Close, and The Tumlins, to try and resolve issues caused by the school pick up in the afternoons. Cllr. P. Whitehead mentioned Travel Plans, and Cllr. I. Williams will speak to Mr Borman to inform him of the Travel Plan process. Action – Cllr. I. Williams
Claire Perry visited the school on the 15th of January, and Cllr. A. Gray also presented to them about the role of the PC.

Village Hall:

Some hedging was cut down in error but it has been replaced.

It was confirmed that the Village hall also used the village website when raised.

There is some damp in the store room, Cynthia suggested they get a little greenhouse heater that automatically turns on when the temperature gets low.

Allotments: The allotment committee have £300 towards fencing, and The Concert are also happy to donate £300, so the it was decided to match this and contribute £600. Cllr. A. MacDonald to confirm this with Simon Collier. Action – Cllr. A. MacDonald
It was asked that we contact Salisbury diocese and ask if we could lay chippings along footpath ACAN15. Action – Kate Asbury

Footpaths: PIGS grant confirmed. Decision needs to be made if we are to go for 1m wide or 1.2m wide. 1.2m is more standard, and allows better room for wheelchairs, cycles, buggies etc. It looks like there is an excess of circa £569 and have the 1.2m.
It was also suggested to request the removal of the No Cycling signs to tidy up the paths. Action – Kate Asbury
Queen’s Birthday – June 12th.
The Parish Council had been requested to take the lead on village celebrations. It was decided in the meeting that as time and resources are short for many of the councillors, that parish Council duties need to remain a priority. However the Parish Council would be happy to establish the committee to get the ball rolling, and nominated Cllr. A. Gray as their committee representative. Invitations are to be sent out to village organisations, and once a date decided, the Village hall booked for the first meeting. Action – Kate Asbury




Rosie Lock has emailed to inform us about Clean for the Queen, it was decided to integrate this with the Queen’s birthday celebrations committee.

Sector Led Body for Audit Procurement – the council chose to opt out of this due to being a small organisation, and happy to continue with Grant Thornton. Action – Kate Asbury

The Sarsen Trail wrote in to confirm this would be taking place on the 1st May. The Church often do tea’s, and the Cricket Club bacon roll’s for sale at this event.


Bishops Cannings had approached us to see if we would consider a joint venture in acquiring a speed indicator device. It was decided not to as speeding wasn’t really a problem in the area. It did however prompt the idea about gating the village, and enquiries will be made. Action – Kate Asbury

Following a letter questioning the safety of a willow tree just off of Greenhouse Road,  the Parish Council engaged three tree surgeons to do an assessment and quote for works, and no immediate danger was identified. Therefore it was decided to review the tree again in the new financial year. Action – Kate Asbury

We received a letter about Wiltshire Good Neighbours. Wiltshire Council entered into a partnership with Community First in 2010, this partnership comes to an end in April 2016. The decision has been made not to renew this partnership but to work differently and facilitate local wellbeing through the county’s area boards. The money is going to go towards an area board to fund an Old Person’s Champion.

Nominations were open for councilors with long service to attend a garden party at Buckingham Palace. As Charles Butcher served over 30 years (and his father 30 years before that) it was decided to nominate him. Action – Kate Asbury

Wiltshire Council had sent out Budget Setting Meeting invites, however the time of 17.30 is inconvenient and no councilors could attend.

Cllr. P. Whitehead highlighted that a factually incorrect article about the bus consultation had been published on our website and asked that we publish a link to the correct survey. Action – Kate Asbury

Victim Support requested a donation, however it was decided not to be financially viable this year. When writing back to them, it was suggested to ask what support has been received by All Cannings so far as well. Action – Kate Asbury


The electoral register for this year has been received and filed.


Wessex water have replaced the water meter.




15/12244/FUL – Cllr. S. Butcher declared an interest, remainder of council support

16/00646/TCA - Objection

15/12492/TCA – Support subject to comments

16/00812/TCA – Support subject to comments




Historical signatories and two addresses still need to be updated with Lloyds – Kate Asbury tried to do this but it needs to be done by a fully signed off councillor, who also needs to register Kate Asbury as an interested party on the accounts. Action – Cllr. A. MacDonald & Kate Asbury


8 cheques were presented for signature at the meeting.


001050              BWBSL                         18.99

001051              David Owen                  34.20

001052              Salisbury DBS              225.00 

001053              Devizes Link                 50.00

001055              Countrywide                  1007.40

001056              F. A. Coles                   803.50

001057 Village Hall                    30.00                                                   






Dog fouling continues to be a big problem. Please can people respect the village by not leaving it.

Some work had been done on trees and shrubs opposite the Orchard, it was unsure if we could do anything about it though.


Community resilience meeting is on the 15th February at 19:30


Could local advertising be added to the next agenda.




Meeting closed at 10.03pm.



Chairman                                  Date





Next Meeting: Wednesday 24th February 2016 at 7.30pm