April 01, 1998

Chairmanís Report 1997-98

Chairmanís Report 1997-98

Chairmanís Report 1997-98

A new seat was purchased for the Pound and installed.

The new Bus Stop was marked outside the Post Office.

British Waterways built a new swing bridge at Allington.

Mrs Alison Daw took up the Clerkís position after the resignation of Mrs Holman.

The Churchyard Wall project obtained a grant from Kennet District Council for a third of the cost the other two thirds will be found by the Parish Council and the P.C.C. Work commenced in February 98.

The landscaping of the area outside Chandlerís Close was taken on by K.D.C.

New village nameplates for All Cannings and Allington were put up.

A line of Beech trees was planted along the Cemetery railings bordering the new school site.

New school for All Cannings was passed by Wiltshire County Council, building to start in 1998.

Annual Playground inspection was carried out for the play equipment on the Green.

The parish had 5 amenity skips from KDC during the year, the issue of asbestos is still worrying.

The Cemetery and Churchyard cutters have agreed to continue their contracts.

The Book of Condolence for Diana Princess of Wales is being kept by the Clerk who is still awaiting instructions from St Jamesí Palace.

The Womenís Institute planted a tree on the Green in memory of Anna Burrage.

A new stile was put on the field backing onto the Moor.

The swings and slide were painted this year.

Due to the new Dog Fouling Order dog fouling bags were provided by KDC and are kept in the village hall for access when open.

Councillors attended the following meetings: Pewsey Vale Transport Group, Devizes Area Forum, and Liaison meeting between KDC and Parishes.
All Cannings hosted the Parish Planning liaison meeting in October 1997

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